Are you, meet your Allure time

Are you, meet my Allure time today, that piece of mind away from dangerous place, but suddenly among the breeding of many, many complicated thoughts.  Moonless night, where there is a grand feast.Because seen and felt, not without profound friendship, and therefore more willing to call it “big party”.  Birthday party.  The protagonist is my roommate and its accompanying boyfriend of two years.  Although I am not, but I’m sure, to tonight memorable people, not only the main character, at least to me, that tonight’s supporting role.  When the lights go out, the candle is lit, the happy aura that surrounds birthday tonight, touched her face filled with a smile, think about it, even if what happened today affairs of state, national crisis, the most important tonight, maximum also still in front of me full of happiness Dangdang.  As a friend said, man alive, perhaps inevitably, there is the pursuit of a lot of things that can be on the substance, may be the cause, it may be on the honor, but, in the end, we often just want to be a can small woman nestled in the bosom of the beloved man.Because for us, this happiness than any we pursue, much warmer, to be precious.  A loved one by your side, then birthday, is what a inviting day!  Roommate’s boyfriend was a warmth and talkative man, during the meal, he continued to manufacture humor, creating an atmosphere, of course, worth mentioning, is manufactured moved.  See, how well-intentioned he has, not to mention the main character himself, even I have been moved to a supporting role, so here we are so actively cooperate.  Love is probably so, moved to a loved one, always can not help but make people burst into tears, recalled years later, the memory still clear as yesterday.  2008 of their own, birthday, his face filled with a happy smile is so.  Then around accompanied not only sworn friend, loved one more.  He bought me a cake, they sing the birthday song for me, are released into the atmosphere in the nick of time, but often think it also could not stop the tears.  But the origin of the two are different only in tears.  That time because the heart is touched and flow, but this time, it is due to miss due to the memory of sad because flows.  Because, love, friendship, all the security horizon, but also live in peace, and therefore out of mind to breed, is still grateful.  That sentence is classic: you never see my lonely way, because only when you’re not around, I was the most lonely.  When you are all around you, you’re not around, everything will be all you.  How can you know, in my world, how much you how important it is, how much the unique.  How can you know, in my heart, how much you how important it is to never forget how much.  How can you know, in my life, how much you how important it is, how much land can not be replaced.  I love you so much, how can I know you, that summer, my vows, it was like that with the same energy into you, exhaustion rest of his life, and the king of go hand in hand.    Culture.Eno put pen to paper on 2011/04/2723: 23