Through the plum rainy season

It seems that it is not yet the plum rain season to cross the plum rain season, but the falling rain from Nanjing will come. Thin, dense, through the window, the hazy, fresh feeling seems to be good. Summer rain is not as rare and precious as spring rain, nor is it bleak as autumn rain, and seems to bring a little coolness to the hot summer. However, the light rain in summer is too soft and greasy. Think about how people feel when the sun’s smiling face is not seen in the gloomy sky for days.? This proverb is popular in the south of our country: ” Rain hits Huangmei’s head, and there is no sun on the 45th.”. Through the plum rain, but have to have some endurance.     The family unit is very close. When I rushed into Xiao Yu’s eager way home, there were several small car fronts lined up one by one and several cars waiting to be repaired from time to time.. There was a taxi parked next to the roadside in front of him, and a man with an umbrella was squatting on the edge. No, there was a man on the edge. A look at him was a mechanic who was struggling to twist something. A dense rain flew to his face. He couldn’t open his eyes when he was beaten by rain.. At this time, I was surprised that the people on the edge were so comfortable with their umbrellas that they became accustomed to them.. Perhaps, he felt that the master at the edge took it for granted to repair his car, because it was right to make money by getting caught in the rain. And he is going to pay his money, and he will naturally enjoy such services. I don’t know why, I feel this scene was so uncoordinated and dazzling..     What a harmonious scene it would be if the driver could tilt his umbrella toward the head on the side! The mechanic’s heart must be warm, there will be no sadness of making money and suffering, but he has a pride of achievement and helping others. The taxi driver’s sense of gratitude and a warm word must also be appreciated and touched..     Originally, it could be so, but not so. This scene, just like the difficult plum rains season, has become a haze hanging over the heart and a barrier to communication between the hearts of the people.. In fact, in addition to money, there are really many things worth cherishing between people. Each of us can also do many warm-hearted actions.. When everyone can think of others more, each umbrella can tilt toward others, even if he showers himself with rain, I think the positive energy flowing between social groups must be moving you and me..     Looking forward to, you and I join hands to cross the plum rainy season together.