Chongyang yesterday

[ Editor’s Note ]On the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth lunar month, Chung Yeung, I should visit Grandma. Unfortunately, I’m far from the north, and I can only pray silently that she is healthy and carefree there.! A kind of silent thoughts and deep apologies are scattered between the lines. Think of a classic English song ” Dreams of Yesterday”. Remember, when I sang this song, I was twelve years old. My grandmother was old and liked to sit in a cane chair and bask in the sun. I like to move a small bench after school to sit by her and listen to her talk about her three-inch golden lotus and her child daughter-in-law career – now, my grandmother has gone away from me for seventeen years.. Want to know, is she over there? Can those three-inch feet withstand the yin and cold? Over there, she should forget those sorrows and sufferings before her death! I don’t know if he knows that I have left the south and whether the last dandelion in autumn can take my miss..     Remember, Grandma used to say that a woman who marries the right person in her life will have a happy life, and a woman who marries the wrong person will have a hard life.. I think grandma is a hard worker. It is inconceivable for a person to bring up six children in such an era.! Granny said that in the past, women had to wrap their feet with long white cloth, wrapping them layer by layer, so that the pain in their hearts was bitter. In their growing days, the struggle between white cloth and their feet was even more painful, and the pain could not be described.! Looking back on grandma’s appearance and thinking about her, today we are so carefree in the new era, why are we still not satisfied?? Is the happy life too long, or do we not know how to cherish it?     The weather forecast says there is snow recently. Remember, Grandma is afraid of the cold. I don’t know if she has thick quilts and warm clothes over there.! Grandma said that when she was only five years old, she was sold by her family to grandpa’s house to do child extinction. At that time, she didn’t understand anything, but she still had to do everything. I can’t imagine how grandma lived in that environment. However, we don’t worry about food and clothing now. Why do we complain and complain more than once?!     On the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth lunar month, chongyang, I should visit grandma. unfortunately, I am far from the north, and I can only pray silently that she will be healthy and carefree there.!     Sitting in front of the computer and looking at these dead words, I know that yesterday cannot be reproduced, only next year’s Double Ninth Festival!     Written on the 10th day of the ninth lunar month: hence the name Chongyang yesterday