A flower-like mood

[ Original Text ]We should keep a flower-like mood, optimistic, upward, bright, colorful and rich, and strive to create a space for ourselves to bloom..   Every morning when I go to work, I always pass by a flower shop. Two girls from the flower shop come to the shop early to clean up, or sit in the shop and read books and newspapers.. That kind of leisure, that kind of elegance, often make me envy, my mind will immediately pop up’ such words as’ such as flower beauty’ … ah, I know, the flowers have character and are also in a mood..     For some time, my mood was extremely agitated. My life has encountered many problems, such as unpleasant work and trivial matters in my family, which always upset me. My mood seems terrible. I seem to feel the end of the world and all bad things come to me, even dreaming every day, wandering under the traction of nightmares. I am always troubled by nightmarish mood.. I live mechanically every day and rush to and from work with a callous expression. I don’t feel the winter fading away, the weather is getting better, Ye Er is green, and the flowers are quietly blooming.. Every day I work mechanically, reading books, reading newspapers, studying and working at work. I don’t want to discuss this year’s popular bag, nor do I want to join the ” mother – in – law, mother-in-law and mother – in – law” and ” put myself completely outside the” society ”. I only do a repetitive and boring job every day – read – write – read – write. Once again, I picked up the pen, picked up my long-cherished and lost dream, and the days slid like running water.. I know it’s not life, it’s just living.     Once again, I passed by the flower shop and saw the two girls still sitting in the shop, gently waiting for the lovely flowers, and their clothes were fresh and bright.. Some people buy flowers, either visit the store or stop outside to watch them. Their youthful faces always have a faint smile, without any affectation, and are so beautiful against the backdrop of flowers.. They always light up a bunch of flowers, tie up ribbons, and then gently put them in the hands of customers, just like holding a sleeping baby, gently handing them over to the baby’s mother for fear of waking the baby up, the serenity, the gentleness and the expressiveness. At this moment, the florist’s cabin immediately warmed up a lot.. On a Sunday, I walked into the flower shop with my crying little daughter. The daughter stopped crying at once and looked at many flowers with her eyes wide open. Her chubby little hands stretched out to the flowers. The flowers were speechless, but people said, ” Welcome to come, walk slowly, thank you …” The flowers are as beautiful as the spring scenery and compete for romance and romance. ”. Looking at these flowers, my mood suddenly enlightened a lot – why I complain about life, why I always live so dimly, why I leave my daughter to study thousands of miles away, why I always feel a deep guilt to my daughter and to my elderly parents, and why I always mention that my daughter always feels very guilty? Tears always burst into my eyes, so much so that I did not dare to mention my daughter when I first arrived at school.. In the street with dim lights and lost eyes, I looked at the direction of my hometown and wondered whether my poor daughter had fallen asleep and whether my elderly parents could be well – being.? When I think of those days, I always feel touched and guilty in my heart..     That day has passed, and now it is early spring. The leaves are green and the flowers are blooming again. I now finally understand: people, live, live a mood, live a self – confidence, live a fortitude, live a free and easy life, live a pursuit. Let the wind blow and rain blow, just like flowers bloom, always show people the beauty of life, but who knows the process of flowers bloom? When she was still a bud, in the process of her hard blooming, it was also a time of positive, hard’ life’.     I seem to have heard the sound of flowers once again. But, by no means with my ears, but with my heart. After the flowers bloom, what is all the hardships? Like our life, we should keep a flower-like mood, optimistic, upward, bright, colorful and rich, and strive to create a space for ourselves to bloom. After many years, my daughter will understand me. In retrospect, what is this? Everything will be fine, everything will be fine. I said to myself.. Everything will be there, as long as you work tirelessly, as long as you wait patiently! ‘ Qian Fan, Qian Fan, I still wait! There will always be a leaf sail coming with the wind, bright and transparent as a cloud, this is your waiting, as long as you have a flower-like mood, I firmly believe that!     The book was published in 2001. 8. 10[ Responsible Editor: Min Min[ Original ]