Alas, miss my father

My father worked for the Shanghai People’s Huai Opera Troupe and played the erhu well. He was the principal violinist of the troupe.. Is also a handsome man, looks like a famous movie actor Sun Daolin, but handsome, and proud, full of man. Father is a filial son, filial piety to grandma. Every morning when I go to work, I have to say to grandma, ” Mom, I’m leaving.”. The first thing to do when you go home from work is to greet grandma and say, ” Mom, I’m back.”. ‘ Pay a monthly salary, the first thing to go home is to give grandma pocket money, and then give mom home living expenses, ray can’t move, never break, even if he has no money of his own.. Father and grandma became amiable, the troupe performed at night, and grandma always prepared good wine and supper for him. Father came back, drinking while talking to grandma. Grandma, always listen with smiles and clip vegetables for him. Father and mother were the same age and married at 18. After marriage, she gave birth to six children, the first three boys and the second three girls. Big, sometimes talking and laughing with parents, said: ” Three men and three women, men and women are balanced; Three in three out, don’t suffer. Mother said with a smile, ” I didn’t keep your father from ligation, but he still has to be born.”. Later, I learned that my father’s family had many children and prospered for the sake of family members.. My father works in the literary and art circles. He is handsome, and many women like him. He and his mother have never heard of him for a lifetime.. They have different personalities and often quarrel with each other. Noisy to noisy, soon, one is called ” Learning Silver …” and the other is called ” Super Show …”, and it’s all right again. Sometimes my mother gets angry and goes back to my grandmother’s house. He also asks us to see my mother. At ordinary times, we don’t listen to mother’s words and talk back to mother. Father knows, always teaches us and helps mother.. Old, two people don’t make so much noise, love each other, spend their old age together, really happy for them. Father and mother have been together for this family all their lives, sharing weal and woe, caring for grandma and raising us.. Father loves children and would rather suffer himself. When I was a child, whenever my father performed at night, we had to wait until he came back to sleep. Why?? A little heart to eat. The troupe had supper after the evening performance, and he could not bear to eat it and brought it home. When he heard that he was back, the house suddenly became very busy. Wow, I didn’t sleep, waiting to eat the snacks he brought back.. The troupe goes to perform abroad every year, and he doesn’t want to use the allowance he gives, and always buys a lot of delicious food to bring home.. I remember one year when my youngest sister was seriously ill. In order to see her, my father sold the furniture and his beloved watch.. Father is most concerned about me. Of the six children in the family, I settled in the queue by myself. He knew I was homesick and often wrote to me to tell me about the family and always encouraged me.. In order to reassure me, my mother didn’t even tell me when she was hospitalized. She only wrote to tell me when she was safely discharged from hospital.. That year I jumped the queue and settled down. He was afraid that I would freeze and resolutely took off his coat to protect me from the cold.. Thanks to the coat, I have survived numerous winters. Father is strong and a tough man. He cried when he learned that I had been beaten in my hometown and looked at me with scars.. Since childhood, he has been carrying so many difficulties and sorrows in his family, and has never seen him shed a tear. One year he went home to visit relatives and told him that he had joined the Party. He was very happy as if he had joined the Party.. The father drank wine and talked excitedly into the night. Before the’ Cultural Revolution’, he was an activist who joined the Party. Due to his grandfather’s reasons, he delayed approval. When he learned that I joined the Party, why was he not happy. After returning to Shanghai to take part in the work, I was organizationally arranged to be the unit leader. He always told me, ” Second child, remember to uphold the leadership of the Party, socialism and serving the people.”. My father came from the old society and he deeply felt that without the communist party, there would be no new China. The country is stable, the poor are turning over, and they have to rely on the birth, death and illness because they have the Communist Party and are on the socialist road.. And warned me: ” When leaders should remember three things: they will not waver politically, they will not corrupt economically, and they will not corrupt in life.”. I would also like to say to him what thoughts and troubles I have. He is strict father, a loving father and a good teacher to me. Glad to live up to my father. Although my father left me, he often missed him and dreamed of him, as if he had always been by my side. Every year he goes to the grave and takes his favorite drink to see him.Pour wine and light cigarettes for him, then sit on the floor to accompany him to drink and smoke, and say the truth, like when he was alive.. Father, you will always live in my heart. In the afterlife, we will be father and son again!