Father is a book without words

Father is a wordless book, and many of his virtues, ordinary and great, kind and severe, honest and generous, are inscribed in the book.. Every time I read my father, my mood is always very excited. Tears of the acacia fell in the book bit by bit.   Father, is a common farmer. Whenever I think of him, I always see a thin, slightly hunched figure with a kind smile on his heavy face.. My father died 30 years ago, when I graduated from primary school and a 12 – year – old child lost his father forever, I always felt sad. The poor family has collapsed for half the sky and the poverty of life is palpable.. When I saw other children laughing merrily in their parents’ arms, my eyes rolled down with sour tears.   I have lost my father since I was a child, and I miss my father more and more..   I am an introverted child. I left my parents when I was in primary school and felt helpless, so I often played truant secretly.. When my father learned that his kind smiling face was gone, he stared at me with stern eyes. The veins stood out on his neck were so high and his mouth was still panting hard and beating hard on my ass.. I cried in a flash. My father never hit me. Tears of sadness went down in a beep and beep.. Later, my mother said to me that your father’s beating you was too disappointing for him. He didn’t study for a few days since he was a child. I hope you can study well and become a literate person, but you are too sad for him..   Since then, I have never played truant again. I regret it so much that I always feel that I shouldn’t let my father be so angry. In my memory, my father hit me for the first time and for the last time.   When I was ten years old, I was admitted to the hospital with acute appendicitis. My parents took turns watching me. The county hospital was five kilometers away from my home, when my family was very poor and had no bicycles, my parents went back and forth several times on foot.. One night, my father wanted to go home and get me a change of clothes. I said to my father, ” Don’t come back when it’s too late. My mother is here.”. He promised silently, but at two o’clock in the night, his father came again, dragging his tired body. I looked at my father’s thin face and turned to secretly cry.   On the day of the operation, my father came early. He comforted me with a smile. It doesn’t matter. The operation will be successful. The nurse in the white coat pushed me into the operating room, and my father lingered outside the operating room, looking in from time to time.. After the operation, the nurse sent me to the ward. At that time, I vaguely heard a familiar voice calling my name. I struggled to open my eyes and looked down the voice. It was my father who stood in front of me. Niang said to me: In order to make your operation safe and smooth, your father sold our old goat to the doctor and wanted to make the family more careful.. Looking at my father’s tired figure, I couldn’t help but have a sour nose. My father was so worried about his illness that he seemed to be suffering from a serious illness..   It was an unfortunate day when my father suddenly fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. I hurried to the hospital after I learned that, pushing open the door, I saw my father lying on the bed, looking out of the window with an indifferent look. His eyelids were swollen and dull. Father saw me come to see him and asked me to sit down with a smile. He tried several times to sit up without success, and his body has not been flexible for many days. I heard from my uncle who was a doctor that his father had’ advanced lung cancer’. He already knew that he was dying soon, for fear that your heart would be sad and hide from you.. My tears gushed from my eyes and fell on my father’s trembling hand, which he stroked on my head with his inflexible hand..   Father loves to laugh, and finally he also died with a smile.. It has been more than 20 years since my father died. I always cry when I think of my father.. I want time to go back to go back to his childhood, listen to his father’s familiar voice and have a look at his kind smile. Even a scolding, even a scolding.   Father, only I can read this wordless book because I am both an author and a reader. Because I read with my heart and use my whole life to realize it. Father’s book will always be treasured in my heart.