First sister

Know what?? Every time I see the oil painting on the sisyphus Regulations, I think of you, my sister and fate determine sisyphus’s endless sufferings. He pushed the boulder up the mountain with difficulty and saw that it was about to be pushed to the top of the mountain, but the boulder tumbled from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain. He was doomed to push again year after year, push, push and push.. You who haven’t read many books certainly don’t know that this is’ original sin’, and this is the farmer.   In those days of earning points, you can already read their pitifulness and helplessness from your father’s tired and struggling work and from the wrinkles of the blade and frost sword.. Before you went to primary school, your tender little hands dealt with sickles, grass baskets and goats, and a new word hung on your little mouth: work points. Parents and villagers praise you, but you have become a model for children in the village.. little younger sister. Do you know?? You know how to make people sad.   In that year, when farmland was divided into households, the common people were all mad with joy and the peasants were able to eat their fill.. However, the heavy physical labor and heavy economic burden are beyond the imagination of city dwellers, big money and cadres.. My sister and I were admitted to a key middle school to pay tuition and my brother to take medicine. Your reading is as solid as your work, with certificates of merit and big red flowers in each period.. Can see hard father, you are determined to drop out of school and go home. For the first time, the kind father severely beat you with a stick. Your mother urged you to go to school with tears, and you threw yourself into her arms crying and said, ” Mom, you and dad are nearly sixty years old, still sick for years, live a long time, have little brothers and diseases, and I have to spend money on school. I should come back to help you.”! ‘ a few words of parents tears streamed down. My sister and I are also fighting to go home and work, and our strength is greater than yours.. You said, ” You have jumped out of Laoshan’s den, and it would be a pity if you didn’t read the book at this point.”! Sister, you are surprisingly mature. This is like what a teenage girl said. In this way, when you were only twelve years old, you helped your parents carry the burden of life too early. Cattle herding, pig feeding, cooking, carrying water and mowing the grass . oh, day by day, January by month and year by year, heavy manual labor has bent your straight back prematurely, and the wind and frost of life has roughened your tender hands, but you have no complaints. You took the bus to the school to send us clothes and noodles, and you sat in the student’s dormitory as a young adult to have a conversation with your two sisters, saying that you had helped us at home and the days were much better, so that we could study at ease.. You drew the group of female students who are much older than you to come around and listen to you with relish. Playing with you, they were reluctant to part with each other, and they sighed for this sensible little farmer..   In the autumn, you pick up oak shells and hawthorn on the hillside and then sell them on the street, selling for tens of yuan a year.. The mountain road is steep, sweaty and thirsty. You don’t want to buy a 2 – cent popsicle, but you buy shirts, shoes and socks for your sister and me, but you don’t have your own. Weeks and holidays home, always see you waiting for us under the old locust tree at the head of the village. Although the shirt you bought for me was already worn out, it was still kept in the wardrobe. Every time I see it, I think of my sister, you, your sincere feeling, your longing and your hope, which inspire me to have a clear conscience..   On July 22, 1987, the industrious and capable mother finally died of illness. The sky was falling in the home, and our eyes were red and swollen with tears before our spirit, beyond recognition. The old, thin father’s irrepressible hoarse cry was like a thousand arrows piercing his heart. The fool’s brother actually began to sob and cry with a dirty face.. Especially the younger sister, you cried so dark and lifeless that your aunts and aunts were also in tears.. How to encourage people is of no help, and the farmhouse’s broken courtyard has added endless sadness.. You gouge out your heart with a sound like a knife, and tear your heart and lungs with a sentence. Yes, father and brother are silly. The burden on your shoulders is heavier and life is more difficult!   My sister and I finally graduated from normal colleges and universities and flew out of the mountains. However, you created a big girl through hard work. The matchmaker was like a cloud because of her good reputation and beautiful beauty.. How can you bear to marry a distant country for personal happiness when you look at your old father and silly brother? For the sake of this special family, you have to recruit a honest son – in – law. For more than ten years, you’ve suffered from silly brother’s anger and tried your best to fight hard. Although I took your son to school with me, although we did our best to supplement the family, we knew that sisters and sisters were sorry for you and owed you too much and too much in my life.!   In the winter of 1997, my father had a gastrectomy. My sister and I collected medical expenses, and you pulled out 2,000 yuan.. You said we only built a new house with a few dead wages and high foreign debts. You said that you are a usurer of thousands of dollars, and your children will come to live in our house to study in the future. He said that he had to pay medical expenses to live or die.. In recent years, my father rarely came to live in the city, saying that our house was too clean and that he had no place to drill for visitors from the house.. You have served your father for many years. You know that dad has worked hard for us all his life and is more dutiful to him. You made a small pot of rice for your father, cooked tea and handed water, washed feet and washed hair … Ah, the careful care made the villagers in the village envy and marvel.!Your patient service has kept your cancer-stricken father safe so far, and everyone says you have created a miracle.   Although you have allocated more money in the past few years, you took the lead in actively handing in the small earthen house with your diligence, simplicity, open-mindedness and ability, and with your work of getting up early and greedy for black, hoeing, plowing, ploughing and planting, and also turned the small earthen house into a closed bungalow. You are kind-hearted and have paid nearly 1000 yuan in advance for poor Uncle Li and Uncle Wang to buy watermelon seeds and mushroom strains and teach them to shoot watermelon seedlings. Teach the villagers about the temperature and humidity of growing mushrooms … Ah, the burden of life makes you grow old, as if you were your sister’s sister..   You sigh why farmers never retire? You sigh with emotion why the farmers do not have the minimum living guarantee for laid-off workers? You admire the fact that city people can dance with their loved ones at night and go to children’s paradise with their children on Sunday.. We want you to take the children to the open, and you said that playing once is enough for farmers to spend a year on salt..   Your daughter is smart and people love her, and the old people say she was you as a child.. My sister and I have said many times that you should take a break. Your daughter who is close to her arms said that I will live a comfortable life when my daughter is admitted to university for more than ten years.. But who knows the disaster from heaven, only more than two years old baby daughter caught a cold and was misdiagnosed by village doctors and died suddenly, you cried and fainted. Heaven has no eyes, no one is here! Phone call, I shiver hard to ban, tears shed clothes. We hired a car to go back overnight. My sister, bad karma, who is more difficult than ever, and my close relatives who know the abdomen, you are holding the body of your daughter with a dementia expression and become stiff wood without saying a word.. More than a hundred people from the countryside gathered around to persuade you that your daughter’s death has crushed your heart to pieces and shattered your dream..   If we hug you who don’t eat or drink, we’ll also be heartbroken and heartbroken.. Disaster has befallen us, and our comforting words are so pale and feeble that grief can never be remedied and wounds can never heal.. But sister ah, old father, simple and honest brother, infatuated brother – in – law, troubled family can not leave you. Good sister, you stand up again in the face of suffering, sister, please.   Sister, my relatives, no matter what life gives us is sunshine, wind and rain, we will all live together.!   Author’s brief introduction: Liu Lijuan, female, Han nationality was born in 1968. She is a member of Nanyang Writers’ Association in Henan Province and deputy secretary general of neixiang county Federation of Arts and Sciences. She published 45 novels and essays in newspapers and magazines such as ” Gonggeng” New Family ” Nanyang Workers” Henan Education ” Population and Family Planning Regulations.”.