Grandma and her Laozao altar

After three days of festivities, people began to point their eyes at Grandma when they worked on the mountain. Grandma pretended not to hear anything and saw nothing. She went out with Grandpa and stopped work together. She got the first and the last..     Grandma was married by chicken bus * *.   On the dozens of kilometers of happy road, villagers gathered to see the bride as they walked across the mountains and mountains.. Some are waiting on the side of the road, others are standing on the mountain.     Looking at the procession coming at a distance, everyone pointed to the chorus and shouted’ Flower Girl * * is coming, Flower Girl is coming. The person in charge of distributing wedding candy will distribute peanuts, beans, dried sweet potatoes and candied fruit to passers-by and bystanders. When passing by the farm, people even watched the flower girl around the chicken bus. The expression of surprise and admiration were enough to show grandma’s beauty.. At this moment, everyone will rest and drink some water delivered by the villagers. When the team leaves, the villagers will follow behind and send a ride. The children clap their hands and shout, ” Flower Girl, it’s beautiful. Marry a man as a wife; Can feed pigs and transplant rice seedlings; A bunch of kids shouted ” mother – in – law”. ‘ and grandma just looked ashamed with her head down all the way.     Listen to the old people say that grandma’s marriage is the most beautiful of the township bazhou * * within dozens of miles..     Grandma is very beautiful. She was born into a small landlord family and inherited the beautiful gene. In addition, she is the only daughter in the family, and all the rude words are made by brothers. She stayed in the boudoir and did some sewing and mending work with her mother. She read a private school for a period of time in an hour, which is also called ” sensible”.     Granny’s dowry is the most abundant. Usually the girl in the family gets married, and only the flower girl takes the chicken bus. A few people behind her carry baskets and carry baskets. Basically, they are bedding covered with bed mats and girls’ clothes changed. The better-off ones are just two or three chicken buses.. And grandma married with seven or eight chicken buses, including a pig, grain, vegetables and seeds, chickens, ducks and eggs, in addition to her dowry. The long procession gave off the creaking sound peculiar to chicken buses on Shu Road, and even the helpers were proud and excited..     Grandma married with a special, is wearing a flower dress wearing a big red flower in her arms holding a jar without eaves, a very common pottery jar, light brown appearance is not very smooth, grandma held it very carefully, people think it is as valuable as the agate on her hands.     Grandma married a man ( grandpa ) who was an orphan and was brought up by his widowed mother for many years. her mother was in poor health. most of the year she was lying in bed, and her family was poor..     When grandma was still a child, many people in the town came to propose marriage, but grandma involuntarily married grandpa. That was the arrangement of the production team. A landlord’s daughter married the poor peasant’s son and was really reformed. For this reason, the team leader received a big certificate of commendation.. Before marriage, grandma saw only black-and-white photos of grandpa, or collective photos when thinking hard about eating wild vegetables.     My grandfather, who is eight years older than my grandmother, looked at the wife who looks like a fairy, changed her usual dreariness and walked around her, thanking the government and the production team for more efforts and earning centimeters. He really did that.. And Grandma remembered her mother’s words: Do more, talk less, and do not cause trouble. She gets up early and greets the black every day, feeds pigs, raises chickens and ducks, earns work points, and earnestly waits on her’ mother – in – law’ until her death.     When night fell, the blisters on her hands were so painful that she kept silent and did not shed tears. Grandfather held her hand gently while blowing and asked, ” Is it still painful?”? Grandma shed tears, saying it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt. She wants to be satisfied with the man she was destined to have so much pain and hard work.. The next year, my grandmother gave birth to a boy, who was my great uncle.     After three days of festivities, people began to point their eyes at Grandma when they worked on the mountain. Grandma pretended not to hear or see anything. She went out with Grandpa and stopped work together, the earliest and the last.. Gradually, people became more and more fond of her, and what made everyone like her more was that she would make good fermented glutinous rice, which was made from that jar.. Every time I do my grandmother’s job, I will send a bowl to a nearby family. They often eat it before it is cooked. Sometimes it will be wiped out in front of my grandmother, and the bowl will be brought back by my grandmother without sending it.. Who has a wedding occasion or a baby sitting on the moon, grandma will send an altar of fermented glutinous rice, just telling caution to the jar. Since then, grandma’s fermented glutinous rice has become famous. How far is it for some villagers to get up early and go to grandma’s house to get a bowl of fermented glutinous rice to drink? Grandma also added a poached egg.. It is strange that grandma should hold the jar when she gets married. It is not known whether the jar is magical or grandma’s skill is high, but grandma takes it very seriously every time she makes fermented glutinous rice, every step and every step of it is carefully done: grandma spreads steamed glutinous rice on a clean table, turns it over with her hands and cools it to a slight heat, pours it with cold boiled water, adds a little white sugar, mixes it well, and then puts it into the jar, pounding a small nest with her fist in the middle, then seals it in wooden cases, and encloses a bed of cotton wool in wooden cases..     It was only at the market that grandma and grandpa took an altar of fermented glutinous rice to the market to sell, plus some chickens, ducks, eggs and so on. The money is my mother’s and sister’s tuition fees.   Due to the diligence of my grandparents, life was fine and I replaced the adobe house with my own adobe bricks..     Granny Hua gave birth to eight children and died three times, leaving my mother and her brother, sister and sister five people, all of whom have read books. This is rare in remote mountainous areas, and they have to walk more than an hour’s mountain road every day to go to school. Except for my mother, they all read only junior middle school or primary school, but my mother has read a junior college. Granny said her mother is the most like her..     On the day of farewell to my mother’s school, there was never a lively scene in the village. When I left, my grandmother said, ” Speak less, do more, and do not cause trouble.”. Mother said with a smile: Mom, I’m not getting married again. Besides, the age is different.. Grandma said: Oh, yes.     Since then, my mother has become a guest on holidays and a wife on her return home, eating her grandmother’s fermented glutinous rice every time she goes back..     Later, my grandfather died, and my mother brought my grandmother to the city. My grandmother brought the jar. She said that the fermented glutinous rice sold in the city was certainly not as delicious as she made it. She did not say wrong. No matter how advanced modern processing technology is, the fermented glutinous rice produced is not as delicious as that made by my grandmother. My mother said: Mom, you can teach me to save your old man’s house from doing it yourself. Didn’t you also teach my sister to do it?? Alas, she didn’t do well as I did, besides, you have no time? ‘ said really hand-in-hand to teach mother, strange thing is that mother’s food is better than that bought from outside, but it is still much worse than grandma’s, so mother had to give up voluntarily. Every time Grandma looked at us eating fermented glutinous rice, she narrowed her eyes and wrinkles were beating.. Next, Grandma started to send Laozao from door to door. Next door, upstairs and downstairs knocked on the door. At first, some refused to answer for various reasons. She said, You try it, it’s delicious. As a result, her Laozao became famous in my parents’ unit..     However, grandma did not like the city and returned home with her jar in her arms..     Later, my grandmother died and my mother carried her back to the jar. for a long time we did not dare to mention the words’ laozao’ or’ liqueur’. only the laozao jar was placed on the bottom of the antique shelf and silently told my grandmother’s story.     All the things I said about my grandmother came from my mother and the old generation in Bashan who returned home. My grandmother never mentioned her past, nor lamented and complained about her life except for her busy schedule and daily conversation with her family..   After I left home and went to school, if I thought of my grandmother and the Laozao altar, I would go to the supermarket to buy a bowl of sweet wine, just to savor the story of my grandmother, so the house was filled with the aroma of Laozao and my grandmother..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe ]