Asked clove

The day of March changes. Sad wind and bitter rain have replaced the sunshine. Spring breeze blows like a distant world. Crowds in the station come and go, filed into the station, where to go? Is there anyone there looking forward to it?     Holding the ticket, wrinkled and uncertain, whether to go or not? Try to catch yesterday’s warmth and tell yourself that you haven’t been forgotten by this planet yet. Love to a person, the planet is a person who likes her. At the whistle of spring, the birds rustled up and fluttered their wings to the verdant woods..     Many days seem to be smooth and relaxed. A grain of dust in the emotional world will also become the last deadly weight. That’s why a straw killed a camel.. If you walk on thin ice and walk through the rough path of this emotion, thorns all over the soles of your feet are worn out and pain follows, but you never flinch, because the bottom of your heart is still sweet, and you expect to miss and linger on for so many times, but you always can’t brush it off, not only in real life, but also in the spiritual sky.. Heart sank to the bottom of the sea without a trace, put up sighs and continue your life. What was not deliberately imagined, people lived for a lifetime, and those few people remembered accounted for the vast majority of those who did not remember, and those who remembered later also gradually forgot about the problems sooner or later.. Morning drift a lot, like forget.     On a stormy day, frost flowers gently entrenched on the window lattice, forming a tight barrier, blurring the line of sight and showing a large figure. Who is holding an oilpaper umbrella and a clove tree, the petite figure with a clever smile, is fading away.     Little by little, plantains don’t show clove knots. When we meet, even if we laugh, we also have a slight sadness – see you this time, and when is the next time? Is there another time? Luxury is so short, immediately after each turn, towards their own loneliness. Together, this is such an attractive slogan, with only three words, covering so much.     Love is more mysterious because it can’t be obtained. What we are together is not the right one. Once we were in a small bridge with flowing water, laughing at a crow’s panic in a withered vine, once we scooped up a mountain stream and enjoyed the birds singing together. Are they so happy and not sad??     When the rape flowers were yellow all over Shan Ye, the kite floated high, and the line pulling it became tighter and tighter, and finally the string broke, although in the distant sky, you could not hear the tragic boom, the kite was free and had no distractions.. But after only a short time, it felt weightless, drifting without center of gravity, and finally plunged into the earth. It was tired and no longer flew. Fragmented, quiet in the eternal corner.     The wind has loved it, soaring all the way to the blue sky. The wind is blowing gently, and the shape and shape are fully displayed.. Once the string is broken, the wind becomes a killer and accelerates the kite’s departure. A double-edged sword, a white blade, and a silent stab into it. The rape flower is yellow, faint over deep red. This is the last smile, there will always be this day, said the kite.     She seemed to have seen the kite in the station, with self – respect, calm, clearly sad, but as if it had not happened.. The ticket has been pinched out and decided not to go. Turn around in the windy and rainy streets, looking forward to the ringing of the cell phone bell, but there has been no such thing.     The other end of the line, also cut off. Who is the kite?? Not you, not me.     The lilacs are about to open, elegant, beautiful and refreshing, with broken petals. How many times have they been broken before they are combined into beauty? This is March, the flowering period hasn’t come yet. Did you hear the sound of the rain beating the flower heart?? The rain is asking – did you really care about me…     Don’t ask this stupid acid question again! Cloves zheng big eyes, said angrily.