The dance steps of life

Every day on the grand stage of life in the square dance, without audience and flowers, the sisters performed the wonderful life to their heart’s content.. When the melody of the dance music rings, our souls walk through the four seasons of life and enter the intoxicating world of singing and dancing together with the music, stepping on the easy and light dance steps..   In music, we found the joy of childhood. The wind blew a picture of childhood. I can’t forget my childhood buddies, the little bride flower, and the memories are sweet and sentimental.. In the cheerful rhythm, we walked along the country road, carefree and carefree, experiencing the quiet life of a shepherd boy.. In the rough melody, we walked into the beautiful prairie, sat on the carved saddle, looked at the boundless prairie with a pair of curious eyes, enjoyed the love of our parents and had a golden childhood..   Our thoughts float in the sky with the music, savoring the pink memories, the shy feelings of the young girl’s love calves, and the slight worries and injuries that accompany us into the youth of life.. Passionate music lets us fly with youth, unleashing our passion and vigor to the world, and high-pitched and passionate music lets our confidence soar high in the dream sky.. The young heart can be sublimated and transcended, which is a relief that doesn’t matter to everything in life.   A song of happy love leads us into tender and touching love and flowing water-like music, which moistens the lonely heart and makes the soul feel the beauty of life and the bitterness of passing water for years.. Music has brought people closer to each other, and the bold and funny northeast yangko tune has made us experience the burning feelings and love of the northerners.. We are infatuated with the beautiful fantasy of love. Warm springs are flowing in the rivers of the years again, and sweet ripples are rippling in the heart sea..   The Tujia people’s handshaking dance is a local traditional dance with a long history. It is the favorite of the middle-aged and the elderly. It combines dance art with physical fitness.. In the sonorous drums and gongs, the rhythm is sometimes soothing, sometimes exciting, sometimes cheerful and sometimes lively. It reflects the love of the Tujia family for life and feels warm and happy when they jump up.. The happy birthday song shows a peaceful and warm family reunion scene. As a small citizen, what I hope is that the family will be prosperous and prosperous, isn’t it?   Dancing not only enables us to exercise our bodies, maintain our beautiful body shape and control our weight, but also indirectly controls the occurrence of many diseases.. What’s more, dancing is more important, it is a kind of elegant spiritual enjoyment and the charm of music is endless. Music enables our lonely hearts to communicate, resonate and relieve our tired body and mind.. Music is like a close friend who comes across the waters of Qian Shan. It conforms to our state of mind, goes deep into our hearts and touches our most real feelings..   A person’s life is not to be shown to others. Even if there is no applause, we should also bloom on our own stage of life. Leaving aside the sufferings of life temporarily, dancing happily once and showing the world the most beautiful posture. The main theme of life is health and happiness. If you like, the dance steps of life are not sad.     2 015.01. 13