A bug was lying on the window

On the side of the road, a small flower appeared in the clumps of trees. I mean a flower. I looked at it, don’t understand why it is here alone, does it also like loneliness? The people around me laugh, and I also laugh, regardless of the smile.     Bend over is to have a good mood. This kind of good mood is when you look at me very far and when I look at it very close.. Everything in the world has language. Its language gives the wind, the sun and its branches and leaves.. When we passed by it, we turned a blind eye because we didn’t understand it.     It’s just a small flower. That’s all. It’s as simple as me. I stay, bend over and look at it.. In fact, I just don’t want to make it lonely.     Some people said that I was lonely but wanted to be accompanied. Some people said that I was lonely, really lonely, and I couldn’t find what I wanted when I crossed the Qian Shan River..     Yu Qiuyu said, you don’t understand me, I don’t blame you. Everyone has a wound. I painted the darkest red blood there. I hid the hot feeling there, drank the cold water, and then brewed into tears..     My heart, filled with my world, is occupied by the wind, flowers and snow. I don’t want to disturb the peace of others, and it is rare for others to disturb me.. Everyone has everyone’s sorrow and joy, you manage your garden in your way, and I dress up my world in my way.     Chuang Tzu said that the son is not a fish, how can he know the joy of fish. Therefore, I dare not make fun of each other. There are always unreasonable reasons for a person to be unreasonable.. The explanation will only become pale and will only be understood if it is understood.     It was late, the light was bright, but the window was dark and the sky could not be seen. I looked at the inky sky. The sky did not disappear because I could not see it. It was always there. A lot of things are like this, not because you don’t see them, they are always there. In some parts of the world, they are also blown by the spring breeze, illuminated by the sun, chased, worshipped, born with dragons like me and alive with tigers like you..     A little bug crawled on the window screen and did not move. What was it doing? Face me, as if looking at me, I also looked at it, the size of nails, gray and white, like moths, no, like a small plane, temporarily parked there. Suddenly thought of the little beetle in Gregory, will it also be changed? However, who will come to see me at this time? Just thinking about the little beetle, the small plane started to start, ran up, ran to the top of the window, took off and disappeared into the boundless darkness..     What is it doing lying on the window? Perhaps, just to enjoy the warmth given to it by the light at that moment and the peace brought to it by the night. When it was finished, it flew away.     I wanted to pounce on it, but I saw it flapping its wings, running up to the heights and out of reach of my hands.. I think this is the best arrangement. Why do you have to jump on it? I and it are just two different living things in the world. It must also have its Eden, somewhere I can’t see it.     A little cranky, this inky night has nothing to do with my joy and sadness.