Back home

For a person who has lived in another country for a long time, what he cannot forget is to bring up his hometown land and relatives. No matter how many years he has lived, what he cannot change is the native dialect that has become a habit in his childhood and adolescence.. It’s not his home. After living abroad for many years, he returned home with eager feelings and eagerly looked for what had changed and not changed in accordance with the dream scene. The mountains, rivers and human scenery all call for people to sigh with emotion.. My parents’ pale face is the most full of tears, and I feel unfamiliar with the distance of my relatives.. After many years of living in another country, the sand and dust from other places eroded the appearance, mixed with the characteristics of a foreign land, and became less pure, reflecting a sense of wonder and inadaptability in the eyes of relatives.. Here, also is not his home. Where am I? ‘ A person who has no hometown and no ownership sends a deep sigh in his heart.   It’s hard to find a ticket to go home.” Find some leisure time, squeeze some time, and have no money to go home for the New Year”, which is the common wish of thousands of people who work and live in cities all over the country on the bugle of reform and opening-up to the outside world.. The annual Spring Festival has become the only time for them to ” often go home and see”. No matter how hard it is, it will be difficult to stop them from going home. The old people who keep their nests and the children who stay behind will have their hopes fulfilled at this moment.. However, it is more difficult than expected to buy a ticket to go home by train, and I really regret that we also took the opportunity to go back to Sichuan at this juncture.. The pre-sale train tickets from Urumqi to Chongqing were bought online 20 days in advance. We started several people waiting for multiple computers at the same time, waiting for a snap – up, so it was not easy to buy only three tough hard seats.. Although the real-name system for online shopping of train tickets severely cracked down on profiteering by ticket dealers and relieved the hardships for those who waited in long lines at night to buy tickets at the window, it was also difficult for computer experts to use high-tech technology to plug in multiple ID cards for online shopping of berth tickets, and the high-price reselling of train tickets continued to be banned repeatedly and emerge in endlessly.. Sitting on the overtime zero bus in the 1980s, I was surprised that the hard sleeper displaced four people instead of the hard seat.. It’s crazy to rob the sleeping berth upstairs first, but I don’t want to lie down and lie down if I can’t sit up straight or stretch out.. Excess standing tickets and crowded aisles have already become unbearable, where there is some relief for those who lie down and feel uncomfortable. The 56 – hour train life, short of water and warmth, is really difficult. I really admire the incomparable ability of snack and beverage cars and dining cars, and I can bravely move forward under such conditions and sell well all the way.. The drink mineral water over the past two days was cold and hungry. It was not easy to grab a cup of hot water and take a sip of instant noodles. It felt really happy..   Homesickness is close to home, afraid of trains passing through Xinjiang’s vast and remote desert area, walking slowly all the way through Gansu’s dust, drilling through Qinling tunnel and entering Sichuan’s green and clear landscape, green hills, white clouds, terraces, layers of green, and clear mood.. Think of the villages that are connected on the second floor independently, and watch the eyes that the old parents expect.. Today, every place is changing. Has my hometown changed its appearance? Relatives, are you still in good health? The thick homesickness fills my heart, why am I afraid and melancholy at this time?? ‘ Little children leave home and the boss still leaves home, but the local accent changes slightly and the feeling remains the same.”. Thirty years ago, elementary school students, although adding years of Chinese, also added accumulation, rejoiced in their mood and enjoyed their lives.   What you can’t enjoy is the love of your parents. Although a mother who participated in the Convention on Biological Diversity of her father, the Convention on Biological Diversity, has performed a song such as ” Mother’s Regulations in Candlelight” of the Convention on Biological Diversity, singing her parents’ worries and expectations, after all, her family’s health is her greatest wish.. The love of parents and the love of sisters are warm and filled in the bosom and feeling in the heart. If you have a mother, you will have a home. If you have a mother, you will grow up to be a baby. No matter how far you go, you can’t miss your mother. Ah, there are new ideas in my hometown. My mother is walking around the ancient city with her baby in search of new buildings and street scenes. Five – star Zeda Hotel stands tall, ” Justice”, ” Integrity” and ” Greeting the County People” are as dazzling as those played by the government.. The newly-built neighboring state park, which has not yet been completed, is crowded with people during the new year, scrambling to look at the new park’s appearance. The ancient city of Yundingshan Park, which was sparsely populated with tourists in the past, has only been filled with poems’ how high is the octagonal building, and the white clouds are always chilly’ to prove that the octagonal building stands on the top of the mountain, contributing to the view of the city next door..   The mobile advertising car is integrated with the old advertising team to create a beautiful scenery. Shop names and billboards are everywhere, and the proper homophonic idiom: ” Food Beauty Guest”””’ Food Whole Foods Beauty”””” One Alcohol and Tobacco Ding”””’ Thousands of Clothes and Hundreds of Shun”,’ Package Shop for the World” is a well-deserved pawnshop … The rich vocabulary shows the advertising content to the fullest. ‘ cold skin, cold noodles, bean curd jelly, sour and hot powder … ” the audible shouts enticed passers-by up and down the street. The scene of the mobile dining room spreading fragrance, eating a walking roast string and carrying rice bowls all over the street reflects the hot pot city of 3050 meters, spicy soup pots and pans on the shelves, and all kinds of fish dinners are for you to choose from.. There are all kinds of attractive small fry, breakfast steamed stuffed bun to send porridge, steamed bread with side dishes; The homemade bacon sausage has fragrant Sichuan, refined handmade noodles have beautified Linshui, Deng’s preserved eggs and Guang ‘an navel orange have spread far and wide … Ah shows the food culture of his hometown everywhere.   Also showing the culture of neighboring water are various banquet during the Spring Festival. People going out for the Spring Festival go home for a big party, get married quickly last year, have children this year, have children full of years old, and celebrate the birthday of the elderly, which shows that they are full of joy.. Relatives and friends get together, and naturally mahjong will be indispensable for the fun of the game. World War I’s ” bloody battle to the end” will be ” quadrupled and fought again” and ” rivers of blood” will be ” who’s afraid of who?”? Not only does it open up feelings, but it inevitably hurts the mood and feelings.   I prefer the tea culture in my hometown to the mahjong culture on the streets.. Invite three to five fellow members to gather in the teahouse to enjoy the tea ceremony, narrate the old events, talk about the current situation and manage the dream, set out the present events and discuss the way forward, so that friends can talk about friendship and be sincere.. What really matters is also the load of vegetables at the roadside station at the street corner. Vegetable farmers grow their own vegetables and peddlers resell them. Naturally, vegetables will be cleaned up one by one, and the stems and leaves will be returned to the leaves. They will be classified into different categories to supply the residents’ needs and facilitate their lives..   People deeply admire the neighbors who are good neighbors, self-improvement and self – victory, civilized neighbors, cultural neighbors, extraordinary neighbors and extraordinary you!   Guang ‘an’s hometown is looking for a great new city, Guang ‘an. Its streets are wide and tidy. Compared with the adjacent water of the ancient city, which runs through Huaying Mountain Road less than 30km apart, it is not so crowded, ancient and humid.. The advertising posters on Jian ‘an Bridge and the red lanterns for the Spring Festival are lined up in long lines, and the combination with the tree lanterns on both sides of the street still plays up the festive atmosphere of the New Year.. On both sides of the river, entertainment and leisure gathering areas for the elderly, players playing the piano, playing chess, dancing and fishing, all enjoy themselves. On the other side of the river are fortune tellers and horoscopes, and there are quite a lot of onlookers and they are very lively..There are two places and two kinds of people separated by a river. Their lives are different and in sharp contrast..   Less than ten miles away from the hometown of Deng Xiaoping in Guang ‘an City, the free open tourist area directly accessible by bus, with bamboo, trees, flowers and waterscape reflecting each other, has a beautiful scenery and elegant customs.. An endless stream of people wander around the classic red scenic spots looking for the footprints of great men. Deng Xiaoping’s bronze statue was decorated with flowers to honor the great man’s achievements. The exhibition hall shows the life course of the great man. The former residence reproduces the enlightenment of the great man’s growth. Xiyan Lake, the old well and Niuping all reproduce the life footprints of the great man. Parents’ teachings and academy training have promoted great men to a great journey . Ah, in the face of bronze statues, all kinds of feelings have flooded my mind. Drinking water and thinking about the source will make you miss tears forever. He is the son of the whole nation, the chief designer of China’s reform and opening up, a great man of the century, who has changed China’s destiny, improved people’s lives and affected the development of the whole world..   ‘ Well water is a spring at a glance. It is inexhaustible for thousands of years to depend on active sources. It is not too light to drink clear water often, and it is calm to travel all over the world.. One side nurtures the other side, which is the clear, clean and light spring water in his hometown. It teaches people to meditate on knowledge, live a normal life and be upright and upright.. He was magnanimous, awe-inspiring and brave all his life, strong and tenacious, moving forward … 2013. 02