Chengdu rainy season

This may be what is often called the plum rains season. In the south, it is lucky to encounter such an opportunity. In summer, the weather is hot, and it rains for a while every morning and evening, which will make you forget the season. Is it really summer? Yes, but because of the rain, the weather is wet and does not feel that there are too many changes in temperature. Chengdu is just like this, with a soft atmosphere and a fine character. On rainy days, the climate is like a boat sailing gracefully into the river and leaning over heaven and earth, just like a dream.     This year’s rain is quiet, easy, basically no thunder and lightning, and no wind. You can walk in the rain with a light umbrella, look through the washed thousands of flowers and trees, and follow the widened tree-lined sidewalk, with the occasional scene in the rain unfolding one by one, enough to sweep away the smoke and dust of the heart and paste the smile on the watery and moist face.. Or walk down the ancient alleyways, lean on the wooden window and sit down idly to see a fragrant tea curling up on the table. The dialect in the room is humorous, the jade plate outside the room is ringing with pearls, rubbing the market place, and truly feeling the taste of simplicity in the world..     If you can become a land of abundance, you don’t have to talk much about Chengdu’s demeanor, but you can only enjoy the original urban charm in person.. To say that the buildings here are not as tall as those in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, although they tend to be fashionable in recent years, Chengdu’s appearance should never be displayed by being tall and strong, walking past the street tea shops with various styles, and welcoming the green flower beds, the plants stand on the fence and compete for beauty without the meticulous work of the craftsmen, but they receive exquisite verdure and splendor everywhere..     The day before yesterday, I came to Chengdu on a friend’s appointment. It happened on the weekend and was accepted.. It was less than an hour’s drive from Longquanyi’s residence to Chengdu’s friends. When I went out, it was still Qingyun Gaoyang, but I didn’t get off the bus, but it was raining again. I was sitting on the side of the window and was browsing the scenery near and far. The big drop and the small drop came unprepared. The rain was clear and the wind outside the window soon became a cartoon of children, childlike and lovely.. Fortunately, it was not big. Ren Jingying’s hair was smoked and dyed with rain, his cheeks were light and his cool feeling was more comfortable. His friend wanted to pick me up, so he refused and dragged away with interest for half an hour, still smiling at me. Is this the legendary drowned rat?? I murmured a sigh, alas, playing in the rain, but alas, some people are not of the same kind, so I shook hands and laughed.     My friend lives in a busy city, thanks to his parents, the old man retired, he still works in the city, so he complied with his parents and bought a house in Longquan for his parents to live for years. He is also easy to do things here. During holidays, he reunites with his parents with his wife and belt, and is safe everywhere and regular in all directions. Everyone has his own place and is in harmony with each other.. On the sixth floor, the balcony was wide, and when I saw that I had a special liking for the rain, my friend placed the wine table on the balcony, with the windows closed and the curtains wide open to my liking, the atmosphere was even more uninvited..     The images of wine, merriment and rain are too cool and refreshing to be seen from high places. Pedestrians in the pavilions are like ants, overpasses are flying, trees are gloomy, and the sight stays at the crossroads. Vehicles shaped like toys and traffic lights open their eyes and close their eyes are orderly. We have too many reasons to be numb in our daily life, but we can find beauty and love everywhere if we really look carefully. You can see the old man holding the child, holding an umbrella with big flowers, walking leisurely on the street, Mao Mao drizzling rain can not stop the amorous scenery, and a couple cuddle up tightly in a motorcycle, occasionally looking back and looking at four eyes..     The refreshing side dishes and elaborate kaoliang wine are sitting outside the rainy season. We like the audience, savoring their clear performances carefully. The clear and cool raindrops snaking on the window lattice gradually blur our mood. Just now, when wine is to be served, it is also necessary to sing to the rain, flower umbrellas, fine wool silk, and all over the sky poetry. They are all wine dishes. I am drunk and want to sleep with you. Which tube is today or tomorrow??     A rain fell straight to the beginning of the lights and finally stopped. My friend’s wife was studying outside, so we just indulged in some wine and drank a lot of wine, all of which were slightly drunk.. Sleep? Friends are simple and honest. I shook my head, you sleep, I’ll sit here, stay in the country, familiar with the lights.     The rain washed the world with bright lights, fresh and clear. The traffic at this time was like the day, the neon lights flashing near and far, the laughter beaming, all falling eyes, soaking green tea, leaning in the big open glass window, though high above, still feeling the human fireworks and no sleep at all..     There is still the smell of rain in the air, sweet and greasy, and never gone away. I greedily breathe the most moving beauty in Chengdu rainy season, watching the breeze float gently with gauze feathers, and at that time, I suddenly feel like a dream.. In fact, this is not my Chengdu, the hometown in the north has less rain, and the summer is the most tempestuous. Now I am in the warm Chengdu after the rain, the former dust and the past come to mind together, and there is a constant flow of passing horses and lanterns, feeling the north and south, and I am also drunk if I am not drunk..     After the rain, the story of homesickness continued, walking at the speed of walking and walking in memory, but I didn’t expect it.