Constant Love – Me and Prose Online

[ Original Text ]When I just published an article online in prose, and when I was still enjoying my writing, the article will be flooded in a few days.. I sometimes exclaim, why can’t my article be kept longer, longer and longer..   Contact with prose online is purely accidental. I clicked into the online website of prose when browsing articles at random. I didn’t think of it, but this time I couldn’t help thinking about her without breaking into it, and I still feel reluctant to part with her..     I am a person who loves literature writing and was very eager to have a place to learn and communicate to improve my writing level. Before I met prose online, I also participated in some groups, but all of them gave up because of the lack of such or such a learning atmosphere. I think these are too far away from my dream of literature and are not suitable for me.. In order to improve my writing level, I also set up my own blog, hoping to improve my writing ability through the blog and make more like-minded friends in the blog. Due to the limitations of the blog, I am still struggling to find a way forward, just like a person who is too eager to find a bright person in the dark, my heart is full of expectation and anxiety..     When I bumped into prose online one day, when I opened my eyes to see the beautiful articles and the articles with the recommendation and guidance of editors’ painstaking efforts, I decided that it was the’ Garden of Eden’ that I was looking for to learn and communicate with.. Although this kind of urgent mood cannot be likened to a hungry man throwing himself on bread, the ardent idea of wanting to communicate, broaden his horizons and integrate into this group has been completely released and satisfied here.. When I finally became a part of prose online today, I felt like a boat adrift in the dark night sea had found the indicated navigation lights and had the goal of striving and the motivation to move forward..     The time to really join prose online is not long, but its faint fragrance of books and strong literary atmosphere have filled me with infatuation and yearning all the time. This feeling is just like a man in love who is obsessed with it and cannot extricate himself deeply..     At ordinary times, it is not easy for us to know and understand him in a short period of time when we communicate with others, but at the first sight I saw him, it seemed like I had a special liking for him and fell in love at first sight.. I think I know it and I love it. Although knowing him is no more complicated than interpersonal relationship, the strong humanistic thought and connotation it sends out gives me a belief that it is a good teacher and friend that I can love and associate with in my heart..     I often can’t help but enter prose online in my free time to look at its articles, one after another, and watch and ponder over it over and over again. I enter the world of literature, I enter the palace of prose, and I often marvel at its charm and at the spiritual enjoyment of beauty brought about by these beautiful articles.. These hardworking and obscure writers who have paid hard work have brought forth articles full of wisdom and talent. The incomparable spiritual enjoyment is really wonderful.. These beautiful articles imbued with the author’s talents and painstaking efforts, while appreciating them, also keep me happy and comfortable all day long. The spiritual enjoyment that can only be savored and realized can’t be bought for much money. It keeps me in a state and keeps me like a note of joy that pops out of every pore, calming my heart, making my body and mind happy and full of upward passion.. The unhappiness and depression at work at ordinary times have also reduced some emptiness and deformity due to its existence, and the dull and busy life has become interesting and lively.. I know that all this is brought to me online by prose.     Prose online brings me not only the enjoyment of these spirits, but also a little bit of unease and pressure..     Every time I just published an article online in prose, when I was still immersed in my own writing and happy, it would not take a few days for the article to be flooded with many articles.. I sometimes exclaim, why can’t I keep my articles longer, longer, longer, or even one more week, but I have to marvel at so many beautiful beautiful articles full of flexibility and wisdom that keep pouring out.. I was in a hurry, I shouted at the bottom of my heart, but I couldn’t stop such a reality. I was deeply trapped in a pressure behind which I felt a power and a sense of crisis I had never had before.. There are many beautiful articles and new products here. The unstoppable momentum also makes me feel a strong writing team behind the online prose. Under such an environment, the pressure of not moving forward and not moving backward always wakes me up. Only by studying hard and making constant progress can I not be left behind here.. I want to write articles, write more articles and write good articles. This idea has always kept me from being lazy and slack..     I think prose online taught me to enjoy those beautiful moments in my life and to learn and swim in the words. It not only taught me how to behave and do things, but also led me to a more perfect state.. It not only purifies my mind, but also inspires me to move forward. I think that in this impetuous and utilitarian society, prose online teaches me to maintain a calm state of mind and calm thinking in the midst of this uproar.. I think, what a happy thing it is to be able to leave a pure land in the heart to refresh myself, keep my heart happy and keep forging ahead.![ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]