Did it snow there

Every morning, beibei, who is naughty, wakes me up by grabbing my pillow with his little claws and the bell on his neck.. Push the window to see me, wow!!!   It snowed heavily! The vast expanse of whiteness seems beautiful, for fear that the earth will show a little of its color and come into close contact with the earth. The thick snow wrapped the earth in a tight cover and the snow pressed the branches very low and very low. Like a child who made a mistake, he hung his head and did not move. There was no pedestrian on the road, only the birds did not know the chill and jumped and played on the branches.. Like a musical note, singing on a snow branch, flying back and forth and singing from time to time, the song penetrates the hearts of people, intoxicates them and makes them impressed..   Looking at this white fairy tale world, my heart has flown. At this moment, the heart can’t stand the temptation and attraction of snow and wants to eagerly enter this fairy tale world of beautiful snow..   Appreciate its elegant demeanor. Feeling its warmth in its arms, he hurriedly took off his pajamas, put on his clothes, took Beibei and pulled his bag to go out quickly. Beibei and I are running, slapstick and sucking the different air in this snow fairy tale world, and it’s really good to be fully involved in the arms of snow.!!!!   Did it snow there?