dry with a blower

There are so many people taking pictures, looking out, blowing out. However, you don’t want to blow, you also have to blow, and it’s very big, but blowing these winds on a hot summer day is accompanied by the coolness of filar silk.     At this time, I was not in a hurry to take pictures, but chose the angle I liked and pressed the mobile phone shooting button to leave those beautiful scenery behind..     Think about some funny things. I’ve always been bothering others to take pictures of myself, and almost no one ever bothered to take pictures of themselves.. However, it can also be understood that many people have company around them, so why bother passers – by.     However, there is a strange phenomenon that many people ask their own way. Just like this time, fortunately, I have seen the signposts and also noticed the general situation of the surrounding area when I was watching the scenery along the coast, so I can show them the way.. At that time, I met two foreigners asking for directions from themselves, and I also had an impression of where to go, so I answered him.. But when I looked at the signpost of the second position later, I found that the place where he was going at the place where we communicated had changed the direction of the road, and I used the signpost I saw for the first time to show him the way. I felt a little guilty when I thought about it. I hope they can meet good people and reach the goal smoothly..     I am also constantly asking for directions, just like my own way of life, from strangeness to familiarity, but the way also needs to be explored by myself before I can find the right way more.. Thank you to those who point to themselves as passers – by.     Flying in the wind on the shore, looking at the surging river, looking at the tall buildings in the distance, and all kinds of buildings with aristocratic atmosphere in front of us, gives people a feeling of both openness and massiness..