Friends and family

I always think that I have something in my memory that can’t be completely recorded. Although I can’t really measure miles with a ruler, I can really reach miles in the moment of memory.. Turn on the computer but have no way to start, pause for a moment is like the recovery of life, and like the future of a long life that has not yet been met..     Is the road really far away? In fact, how many detours have prevented us from turning back, and even if we can turn back, the time has already passed unconsciously.. Even if you don’t have Kangzhuang Avenue in front of you, you should face it calmly. Don’t let the steep mountain road become the symbol of your exclamation and mine..     We will go as far as we can stride, and we intend to finish it in as much time as possible, so long as there is no pause and persistence is victory.. How many people can actually climb the summit of the Himalayas, even if they have the will and will to persevere, they can still persevere.     The first step in climbing is to look back and not know what you are going to do. How many people lament the injustice of life, the injustice of life, but happiness is everywhere. As long as you recognize yourself and don’t toss yourself back and forth, you will lose interest and perception in the end, only the’ pain’ and torture of your life will make you feel happy.!     How many flowers bloom and fall, how many spring, summer, autumn and winter in the four seasons of the year, and how many things we can’t keep are lamented over the passage of life. For example, the youth lost in the old man’s and the old house’s years have all deterred us like poison, but they have to accept the test of life and time..     How much success is accompanied by the starting point of failure and loss, like a dream, spreading the feelings of your heart and mine. Sorrow is full of forehead, white hair is full of moss, and happiness quivers in the woods like a breeze spreading your joy. Prose http: / / sanwenzix. Communication – whether we succeed or not, we should face it squarely, seek peace of mind, and be rich and comfortable in the hearts of the people.. Failure is not anxious, success is not drunk. May the night give us more time to dream and let the daydream space fill up our hope for tomorrow’s future!     In winter, you don’t have to be afraid to wrap the branches in frost, and the snow bends and bends your charming body, as long as you wait until the wind is calm and calm, it will be your and my standing posture.. What’s more, we don’t have to imagine that winter is a heartless face of others, because happiness is something we can’t give to others, and only then can we have a face of others to us.     How many people in the world of mortals only want to survive without knowing death, but death is the final outcome. Tears also helpless, only time can send new students alternately. At the moment of death, you may not only lament the inexorable and short-lived disappearance of life, but also regret how many practical paths it has taken.. The moment I closed my eyes, I forgot the pain and only felt ashamed in the world.     Thirty years old is walking on the edge of youth, how many helpless and unwilling past, like illness, haunt you and me tired body. Why can’t you become a force and send a roar like a typhoon to get a little peace of mind at the moment when you haven’t finished your life, and don’t let time disappear silently among the fallen leaves, waiting for the arrival of autumn and winter!     We don’t know when life will end, and we will stay alive to forgive ourselves and forgive without regret for the rest of our lives.!     I like the evening when night falls. I feel my leisure after work and the happiness brought to me by freedom in the midst of overwork.. Let your thoughts float in the sky in the night, imagining a dream for tomorrow’s future. Even if it makes me go back to yesterday tomorrow, I still like to be so happy. I think it is precisely because of the human thinking that has not stopped that the road of continuous development has been established.. Flying the blue sky without wings is the dream that mankind has not stopped, and the space to develop towards a certain planet has become a reality..     Although the night is dreamy and hypocritical, she is more real than a dream, and seeing herself clearly has become a mistake we can’t forget..     Turn on the computer in the quiet hours of the night, pull away the drive-away between you and me, and reduce the world to a 14 – inch screen. Feel and savor the flavor of the dream, and look for a soul-searching partner and friend. Although we really can’t walk hand in hand, we can feel each other’s real existence and the world becomes peaceful again.!     A greeting from a friend always flickers in the corner where the computer screen is turned on. Although you and I are thousands of mountains and thousands of waters away, that warm greeting is just around the corner. How much fatigue will suddenly turn into a swan goose to warm my heart – moved!     Moved by friends’ worries, maybe you and I won’t meet for the rest of our lives, but mutual sincerity between friends makes us happy.! Touching is not really bringing us much real property, but the moment when the true feelings are revealed..     How many days after you are hungry, when you really face a bowl of hot noodles, when you eat tears, nose, tears and sweat, it is a wordless move, touching the hand that really serves you with hot noodles.. Moved by this bowl of hot noodles, you continue your life and have the strength to face it again!     In life, when I take a ” moving” sentence without rhyme or reason, you may hear it in the clouds and mist, but it is the sincerity of others to me that really haunts my heart and gives me an inner exclamation..     Moved when I was a child, my relatives hid two eggs in a bowl for me. Eggs may not be valuable, but her hidden love is that they cannot be measured by sea water. That true feeling is worth remembering in our life, and so is a friend who is a lamp pointing out the direction when our feelings are missing or lost.!     To love friends and relatives has become the eternal life I cherish!    Happiness is everywhere. As long as we have a grateful heart, everyone in the world is a friend we should cherish.!