Half warm tea is fragrant and half floating

Listening to a song and a quiet melody, the legend of Zen gradually became clear and transparent in the cool meaning of the morning. Zen is a flower, a beautiful flower, opening in the busy years, light years; Zen is a pool of water that washes away the wounds in the world and covers the appearance of the former struggle . Ah, at this moment, the morning wind and the morning reading roam under the rising warm sun with the melody of the song, with thousands of words and wisps of emotion, how can a song clear the answer to the riddle. If you spend your life making a cup of tea with your heart and building a Zen heart, will you meet him in a crowd of thousands of people and have an immortal love relationship and share the plain Zen bodhi time?.     Because of love, so tolerance, because of understanding, so compassion. Light is good, in the leisure of a autumn day, I watch my own city and keep silent.. Looking at the autumn wind blowing away the loneliness of time and choosing the warmth of a ray of sunshine to clip in the title page of the book, I think I will remember the beauty of every encounter in my life and talk about a persistent love with the words I describe as ” Ruoshui 3000”. Who is the master? I really can’t tell. Those who know will understand the lingering in the words.. Love for a long time, love for a long time, autumn waters tell who and whose cape horizon? A page of plain notes, cool appearance, and no struggle with the world only wish to achieve a peaceful and stable life..     Looking forward to the misty and rainy south of the Yangtze River, I hope to have such a free trip, one person, one bag and one camera, to go through every scenery I want to see in the years.. I heard that the rain in the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful and almost affectionate. The green flag lane there exudes the flavor of primitive simplicity, as well as the girl coming with an oilpaper umbrella. She has the fragrance and feelings of lilac flowers.. If one day I am tired of walking and occasionally pass by a teahouse in Qingyou, please allow me to stop and sit in a tea window to remember the past. Perhaps, the time when childhood friends cooked wine will never come back again. Those years are destined to be a memory of their own works. After many years, the ink will turn pale and the paper will turn yellow, leaving behind only the indifference and silence of light clouds and clear winds..     I can’t measure the distance between you and me, just as I can’t reach the world where you are. The ends of the earth is not the most distant place. Is it the closest one to the heart? I am used to writing my mind in words. I am dragged by a wisp of thoughts and a silent warmth by a person’s persistent walking.. I will still love the Qinghuan of a city and feel it in a letter. Cloud and water meditation is clear and transparent and cool. It is a rare enlightenment and opening up. The blooming of a text is, after all, the blooming of someone’s beauty. Those verses, the second blooming brewed by time, become valuable and beautiful overnight.. Spread out your palm, count lines and cross lines, as if you can’t cut out the indiscernible edges. Chu River and Han Kingdom play chess silently, each chess game belongs to you and me..     I always like the beauty of pure stillness, simple without any complicated decoration.. Perhaps, is a heart more and more weak, weak enough to ignore too much prosperity, so learned to escape drunk in the words. I was so blinded to the world that I even buried my head to silence myself on such a quiet afternoon and wrote desolate monologues.. Close your eyes and your heart is awake, listening to the sound of the distant wind. If I carry a wisp of warmth, should I smile and not say a word at the moment and erase the sentimental melancholy from my brow?. Most of the time, I will casually turn up a page of the book, and occasionally I will be surprised by Chi Qingning’s reading.. It is often thought that the other side of the bank is separated by years of smoke. Be a merciful and quiet woman, sit in the world of mortals and write a passage of time for a certain person, which will not be forgotten in this lifetime..     The end of October suddenly became a little sad in my eyes. What kind of speed did it take to keep the pace of the day going. It is said that late autumn has no trace. Why can’t I find a trace of the millennium at this time? Will the years be quiet if the sun is warm?? Autumn waters are dust – free, autumn clouds are not intentional, and the beauty of a misty cloud makes up for the cloud’s carelessness. When this is a golden age, it will always be a lifetime of unfixed life..     Half warm tea is fragrant and half floating. Autumn has suddenly slipped through the fingers unconsciously, and I am still sitting in the wind of the fragments, listening to the distant steps of the season.. In the distance, as if there were hyacinth’s thoughts, they fell quietly on the notes covered with thoughts, and the paper that was once white and white has now been covered with a thin layer of dust.. Long ago, I stopped deliberately remembering the past, and those things of those people changed their faces in last night’s dream.. It’s time to learn to let the mind relax and grow old with the person I can depend on until the end of my life..