Hometown, Hometown

A Lin Huo high-speed crossing the east and west of China and a Lan Nan high-speed crossing the north and south of China form a function coordinate, and a silver parabola falls at the green intersection point between Lin Huo X axis + 1 and Lan Nan Y axis – 1. This exquisite function coordinate map is the geographical location of my hometown.. The intersection on the coordinates is my hometown Jingyue Village, and the silver parabola is the 102 provincial highway in front of my village..   ( 1 ) The Central Plains walked the Janjaweed, and the village name Youmeng grew curious about the village name in my hometown since childhood. Two small villages near our village, one called Ying Zhang and the other called Ying Zhao, have been guarding our village faithfully like two loyal guards for thousands of years.. According to the old generation, these two villages were once Zhang Fei’s and Zhao Yun’s camps, and my village was once Liu Bei’s camp.   At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was no peace in the Central Plains since Cao Mengde’s’ holding the emperor’ and’ setting up a’ temporary government’ in Xuchang.’ Heroes of all stripes fought and fought in the burning war, spears and halberds were poking the sky dark, axes and weapons were beating up rivers and waves..   After jun won the battle of guandu, Liu Bei took advantage of jun’s attack on yuan Shao when he took the opportunity to attack jun’s old camp Xuchang. after jun learned of the emergency military situation, he resolutely returned to the camp to ” protect his driver.” after Cao and Liu met, it was like two clouds with great positive and negative electricity accumulated in the sky, and immediately there was thunder and lightning and a storm.. In the time and space of history, another dark battle was staged. Three – to – one, Guan Zhang and Zhao Qiang did not let go of Cao Xiang. Seeing that Liu Jun was sure of victory, they only found that the hay was cut by Cao Jun. What was more unexpected was that Liu’s lair Runan was taken away by Jun from the rear.. Under the protection of Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei, Liu Huangshu began the ” great shift of military strategy”. On this day, the weary troops ” moved” to the Jialu River and saw the fresh and fat grass and the fruits of red and green trees on both sides of the river, as well as the plumes of smoke rising from farmers’ chimneys on the beach under the melting gold of the setting sun, they could no longer move in the footsteps of fatigued lawton.. The troops drank the clear water and the foot soldiers rushed to pick the fruit. The wind is high, the moon is dark, the night is rustling, and the horns and even the camp listen to the drums. The next morning, he pulled out the camp and left some old, weak and disabled soldiers here to recuperate, avoiding jun’s sharp edge and continuing to ” shift” to the southeast. a ” hero” of Wei Wang, who was heavily colored on the stage of history, left behind a trail that he would never disappear – the fires of the three camps started burning up in the stars. what warmth the smoke from the cold sunset was in the eyes of refugees from the south to the north, they went into the camp, built simple huts and paved with frosted thatched roofs, making a dream of living and working in peace and contentment..   Brilliant dynasties have been lost in the relentless history. Heroes and heroes of all-powerful events have been swept away in the waves, while my hometown has stubbornly survived the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties in the turbulent clouds. In the storms of Sui and Tang Dynasties, they have fought with the troubled mountains and rivers, holding Jia Luhe’s indomitable wind festival and singing the wind bones of vast fields. After more than 700 years of vicissitudes, it finally ushered in a great feat in Chinese history – Yue Fei.. At this point, my hometown said goodbye to the ” gift” and ” camp” of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and once again welcomed the ” gift” of Chinese history – ” Jingyue camp” in Yue Fei’s last battle against nomads..   Yue Fei led Yue’s army northward to the Central Plains with the lofty ambition of ” when to join the army and cross the Qinghe River with a whip.” After defeating Jin’s victory in succession, Yue Fei marched northward and vowed with all the soldiers: ” This time he killed Jin until Huang Longfu, he should drink with you.”! ‘ 8 jin j laid heavy troops in Zhu Xian town, 40 or 50 miles south of bian city. my village is the only way for yue jiajun to make a north expedition, only 40 miles from Zhu Xian town. Yue Fei set up a camp in the west of the village, and the big flag of hunting and hunting fluttered in the wind. At the beginning, the adherents who had no condition to escape with the little emperor Zhao Gou finally saw the army of ” Wang Shi” in Hu Chen with tears on their faces, and they were excited to take out the food they could not bear to eat from home and send it to the camp to reward the Yuejiajun.. Three miles five village adherents carrying chickens, sheep and pigs poured into the camp.   Yuejiajun’s morale was strong, and with the determination to win, he marched to Zhu Xian Town. Yue Fei’s forward 500 riders first entered the Jin army position, and Jin Wu’s army had already learned about Yue’s army. The sight of Yue’s army in the sky was immediately dispirited and dispirited, and the decadent soldiers broke down at the touch of it, leaving their troops to flee to Bianjing..   Just as victory was imminent, from Lin ‘an, where’ warm wind smoked tourists drunk and made Hangzhou Bianzhou’, came the gold medals of’ Class Division’ of the 12th one after another.. Yue Fei not only heaved a sigh on the sky: ” Ten years of work will be wasted in the future.”.   On the wind wave pavilion, the sky was dark, the wind howled, and the heroes made exclamations in the sad song ” the sun is shining”..   This solemn and stirring song has crossed a long distance and will always reside in the heart of the people in my hometown – jingyue village. a loud name has been shining on the land of the central plains from now on.. People in their hometown remember the humiliating history of ” Wang Shi’s next year in the tears of the adherents” in the name of this village, but also to remember Yue Fei, the national hero of ” loyalty to the country”.   ( 2 ) Rain, rain, scenery, mountains and villages, tearful eyes looking at hometown” scenery, mountains and villages’ is not only the code name of a village, nor is it just a symbol on the map. She is a witness of history, a microcosm of social development, carrying the vicissitudes of time, singing all the way through the changing wind clouds in the spring and autumn” Yellow River roar in frost days in the Central Plains, smoke and willow cages in Gen Yue in Bianshui.. On the first round of Gankun’s eternal month, gazing at the ballad ” cooking plum wine” today, he entered the epoch-making watershed – the Revolution of 1911, came to the Republic of China where warlords were in chaos and bandits were rampant, and experienced the miserable scene where the enemy was ravaged on the scars that had not yet been healed..   From the end of the Qing Dynasty to the 32 years of the Republic of China, the civil war continued year after year. Warlords scuffle, bandits run rampant, people don’t live in peace, the creatures in their hometown struggle in the mud of soldiers and bandits, and survive tenaciously in the way of disasters and man-made disasters.. In order to create a safe living space for future generations, after several generations of hard construction, a tall and solid stockade surrounded the small village.. Around the stockade is a broad river protecting the stockade, with the river leading from Jia Luhe. On the Huzhai River around the village, five small bridges connect the gate to the village.   The rooster reported the morning light, when the five thick doors creaked open, and the villagers began a day of farming with hoe and morning glory.. As the afterglow fell and the evening frost filled the sky, villagers carrying arms on their shoulders walked into the village gate with the bleating of cattle and sheep.. The villagers of’ sunrise, sunset and rest’ only want to rest in this solid’ kingdom’, however, this basic desire for survival is only a good dream. on a dark and windy night, a clear and crisp sound of gunfire pierced the silent night sky, frightening each startled nightmare.. A group of bandits assembled by wandering soldiers and local scoundrels blasted the village gate into the village with bombs. Jingyue village has become a stronghold for bandits to rob and kill everywhere, and the villagers are once again in hot water.   A high-rise compound has been’ requisitioned’ by bandits, and the horses and mules of several villagers have been’ borrowed’ by bandits. monthly’ protection fees’ have to be paid on time. women with slight beauty must take turns to’ village hall’ to serve voluntarily. if they disobey, they will become’ food’ for wild dogs.. ” Jingyue Village” has become a bandit’s world completely.   After the bandits had had enough to eat and drink, they rode out of the village gate with guns and threw their weight around. When they returned, they either tied the rich man’s ” ticket” or hit the woman’s ” bullet”.   One rainy night, bandits from other places and bandits stationed in our village had a fierce gun battle. The reason was to fight for’ rich tickets’ and’ beautiful girls’. The bullets didn’t come down until dawn the next day, and the foreign bandits left a dozen bodies lying in the blood puddles and fled.. Innocent villagers were injured in the gang fight, several houses collapsed under the fire of the gang, and a dozen villagers were shot and killed.. Autumn rain is crying, autumn wind is howling, blood swirls all over the streets, they weave around in front of the low hut, like a hungry wild cat, licking people’s ankles bursting with veins standing out with greedy tongue.. The hot and humid air mingled with the bloody stench and nibbled at the thin yellow wax face.The villagers who had been scared all night, some busy cleaning up the bombed-out hut, some mournfully burying their dead relatives, some pushing a wheelbarrow and holding a frightened donkey, quietly left the stockade step by step and three times in a backward direction by married with children..   Up to now, there are still ghosts stories in my village, such as ” black pegs”, ” and” white ladies ”. These are bandits’ evil debts. At their sepulchral muzzle, innocent lives became ghosts wandering in the night, weeping around the’ compound’ where the bandits lived, mourning in the dark cold light of ZhaiHe, and wandering in the wild in the village where the depression was cleared away..   When I grew up, I did not dare to pass by alone near the’ old house’, and the ghost stories told by the old people made me feel chilly all over. Every time I pass there, it seems that there are many’ black pegs’ jumping behind me,’ white ladies’ insidious smile pointed out sharp claws to me..   Listen to the old people, the bandit leader has a crush on Bai Yuping, Xian Xianhui Qingli’s wife in the neighboring village. They openly entered the neighboring village and killed Mr. Xue and two young children, and then took Bai Yuping away..   In the face of lascivious and brutal bandits, Bai Yuping would rather die than follow, lambasting the bandits who have done evil things all over the world.. The bandit leader became angry from embarrassment, stripped Bai Yuping of his clothes, let a gang of bandits spoil the ravages, hung it on the girder, burnt her armpits and lower body, tortured and killed a life of charm alive, and then threw it outside the village to feed the wild dogs.. From then on, people often heard a woman crying mournfully when she was still in the night, and it is said that a white lady with ferocious features and long hair was seen wandering around the bandit’s’ compound’ at night..   When the villagers were horrified by the nightmares created by bandits, there was a rumbling sound of planes in the haze sky, and a bomb was dropped from the plane that was blazing with fire. Suddenly, Japan has invaded my hometown, and the bandits who used to do all kinds of evil have fled everywhere.. From the villagers who fled back from other places, it was learned that within half a day the villagers who had not had time to flee were killed by the ferocious Japanese army, on the grounds that the villagers destroyed the hot air balloon they set off.. Wansi Village, three miles from my village, was bombarded by Japanese troops. Listen to my grandfather, a distant relative of my family was blown up and his intestines hung on the broken branch, leaving only the mother and daughter of the family of ten..   The villagers worked all night long, the village wall was heightened, the village gate was reinforced, and every household’s vegetable cellar was dug deep. They spontaneously organized patrols and took turns to inspect the walls of the village. When they feel safe, they dare to open the village gate and wait for crops in the fields, while women dare to go out after smearing some black ashes on their faces, and never dare to light the lamps at night for fear of provoking Japanese bombers..   One day, a group of Japanese troops, led by traitors ( bandits ), burst through the village gate and jumped into the village.. The villagers fled, hid, and suffered for livestock and poultry that could not be taken away, just as in the film’s regulation of raising their hands, the devils chased chickens, sheep and pigs.. After eating and drinking enough, he jumped on the hearth to defecate and urinate, and then set fire to pull the cattle back to the county seat.   Watching the smoke in the village fade away gradually, the villagers dared to lean out of the woods on the hillsides outside the village and climb out of the cellar hidden behind the firewood and under the dunghill.. Looking at the burning houses, looking at the mess of sheep’s skin, chicken feathers and wild dogs devouring bones greedily, the villagers hated it very much, ” Little Japan, I fuck your ancestors.”! ‘ hate, is a face of helpless and sigh.   In the early morning of the first day, when the villagers were closing their newly-built planks with their eyelids in suspense, they seemed to feel their bodies dangling in the cold rivers, and the sound of running water was stirring in their ears in a trance.. ‘ no good! There is a flood! A cry of panic woke the deep silence of the night sky.   The roaring yellow river water rolls up the dim moon shadow and rushes around like an angry lion, tearing at the tall village wall of our village with its jaws wide open..   In the past, the imposing village wall collapsed in the surging Yellow River water, and a thatched hut swirled and quivered in the turbid and turbulent Yellow River water.. The Yellow River water is raging, people wail on the roof of floating huts and climb up the swaying branches with the rising of the river water.. The big flower snake vomit a red letter and writhes its body hard to wind around the top of the branch, while the dripping grey-headed mouse stares at the terrified little black bean eyes as they rush toward the tree along people’s toes.. Angry yellow river water is roaring, cold wind is howling, overloaded branches are shaking in fear, and the frigid wind is rolling in cold rain and picking up the vast expanse of ze country..   Under Chiang Kai – shek’s strict edict, the Kuomintang troops pulled open the yellow river flower garden and tried to use the surging yellow river water to stop Japanese troops advancing westward, but it was their countless compatriots who drowned.   Dark clouds are miserable, and the evil wind is frigid. Heavy rain, panic in the sun. There is no limit to the state of ze, and there is no end to tears. The vast expanse of the world is pale, where is the place to live? Life is blue,’ walking west’, body to’ kanto’ looking at catalpa mulberry.   After more than 1,600 years of stormy journey, Jingyue Village, its hometown, is still struggling to limp along in the dark mud … ( 3 ) The ruins face the sun, laughter flares out from the setting sun in a round of red sun, and the wandaxia light shines on the land of the Central Plains with abundant spring and on the ruins in the northwest of our village.. The spring breeze blows the willow, the purple Yan flutters, and the fresh air of a group of Vientiane is imbued with fragrant wheatgrass with blossom and beauty.. The red flag unfurled and the singing flew in the fields under the beautiful blue sky, and the villagers cultivated happiness and reaped sweetness in the fields of hope..   A group of happy teenagers stepped on the ground from the sun and flew into a blazing glow – the agricultural base on the north side of the school – and shoveled grass in the peach garden on the north hill where the ruins are located..   Wipe a handful of sweat soaked with peach blossom fragrance, take a breath of fresh and sweet air, and our faces are brimming with joy of labor.   ‘ yi -, what is this? ‘ Liu Lanzhi around me, holding a piece of hard things, asked me doubtfully.   ‘ come and see? I shovel out the baby – ” Wang Yimin shouted with surprise.   Under the elm trees at the base of the village wall, we gathered around the teacher and took out our treasure from Taoyuan..   ‘ this is mortar monkey. ‘ The teacher took Liu Lanzhi’s piece of baby and said.  Have you ever read the story of the struggle between the snipe and the clam and the gain of the fisherman? This is the shell of the mussel. ‘ Wang Yimin’s baby was rubbed repeatedly by the teacher in his hand.   Teacher, what is mortar monkey? Teacher, did we have many mussels here before? Mr. Zhang, a learned and talented teacher, talked about the flood disaster that the Kuomintang had inflicted on my village from the passage of the Yellow River..   ‘ The debris around us is the village wall that survived the flood, so the terrain is high. It didn’t completely collapse in the flood … Ah, the mortar monkey hidden in the Yellow River was rolled here by the rolling flood … Ah, the mussel living in the Yellow River for many years also involuntarily settled here, but after the flood receded, there was another drought in the Central Plains, and even the depression cracked a wide furrow.. Is there a way for mussels to live? ‘ teacher a face of dignified, we are also a face of dignified.   Red sun shines brightly, clouds of green elm leaves glistened with light and green smoke.   ‘ Our hometown, in the field of hope, smoke floats on the newly-built house, and the river flows near the beautiful village … ” A loud song floats from the village committee’s loudspeakers. We climbed up the village wall to meet the warm spring scenery and sang together: ” Our future, in the fields of hope, people live in bright sunshine and live in different ways in people’s work … Ah.”.. ‘ Loud songs reverberate in the peach forest with rosy clouds, filling the air in the quiet space and time of the ruins, flying to the white clouds bearing the dream of youth and youth, and drifting towards the blue sky of 90Wanli … Ah, remember when I was a child, as long as I cried, adults would scare us: ” Don’t cry, old grass fox is coming.”. ‘ we immediately don’t cry. We call the fox ” old grass fox” here. In the village wall about five feet wide and more than five hundred meters long, there are many animals, including weasels, badgers, foxes and rabbits.. At that time, the village wall was a happy garden for our small partners, which added a lot of interest to our life..   Every night, grass fox, weasel and badger will sneak out of the cave of the village wall one after another to ” commit crimes”, while adults will hide in the grass near the village wall with shotguns and nets in the dim light of night, waiting for these guys to cast their nets or catch them together.. The next day he will see the fur of the grass fox and the weasel hanging on the door of the night hunter’s house.. A burst of fragrant game crossing the street through the lane got into our ” little cat” smell and made us all salivate.. A small bottle of badger oil was delivered to my house by my aunt next door along with a bowl of spicy rabbit meat. Badger oil is the most effective medicine for burns and frostbite – my hands are full of frostbite every winter and month.   One afternoon in late autumn, several of our friends came to the village wall with bamboo poles and ropes to catch hares, carrying cloth bags..   We searched separately for hare nests along the walls of the village, pounding here and there, and finally found a deep cave – shyness – under a clump of thick hay. – rabbits don’t eat grass near their nests. we often hear adults say.   This must be a rabbit’s nest! ” Little Beans,” said Manulife confidently..   Mei Lan and Wu Jun and I were responsible for picking up hay and dead leaves, while Manulife and Lian Ying stayed at the cave entrance..   We stuffed hay and dead leaves into the cave and lit the fire. The prepared Manulife took out a bunch of red peppers from the bag and threw them into the fire. Then he hurriedly covered his nose with clean water and nose..   A thick plume of smoke swirled and rolled out of the cave, like a wonderful landscape with dark clouds rising out of the sky..   We stare big eyes and stare at the mouth of the cave in a muffled voice..   ‘ Cough – Cough – ” A pungent smell of smoke went straight into my throat and I couldn’t help coughing. Wu jun glared at me discontentedly, ” keep your voice down and don’t disturb the rabbit.”. ‘ The words sound just fell and he was seen with his head lifted up and his mouth wide open. ” Atishoo – ahem -” A mouthful of polluted water is like a shell shot out of a gun with Wu Jun’s violent cough, just spraying it on Manulife’s face, and we couldn’t help laughing..   ‘ Rabbit! Ran away – ” Mei Lan pointed to the distance and stamped and shouted.   A flash of yellow light disappeared in front of our eyes.   ‘ this is how to return a responsibility? We’re watching the entrance of the cave. Where did the rabbit escape? ‘ lotus English covering her nose, looked doubtfully at the mouth of the cave where the fire was burning and said.   ” Little Beans” and ” Frowning brows spread out,” by the way, I said, the mullahs have three grottoes.. Look, there’s smoke coming out of the village wall over there. Wu jun, Lian ying, you two go and watch over there. Let’s go somewhere else. Leaving Mei Lan to guard the cave entrance, I followed behind’ Xiao Neng Dou’ and searched carefully under the village wall..   ‘ came out! Grab it quickly – ” Lian ying cried with surprise. Wu Jun threw himself at the rabbit, and the cunning rabbit ” sou” jumped into the grass outside the village wall.. Wu jun was desperately chasing behind, and Lian ying’s disappointed eyes chased Wu jun’s black shadow like a fly.  ” Little Nengdou” stopped at the edge of a small smoking hole and motioned me to get the bag quickly..   He put the bag over the small hole and pressed his hands tightly against the edge of the bag. I stared nervously, holding my breath, at the smoking bag. ‘ plop – ” a muffled sound,” xiaoneng bean ”’ quickly grasped the mouth of the bag. ‘ ah – – rabbit – – we caught it! I cried out happily.   We were excited to see a big rabbit fluttering in the bag.   ‘ let’s keep it. What a lovely rabbit! ‘ Wu Jun touched the rabbit’s smooth tan rabbit hair and said. ‘ that’s natural. ‘ manulife a face of pride.   Under the setting sun, clouds rolled with lotus leaves came over from the distant sky, and a golden glow shone on the high village wall and painted on our face full of mud ash.. We couldn’t help giggling at each other’s ” big faces”, and the laughter of joy flew all the way home through the setting sun..   ( 4 ) Snow flakes fall on the trees, moonlight fills the lotus pond, herons peep at distant waves, and the cold wind sweeps the shore sand. Fishermen suddenly started up and snowflakes fell on the trees. ‘ When I saw Su Shi revising verses for Liu Wei – zhi’s participation in the Egret Regulations, I immediately saw a beautiful picture in front of my eyes: boundless reeds rustling in the evening breeze, like red clouds of silks and satins floating on the clear water, twining among reeds holding large clusters of white reeds.. Flying birds chirped and said goodbye to each other, flying with their afterglow among swaying reeds. Suddenly, the sky was gray, the cold wind was rustling, the river was vast, large snowflakes fluttered in the wind, disappeared when they landed on the reeds, and also landed on the Jian in the book of songs regulations opened in the hands of’ yi ren’. What a poetic scenery it is! While admiring Suzi’s wonderful poetry, I am also proud of my hometown. ‘ Snowflakes Falling Down” is not only a beautiful ink painting on the Minjiang River in the Northern Song Dynasty, but also a beautiful landscape map of my hometown. As a child, I happily dreamed of the people in this picture..   There used to be a river around the village in my village. The clear river water protects our village all the year round, rippling the legend of the village generation after generation, flowing the clear Yue Hui on the erhu string of the generation, reflecting the light and shadow of the sun rising and falling in the morning and chasing dreams, bearing the wheels and footsteps of bridges chasing time.. Clear around the ZhaiHe, flow to the era of my memory, has been long years through a big hole – the northwest edge of the village river was filled with soil, to facilitate traffic in and out. Therefore, Huan ZhaiHe became ” HuoKou River”. The most interesting thing is that ZhaiHe in the northeast of the original village has formed a big lotus pond, with lotus roots growing toward the river in the east of the village, while the river in the west of the village is full of reeds and connected with the big reed pond in the south of the village.. This is really my village’s wonderful natural landscape!   In late autumn, the floating reed flowers in the full pond of the river stirred the villagers’ happy smiling faces, and the blue sky and white clouds reflected in the river were stirred to tremble and tremble by the villagers’ streaming water.. Women wore knee-high rubber shoes to cut reeds in shallow water, while men carried bundles of reeds on the banks of the river.. The sound of the water spouted, and the laughter of the audience beamed, while the reeds, like snowflakes, floated over the reeds and ponds..   Grannies are busy cutting reed flocs on the river bank, while children put the cut reed flocs neatly into small bamboo baskets. My grandfather was sitting under a willow tree, sobbing a cigarette bag while skillfully hitting the wooden shoes of reed flocs.. I took a good shoe and wanted to wear it on my feet. Grandpa said with a smile, ” I have to wait until it snows.”. ‘ I look forward to snow every day, and finally it snows. I put on warm and comfortable reed wadding shoes and went to my good friend Mei Langu to show off, despite flying snowflakes all over the sky and creaking through the snow..   It’s getting hot, the shade of a tree is full – bodied, and the new cicada is hiding among the thick branches and leaves, shouting’ cicadas – cicadas’ – the big poplar forest at the east end of the village, the villagers pushing the big stone roller to crush the reeds.. The round reeds rattled under the crush of the stone roller and soon became soft reeds in the hands of the dumb.. Mute is a skillful craftsman in our village, weaving baskets and crates, carpentry and cement, and is especially good at weaving reed mats. His hands and feet were used together, but his fingers, which looked like crude benzene, deftly shuttled back and forth between reeds as soft as ribbons.. Within a long time, a smooth and strong reed mat with exquisite design was finished. Under the shade of trees, the mute disciples are also following the master to learn how to make up the’ bed enclosure’,’ ceiling mat’. I and my little partner ” enthusiastically” helped the adults, either pushing or holding reeds, and often provoked the adults to call us to one side ” rest”.   ‘ Whiplash that one ah jilt ah, snapped ring ah, ah ah ah hey ah, I was driving the cart forward ah hey . ” Summer fair while from zhaohui, father drove the carriage humming a ditty. I sat in my father’s cart holding a reed mat and drove to the market.   The reed pond is like a high-definition video camera, which captures scenes of happy life brought to me by the reed pond and is forever fixed in the depths of my childhood memory.   The big lotus pond in the northeast of the village is also a place that haunts me. She walked into my dream town with the early summer scenery charm of ” Xiao He only shows sharp corners, with dragonflies standing on top”. She stood on my desk with the charm of ” clear water coming out of the lotus, natural carving and ornaments” and her charm of ” Zhuo Qing Lian but not demon” pressed on my eyebrows. Her appeal of ” fish play between lotus leaves” lingered in my laughter of amusement.. Hetang, my childhood paradise, is where I always dream.   One day last summer, I wrote a poem on the Internet describing the moonlight in the lotus pond in the south of the Yangtze River, with exquisite illustrations in it. The poetic beauty of the moonlight in the lotus pond in the south of the Yangtze River also lit up my feeling: ” The moon is fragrant with lotus flowers, and the wind is blowing like a frog in a mile.”. The lotus leaf field holds Wan fans, while the fairy flower pavilion shakes its dream. Cicada singing willow shadow midsummer night, fish play moonlight full lotus pond. This is not true in the south of the Yangtze River. The most difficult thing to forget is the hometown.’ When I wrote the last sentence, my thoughts had already flown into the lotus pond under the moon of my hometown..   The weather was so hot that even’ cicadas’ were too lazy to bark. The dogs fell under the shade of trees and lolled their drooling red tongues. The adults shook their cattail leaf fans and chatted under the big willow trees in the lotus pond, looking at a few loach – like light-fingered boys and drilling in the water with light waves.. Flying spray and happy laughter surprised the fish to hide in the lotus leaves, and the blooming lotus flowers lifted up their pink blossoms and released a rich lotus fragrance..   A few of our little girls sat on the flagstones under Liu Yin, put their feet into the cool water and looked at the happy loaches in the lotus pond at a distance. They were extremely envious.. Toe itch, a few little fish in our feet and flying, and gathered together. A few lotus leaves drifted slowly. Just as we were surprised at the floating lotus leaves, the lotus leaves suddenly leaped out of the water and grew above the head of the’ little loach’. ‘ ha ha ha – ” loaches lifted up the spray to us. ‘ bad boy, see how we tidy up you. We picked up the mud at the water’s edge and threw it at them,’ lotus leaf’ immediately floated on the surface of the water and went away with the splash..   A round of bright full moon shone on the clear lotus pond. The dark green lotus leaves shook a clear sweet smell, and the frogs played the most beautiful movement of summer night, resting for a long time.’ cicadas’ came to the spirit, took out their own JueXue, and sang’ serenade’ proudly..   We carefully jumped into the lotus pond, and the cool water swelled our clothes. As we bathed heartily, a group of boys with bare arms came running up, and we quickly dived into the water and lifted up our arms and shouted, ” Bad boy.”! You don’t come here! Go and wash it over there! With this lotus leaf behind us as the boundary. If you are out of bounds, go home and tell your dad to break your dog legs! The boys jumped into the water of the lotus leaf behind us. Laughter rippled in the lotus pond under Yue Hui. We washed, swam, talked and laughed, causing the seven fairies in the heavenly palace to fly down to our lotus pond..   ‘ before – hee hee – ” we vaguely heard someone laughing between lotus leaves.   ‘ Who? ‘ loud voice Wang Lin loudly asked. We stopped frolicking and hurriedly dived into the water. Lotus leaves were shaking on the surface of the water, and a few little heads emerged from the water, shaking the water on their heads like little ducks and laughing at us with a few laughs..   ‘ you bad boy, don’t tell my dad when I go home? Mei Lan grabbed a handful of mud balls from the bottom of the pond and threw them at his brother Shu Jun..   ‘ don’t . don’t . don’t … Good sister, you see, what did we send you? The fish flying their tails were shining silver in their hands, and we rushed to swim towards them. A pool of bright moonlight suddenly laughed . Ah, hometown, you are a heavy textbook of literature and history, still echoing the lack of Janjaweed horses in Helan Mountain in the children’s long-distance classroom, and the lofty sentiments of’ Zhongyuan children are more ambitious and dare to teach the sun and the moon to change into a new day’ resounded on both sides of the Yellow River..   Hometown, hometown, you are a collection of poems with profound connotation. You express solemn and stirring and heroic deeds, you chant the wind, flowers, snow, moon and strong arms, and you sing the stars and light from the sun..   Hometown, hometown, you are a roll of profound ink painting. You paint the beautiful water of Lingshan Mountain under the bright moon and sky with colorful magic pens. You are saturated with the essence of the sun and moon and outline the grand blueprint on the vast land of the Central Plains..   Hometown, hometown, you are my eternal attachment in this life. This attachment is engraved in the depths of my soul forever..   Hometown, hometown, I returned after more than ten years, where to find you? The only way to get close to you is to go into this article, listen to your story under the moon, and feel your feelings that will never change … ah, the thunder of spring thunder and the sound of trumpets, one of our party’s policies benefiting the people moistens thousands of families like spring rain.. The construction of new countryside has already started, and in the near future, my hometown will merge with several neighboring villages into a new modern community.   Hometown, with full of lofty sentiments, is welcoming the arrival of another big era!