I owe you a debt of sorry

On the day of the new semester, the teacher in charge arranged for him to sit at a table with her. No one thought that she had patted the table and suddenly stood up and said angrily:”: I won’t sit at the table with him. What’s the question? ‘ the teacher in charge to ask straight to the point. She tilted her head to one side, snorted in her nose, and said contemptuously:” He is a hillbilly with a stinking sweat.! ‘ The whole class roared with laughter, and some of the students were even more exaggerating, laughing their heads off and even laughing their tears.. He seemed to be greatly wronged, with his head tightly down, almost sticking to his chest, with bean tears falling down his red cheeks like broken beads … Ah, the teacher in charge was really unbearable, violently dropping the teaching materials on the ground, pointing to her shouting loudly and loudly”: I’m also from the countryside, and you come here and listen carefully to see if there is any sweat on me.? How hard it is for students from rural areas to come to school in the city, you should help and care about him. But if you treat your deskmate like this, it will hurt people’s self – esteem! Besides, the rural people are industrious, kind and honest. What’s wrong with them? Who dares to say such a thing in the future, don’t blame me for not being polite to him! He came to the classroom first every day, moved the stool down from the table and set it up, and wiped the desks and chairs spotlessly with a rag.. When cleaning, he snatched water from the pool, wiped the blackboard, swept the floor and mopped the floor like a calf, with endless strength. She stood with her hands in her arms and smiled, as if the work should have been done by him alone, who let him be a rural student no one can respect. She smiled and thought, what do you think is all the work, the princess will sympathize with you and pity you, will give you a good look? There is still a long way to go, and you have to suffer.     In summer, the classroom is as hot as a steamer. She asked aloud intentionally:”: Are you hot, classmates? There is a smell of sweat in this classroom. I can’t stand it. Open all the doors and windows quickly.. Our life is really bitter. There are no rural students in other classes. Even in our class, this is a tough time to get out of here.. ‘ His composition was well written and was often read to the students by the Chinese teacher in class. The students were moved to tears one by one and held out their thumbs to him in succession.. Only she said disapprovingly”: Teacher, this composition is so familiar. I seem to have seen it in which composition book. The teacher ignored her, he just stared her one eye and smiled faintly.. She doesn’t seem to lose heart, thinking that writing a good composition is no real skill. If you fail the geometry exam then you’ll be waiting to cry.. She is deeply rooted in the belief that the teaching conditions in rural schools are poor and that students who transfer from there to the city are weak in foundation and geometry is particularly difficult to learn.. During the geometry test, she covered up the test paper so tightly that she was afraid that he would see the answer if he didn’t take care of it.. She is the best of dozens of students in her class in geometry, and she can get almost full marks every time. The teacher was cruel enough, all of them were partial and strange, and there were several ways even she could hardly do it.. She answered the questions, blinked and looked at him triumphantly, thinking you could be miserable this time, even couldn’t answer a single question.     But everything was beyond her expectation. On that test, one student in the class scored 90 points, and she also scored only 80 points. The person who scored 90 points was actually him, a student who had just transferred from the countryside.! The students surrounded him one by one, and her heart was very sad. She hated him for being too good and stole all the limelight from him.. She wants to retaliate against him. She’d better disappear from this class immediately.. One day, she deliberately hid her pen in his schoolbag and cried out that the pen was missing. More than 100 yuan each was a gift from grandpa on her birthday. She also deliberately turned her schoolbag upside down.. The students helped her find it, but they found it in every corner of the classroom, still without the shadow of a pen.. She rubbed her eyes in mock grievance and said:”: What happened to the bag that was clearly in the bag and disappeared in one fell swoop, will it be stolen?? Who would steal it? Students in the city don’t value a small pen, that is, a rural student, but he is a rural student in the class! In front of everyone, she lifted the cover of his schoolbag and shook out her pen from the Chinese book. She loudly called him a thief with unclean hands and feet and never sat at the table with him again.. But this trick of hers was completely seen by a class cadre, who relentlessly criticized her. She was ashamed and ran out of the classroom with her face in her hands … ” The weather was unpredictable, and people were in danger and fortune.. Her father had an accident and left her forever. Since she was young, she has lived in a sweet jar and lived a carefree life. After her father went, her life trajectory was completely rewritten. She was so sad and so desperate that she seemed to find someone crying heartily.. But she was too proud to be seen by anyone and had no close friends.     When her father was alive, he would ride her to and from school every day. But after her father left, her mother was busy working and she had to walk home. If Zouma Road goes too far, she will take the path. It was a narrow and long ridge road with bumpy roads. She had never walked past it and was not used to it at all..What’s more, she was carrying a heavy bag, wearing leather shoes and limping like a lame duck.. In winter, the day after school was dark, the sky was grey, Mao Mao drizzle was still floating, and the path was wet and slippery.. On both sides of the vegetable plot, there is no personal shadow and it is deserted. She followed him back and forth. For the first time, she felt that his thin waist and back, like a mountain, could give her a solid support.! He walked faster and faster, leaving her behind. She wanted him to look back at herself, stop and wait for him. But as he walked farther and farther, she could no longer help but cry bitterly, shouting loudly’ mother”’ mother”’ mother’ .’ he felt familiar with the sound and turned to stop and stood by the side of the road waiting for her.. As soon as she entered, he grabbed her bag, and the two men moved on tandem without saying a word.. It was the first time she looked at him carefully, how friendly and familiar that face was . Ah, tears of happiness never stopped flowing into her heart. She had been thinking that she had hurt him again and again, but he didn’t care about it, didn’t hate her, stopped to wait for her, and helped carry the bag.. She would like to say sorry to him, but she hasn’t had the courage to speak. Let’s wait for the next time. It’s still a long time anyway.. But when the winter passed, she still didn’t say sorry, although he gave her a bag every day. She was thinking that she would not let him sweep the floor next semester, but would also invite him to eat at home and bring him a bunch of snacks every day … Ah, but she didn’t see him on the day of school.. The teacher in charge wiped her tears and said that his mother had a serious illness. He went back to school in the village. In that case, he could take care of the sick mother while studying.. She looked at the empty seat beside her. Suddenly, tears poured down her eyes. She owed him a’ I’m sorry’! She used all her strength to yell a few’ sorry’ in a row, but he could no longer hear . ah