In a hurry

Time has gradually passed. Now that we are only three days away from leaving Menggang Primary School, my heart is not sad.. I remember when I first came here, I always felt that the time of day was very long, but now I feel that time is running away very fast, I am a bit at a loss, and I feel that there are still many things I want to say to them, I want to have unfinished stories with them, but time is always waiting for no one.. There are only three days left now, and I feel very loathe to give up. The purpose of our coming here is not only to achieve our goal, but also to bring more characteristic classes to Menggang Primary School, so that pupils can learn more extra-curricular knowledge to let them know that learning is not limited to just a few English words.. I love everything here, everything is so beautiful, the teacher is friendly and the children are so cute. This may be one of the reasons why I don’t give up. When I went to the class and saw that the students in the class were still very noisy, I was more or less choked up.. I think we’re going to leave soon, but the students are still so ignorant and want to have more time to discipline them, but time can’t stay. The only thing I can do now is to cherish every minute and second I spend every day with them.