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//: // network: when to look back and see all the top network.IS, everything becomes so strange, yet see their own?I was the cruel reality of the virtual network losing the original interest and passion of it?  //: once threw obsessed, so persistent, as to cherish life.Now, ignoring such cold, Sansei III pillow book next volume sad, disappointed.  //: disappointed, sometimes a blessing, because I have something to look forward so I will be disappointed.Under Sansei III pillow book volume //: disappointed when after only regret, the only regret is that before the network as a part of life, and finally only their own.  //: Unfortunately, after only disappointment and heartache.Pain, those who have their own care are hypocritical attitude to the feelings of the game and you do.  //: When a person is sad, cry a man, a lonely man, who will remember you, with you?  //: When the real thing out there who will comfort you?Who intentions to do with your audience?The so-called network feeling good friends, but also with a false heart false language with you, when she (he) has a new friend, a new woman, you kind of mouth or not they used to say you are his only care about, the only treasure, the only people who want to protect it?I will not say that you are a real individual network they love it?  -: so-called love is only confined within a network, but also so-called reality are nothing but just empty promises.  //: look at all the above networks, today sank, and finally completely cool these days.Everything happened so I understand the network that it’s really just unreal, what are busy can not help you into a deeper, sank deeper, the last really hurt, disappointed, really do not understand the original network will bring you any happiness, only to bring you unlimited sad, sad, until no interest in also did not feel it, people will feel nausea and vomiting, not iS, YY people looked nausea, and is the person above, are with mask, goes on beneath the mask of hypocrisy, hypocritical face.  //: no one who is really on.Only you have no value to him?  //: In the IS, the above sounds nice is that beauty can be a tiger who is also beautiful, strong people can point also beauty, said the ugly point is pretending B, perhaps it comes with, people may see my diary I installed also said B.Said Ye Hao equipment, just to let me know before the same people, but only a so-called network you can not go in the game will be happy, you play opened on behalf of your popular standing in the network.You can not afford the hob on behalf of the.  //: funny and sad, and people like me, to give up the network a reality.Fallen in the network.Began to hate the world is unfair and complain how buried this world, I really feel sad and ridiculous for themselves.  //: So in the end just want to tell that from now on I only care about all those who care about me, //: love for network intelligence, now only in moderation.In also can not afford to climb.  //: millet Q332377275 //: December 10 Links: