90% of adults, psychologically baby

90% of adults, psychologically ^ baby blue dot above the word Follow us return to freedom, calm and fortitude ^ ■ Saturday prose brushing one week dust ■ Have you ever seen such a family: father put their parents in the first place, children second place, loved ones and work again, and the wife is always the last bit.In particular, when there is war-law, men are almost always stood in their mother’s side?Have you ever seen such a situation: older aunties, even the very old, is occupying a seat immediately turned athlete, sometimes competing for a seat, shouted at, and even fight, why these people so irritable, a seat really that important?You may also have such friends: they are habitually late, they have half the time machine would be late, and then change my ticket.Or the total at the last minute arrival airports or railway station, and did her best to make their car every time the machine.They are afraid to arrive early, because he hated waiting, waiting will diffuse anxiety.These people appear to be normal adults, and 90% of their love and pain, and have a basic fact about the – most adults, infants psychological level.Well-known psychologist Wu Zhihong In his new book “giant baby country,” said: giant baby is on adult baby, body and age is an adult, but the psychological and internal, is still in the infancy nurse.In China, 90% of adults, psychologically baby.For example, the new president Jinmei Guo Trump, on the interpretation of the characteristics of the image of the giant baby: all-around narcissistic, self-centered, regardless of the feelings of others, if they find themselves unable to control the situation, or rage, or loss of control crashes.His own name to the building and boast generous words, he said: I want to win it.I was unhappy not win, then I complain, I have complained to win so far.No wonder Uncle said this very embarrassing variety of coffee qualities president is a giant baby.Not just Trump, ranked by Pan mouth piece to the Feng Xiaogang, a reality show in willful self-collapse crying Xu Qing, “Ode to Joy” in the Fan Katsumi’s brother – is failing to hide, we have to be mom to block, typical mother’s boy male, not only pay good Chinese style requested.There are control freaks, excellent obsessive compulsive disorder, paranoia, emperor dream privilege dream, glass heart, princess disease, road rage.These are the giant baby psychological spawned all kinds of wonderful.So, in the end what kind of person it is a giant baby?”90% of adults, psychologically baby” Wen / Wu Zhihong Wu Zhihong taken from the book “giant baby country” (11.28 pre-sale, 12.12 listed) giant baby, that baby adult.Physically, is an adult, and the psychological level of development, but still a baby standard.Infants, especially children before 1 year of age.Giant baby, that is the psychological level of development is still stuck in adults before the age of 1.Most people are giant baby, this country is naturally the country’s giant baby.A person has a physiological age, but also the mental age.A nation, it can be said there is a collective mental age.Well, the Chinese people, as a group, there will be much mental age?Domestic psychoanalytic circles there is a basic consensus: Chinese people’s collective mental age, no more than one year old, still stuck in the oral stage.Oral stage, ie before 1 year of age, the mouth is a pleasure center.About Chinese people still remain in the collective best evidence infancy before 1 year of age, is China’s food culture is very developed.Before 1 year old baby Another important feature is that the baby must be your mother, and the baby’s life can not take care of themselves, which is the most classic feature of Chinese adults, shows that the Chinese people are still stuck in the collective psyche before 1 year of age.Oral stage of the concentrated expression is, delicious, and to do everything through the mouth to experience.Oral stage is not only delicious, but also because the most sensitive mouth, so the baby before 1 year of age, do anything to feel like lips.Also a giant baby.So, all the good of the animals, the people they are trying to eat the stomach, become part of their own.It’s like, oral stage of infant feel that they are poor, they have to eat the mother’s milk can stomach.”Journey to the West”, the various monsters want to eat official told us, in pursuit of immortality.In psychoanalysis seems a perfect breast, the infant is concerned, is that you can make yourself immortal eternal life.As the country who formed a giant baby, Chinese food culture is so advanced, especially in Guangdong, we can start from the morning tea, evening tea and even has been eating supper.Like a baby forever for milk.According to Taiwan scholar Sun Takamoto said, kind of like an aircraft carrier is generally a huge restaurant, only the Chinese have the world.I also did not find in other countries, such as Guangzhou Bingsheng Restaurant large restaurant of this size.Chinese people’s collective mental age not more than one year old, which seems to have low enough, but I have a more radical judgment.I think the Chinese people’s collective mental age, not more than six months.Psychologist Margaret Mahler said the baby six months ago, in a normal symbiotic period, the baby felt, he and his mother share a body and soul, is a person, regardless of you and me, without distinction.Baby six months ago would feel, I was my mother, my mother is my.Smaller babies, such as three months before they even think, I just things, things are my.I am the universe, the universe is my.That is, the baby in a state of chaos, undifferentiated state, they feel that everything is mixed together.In particular, he and his mother, constitutes a physical and psychological community.This is the people in it are all too common, such as family, collectivism, no boundaries, refused to AA, is treasure, unity of thinking.Six months before the baby will feel, I am God, omnipotent, my idea of a move, in relation to the operation of the world according to my wishes, otherwise, I will become magic, there Thunderfury, anxious to destroy the world, or kill myself.This is the core of the giant baby and infant mental.Chinese people’s relationships is complicated by the difficulty, which is the most fundamental.Chinese men more than a dream emperor, empress and women more than a dream, this dream is the driving force, I hope to have the supreme power, the whole world to turn around their own imagination.This is also the philosophy of filial or obedient fundamental.In any joint body, giant baby who are competing for the right to speak the sole final say, once occupied the right to speak, other people will be asked to co-vivo accordance with their wishes.Dutiful or obedient philosophy, in fact, nothing more than, the level of giant baby’s parents were an inevitable manifestation of it.A unit of society, the most powerful, it may be eligible to enjoy this.Other people how to do?Or to compete for power, or install grandchildren.However, because living in symbiosis and all-around narcissistic mentality of the giant baby, absolutely can not accept the challenge, so if the challenger does not have the strength, they usually exterminate.Therefore, the history of China, I do not know will have an independent political heroes are no good end, most classics such as Yue Fei.As a result, I loaded grandson equipment, it has become a popular choice.Or do you have to be aware of while waiting for the day to stand up, or do I but are not aware of, but I do philosophy to beautify.The existence of Confucian culture, there is a culture of filial piety, especially the three cardinal guides and the five permanent members, in my opinion, is based on the majority of the people is the fact that the giant baby design.Confucian culture is not Confucius invention, a master he just had a thought of the existence of this.Since they are giant baby, want to Almighty narcissism, and at the bitter end for this purpose, such as the Spring and Autumn Period, war too horrible, it is best to design an order, make a strong man stronger, let’s Suffering to comply with the strong, so that social harmony as much as possible.Paranoid split six months ago, particularly three months before the baby is bound to some psychological.I’m good, white, good, my will to exist, you are bad, black, evil, your will can not exist.The psychological, on our last film is easy to see: the heroes are higher grade, with no drawbacks, no bad guys a little advantage.As a collective, psychological development of our people is not more than six months, which will make a lot of sounds narcissistic people uncomfortable, that is too low.But there is a lower level than our mental development.For example, there is a vast world, in extreme paranoia division, that is actually a baby three months ago of psychology.Their world, more non-black and white, that is friends nor enemies, life and death.Another example is India, in my opinion, the Indians simply were not yet born, they live in a collective state of bardo.The so-called bardo, also India’s claim that a life dead to the process of re-birth.And the key is not the high and low points, the key is whether it is true.If it is, we need to admit that on this basis, a deep understanding and acceptance, then from here.█ About the Author Wu Zhihong, senior psychologist, best-selling author.We are committed to using psychology to understand various phenomena classical Chinese-style individuals, families and society, Chinese readers all over the world.Author of “why the family will not attack,” “thank their imperfect”.21 years thinking, writing five years, Wu Zhihong by far the most important works’ giant baby country “11.28 pre-sale, 12.12 listed!█ About the Book “giant baby country” well-known psychologist Wu Zhihong, the first comprehensive systems perspective Chinese national character, Chinese families and people: 90% of our love and pain, and have a 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