After high school tasting the forbidden fruit monologue Diane road into submission Xuanxue

High school students after tasting the forbidden fruit monologue This is a true story took place in Beijing two 16-year-old high school student body.Due to lack of knowledge, they are tasting the forbidden fruit, and ectopic pregnancy causes girls.Since then, the spirit of two people, under great pain and psychological and physical pressure on.Reporters in the hospital a few days ago with two children talking to, they exude feelings of regret, but also hope that schools, teachers, parents and children the importance of adolescent sex education, so that all bloom at the age of boys and girls grow healthy.Tingting monologue day after tomorrow I’m going to the hospital, a man these days I think a lot of things in bed.I think my life the most thrilling thing was the life to death.My mother, the day before I clinical surgery, she cried and signed, surgery more than an hour, she has been wiping away tears over.She thought, if I’m bleeding in surgery, in case of an accident, and that she will be how to live ah.I was heart really was not the taste.You can see it through these days, how much I love my mother, I secretly set a blog must learn in the future to make her proud of me.In school I had a very obedient child.With age, I gradually came to love and boys in the class together, and then particularly good Kankan.We recall what happened that day, I felt very lack of knowledge, a lot of things I do not understand, did not expect such serious consequences.Now I basically recovered, but the wound still some pain.Through this I learned a lot, once matured.This experience let me forget, life will bear in mind.Kankan readme and my high school (2) classes Tingting is on the school class met.In my eyes, Tingting is a lovely and likable girl.As long as she had any requests, apart from anything else I can help take the initiative.Until one day, I feel for Tingting is not a concern for ordinary girls, but a self-love, and a little feeling of heart, I really feel like Tingting.In our school, although students puberty education, but in many cases we still talking about sex, parents of children has been careful avoidance of the word.Under the induction of bad ideas, coupled with his lack of knowledge in this area, and I do Tingting should not do.Until one day, Tingting very scared to tell me that she was pregnant, and an ectopic pregnancy, my mind went blank I do not know how to do, after all, I was 16 years old, how can I do?I thought: how could this be, which she What will the consequences?I’m afraid, really afraid.Tingting and I spent in anxiety and distress of mind from day to day, perhaps that is on this day after day, I really understand a lot.If before we know what the consequences of our actions will be, we should definitely not this.I’m sorry, Diane road into submission Xuanxue I know I can not take responsibility, because I was too young.Diane road into submission Xuanxue I also know for a girl, this is how painful.In these complex emotions, I can only be summed up my feelings: I really regret Links: