Alone is a pleasure

Living in this world of troubles noisy, sometimes really need to have their own space alone.Can fly their minds, anything can be like, what do not want to be.A quiet beauty who comes alone, followed by the Qing Ling, warm followed: a man alone, poverty is also rich, lonely too gentle.  Stroll down to the water’s edge, standing in the open in a silent, feeling a clear spirit.Let the mind away from the hubbub chaotic world, the experience of silent flowers, listen to birds.Gives me pleasure to enjoy nature, quietly immersed in their own reverie, who do not keep company, only you, but at this time I am the most real.He looked up at the sky Yunjuanyunshu.Let your heart with their own children boundless thoughts every now and then.At this time, this world belongs to me, and I have the whole world.  Holding a tea product may, in the lazy-filled dense read a book.Let yourself in this rare quiet in the book to interpret the text about life, about emotion.At the moment, lonely as a ethereal bamboo Xiao, quietly gentle flowing melody.Can be moved by characters in the book, quietly tears.This time, I relieved the mask of life, back to nature.Without any Wei Shi ingredients; or is smiling, that smile is sweet, is a secret I can not express the long storage in mind. You can, play playful gentle serenade, quietly in bed, do not want anything.Immerse yourself in only rare to create the atmosphere.Returning to the True body and mind at the moment, enjoy the music to silence my heart habitat.Let the music to interpret my desire for romance. Yes, back simple things, have long wanted to go places.Do not partner with whom, a person’s journey on their own, can these ideas are free Happy. Maybe I’ll roll over like a child-like green grass.Find back to childhood innocence and playful.Maybe, I will shout, breaking the quiet moments.Let alone the joy of the heart to be released.Growth itself is a pain.Become one yourself is not easy.This time, let alone do back to the true self.In a strange place, nobody knows you.Let the sun completely illuminate those days I want to cry, does not call for it!Here, a man of solitude, when it extremely wonderful moment! No matter how onerous life, we should be in the hustle and bustle, find this rare quiet, give your heart a little rest in exhaustion, to make their own, so that my anatomy yourself to encourage yourself to do back to their.This is my resolve depressed, free your mind of the way.This is my one person alone unparalleled comfortable. Solitude is a beautiful real!Solitude is a real beauty. Transfer from Du Qianfen “enjoy solitude”