A grain of sand of love

A long time ago, in the silence of the seabed lying two sand.Two feet away from them, I fell in love with another grain of sand grains.She stared two feet away in Italy and sand, peace and happiness to spend a good many years.Underwater calm.Sand felt very happy, because she knows you love with sand can make their own gaze, not gloomy on the water pipe.  Dinosaur footprints appeared on the beach, the tide coming in, footprints disappeared, without leaving any trace.This has nothing to do with the sand bottom of the sea.But at this moment she suddenly emerge an idea: to go to the sand in front of their loved ones that she loved him for him.Then the sand began a long journey.She scrolled a little bit, a little power left off.Whether it is hair-thin undercurrent or fish are scooped up weak vortex.Whenever there is this power she always felt grateful to God.Footprints on the sand replaced the saber-toothed tiger.Tide still silently erase the imprint left by the creature.Another grain of sand from the sand she loved only three inches up.Later, the emergence of human footprints on the beach.  When the tide once again will erase the footprints, sand and finally came to the front of the sand in Italy.She looked at the sand journeying their loved ones, think about your own two feet long traversed, and instantly feel all the happiness in heaven and on earth all piled into a person’s own body.Two sand looked at each other, do not say anything.After a long time, finally decided to open the sand.Just then a jet of water coming, so that sand float great suction, is drawn into a hole.She finally looked a long journey, do not know what to say.Then the hole closed, and suddenly darkness.She knew she was a freshwater mussel.In later years occasionally open clam shell, sand can also see the outside world.One day she saw another grain of sand is also not far from the gaze of their own.Sand know that the world is beautiful.Because time can not attack submarine, there is another grain of sand in waiting for their.  At some point the sand suddenly feel a little shaken mussels, mussels and soon opened, and the eye is the sea, sun, boats and humans.Human eyes looked at her with ecstatic.She looked around a bit, know that they have changed pearl.This huge pearl-round, for a human is priceless.Can be a pain with some surprises for the pearl mussel is dead maker.Soon, it was inlaid pearl to the crown.Baiguan looked at the sand at the top of the crown of worship, watching the decline of empire.Then the king finally died.Funerary crown is used to.When the crown was placed in the coffin, she heard the door shut on the grave.  She thought of another is waiting for their grain of sand on the seabed.She did not panic, because she had plenty of time, she was a full two feet distance traveled 200 million years.Dark grave is not lonely, often you have to like mice and her companion.She stay alone, I do not know the passage of time.Later, the grave was opened, two grave robbers stole the crown, as well as the pearl in the crown.Unfortunately, they are the biggest pearl for this grain began to fight each other in a river, both death.  Pearl fell into the river.  Pearl sand ignite in a lifetime never had hope.She knows a lot of water in the world are ultimately flows into the sea.Such as the rainy season, she can with the water flow down to the sea to look for him.It may be many many years to reach the first place.This may have to do with it?She knows that another grain of sand will wait forever on the seabed, for ages.Soon came the rainy season, the water surge can not come but mudslides.Pearls and pearl buried in sand material together into a shallow underground.Sand very disappointed, but she knew she still have a chance, after all, is the movement of land, but also much faster than their own.Is a long century, nacre has been stripped it was no.Sand to reveal the original character.She felt very clean, spotless they can see another grain of sand to the.  Heard above the sound of thunder, this is a gold mine.Sand and other stones, dirt and other people were thrown into a hot jar.Only then did she find out that they are a golden sand.Soon, she and other gold are fused together, Make a gold brick, transported to the vault where the collection together.Sand spent many years in sorrow.Think of another grain of sand on the seabed pains.But she comforted myself: have a chance, unpredictable future will again put her back into a grain of sand, and then took her back to the sea.Long as she can find.To another grain of sand in the ocean, waiting for her in the sea of another grain of sand.  BRIC BRIC day and taken out of the sand together.She does not know what will happen.BRIC was made into an album, recorded under a variety of voices and languages on earth, including the sea waves.Until the time of the rocket on the launch pad in the record to be installed, sand was felt in some panic, she asked around gold: This is where we are going?To fly to the universe.Earth humans to convey information to other intelligent life might exist.Other gold proudly answer: not every molecule has this golden opportunity.At that very moment launched.Sand looked more and more distant planet, she suddenly knew that he could never return to the sea.She has a very proud history, she was once the world’s most beautiful pearls, the purest gold, and now she is a vast universe of sand fly, is a sign of a planet made the universe.This can be compared to all she would rather be a grain of sand on the ocean floor, even in the sand beside their loved ones spend an hour in smoke.Only for the poor simple love between two sand.  Among the space came the cry of a grain of sand, smelled, prolonged