Born birds

Unfortunately, when she was in elementary school occurred.A hockey hit her face, she lost her left eye when she was 8 years old.    I do not know since when, she fell in love with horse riding.To the age of 20, she has become a skilled rider, often appeared on riding contest.At that time, covered with a black patch on the left eye, and her graceful horse whirlwind swift horse riding enthusiasts are often the center of attention of countless viewers fanatical cries made her intoxicated.Of course, she was kept that one wish: to participate in the All England riding contest.    Unfortunately, she was unable to do so.A tournament, she stumbled, she would lift the horse down, broke her waist, lost the qualification to participate in horse racing.    For her, this may mean the beginning of a quiet life.    Lying in bed and recuperate during which time she had suddenly remembered to take over the single-engine aircraft.I do not know how, she suddenly had an impulse to want to re-experience the freedom of flying in the blue sky kind of feeling.    Learn to fly requires a lot of expenses, she has quite a few pieces of precious carvings and several ancient books, with many years was collected, as well as a very valuable brass telescope.She put them all sold, to pay tuition flying lessons.    Began to teach flying coach says she’ll never get a pilot’s license, because she can only see things with one eye.She does not believe her set, find another coach.Civil Aviation Department very supportive of her doctors repeatedly undergo a medical examination, she completed a solo training 10 hours.She received a private pilot’s license, and every year trying to partner with other 13 pilots in 1982 with £ 3700 to buy a plane.    In 1983 she took part in the British Aerobatic Association, Jin Precision flight training class to become Britain’s only female stunt pilot.    For several years, she has been engaged in aviation sports, has been among the UK and European competition aerobatics team, won the gold medal in France.    I feel in heaven: he was born a bird, I can not do without the sky.My aspiration is to organize a women’s flight team, with teams in the world championship contender, I think I will succeed!