Born couples

When love needs to use force when law and morality to maintain, and perhaps suggests that external forces such as ruthlessly fickle and love of human vulnerability.But powerful external forces to war, destruction, when life and death, love and seemed otherworldly to return to the true needs just between people, but a woman and a man of simple and does not require love.  I wonder if this could be regarded as the law of love.But after reading weeks and east-screen love story of Xu Haidong, I stubbornly which is a.  Their love occurred in the Long March.At that time, Zhou Dong screen called Zhou Shaolan, born in 1917 in County of Anhui six poor carpenter family, 7-year-old lost his mother, 10-year-old when the child bride, 13-year-old embarked on the road of revolution.In mid-1932, with the Communist Party in West Zhou Shaolan transferred to Eastern Hubei Provincial Committee.Is the autumn, the new Red Army set up 25, enlisted Zhou Shaolan.First in the arsenal, and later to a hospital as a nurse 25 Junjun.At that time the hospital conditions, beyond the imagination of the poor facilities, supporting the grounds of her stick, probably from her singing find: joined the Red Army revolution, we women turned over a heroine to do more than have a glorious time, people prefer to dignity alive, and not just for the food and clothing.  While she find themselves in the revolutionary ranks, growth and progress, the 25 army to march.March for security and convenience considerations, we decided to severance seven Red Army troops, and send each of them eight silver.Confusion and despair, so that they feel real sad since.Thus, standing by the roadside cry.Then I heard a loud voice asked: Why do you cry?Is deputy commander Xu Haidong.Zhou Shaolan ventured, requesting them to leave Xu Haidong.  Xu Haidong was impressed, so that they continue to make a decision to go along with troops.He never thought that this decision will be how he produced important results.  Year after year by the end of 1934, after the troops entered the South and had a fierce battle with the enemy.Xu Haidong wounded in combat.This is his ninth major injury, he miraculously first eight slip away from the hands of death.But this time, a bullet from underneath his left eye scored, flying out from the neck through the head of Xu Haidong, but avoid the vital parts.In other words, although not immediately fatal bullet, but the result is not optimistic.No equipment without drugs doctors in addition to brine wound, bandage with outside, no way.Blood trickling, Xu Haidong unconscious eating away his comrades hope.  Zhou Shaolan was sent to Xu Haidong care.She intention to change bandages, clean the wound, suck out his mouth stuck in his throat of phlegm day in the past two days in the past, Zhou Shaolan day and night, can not sleep a wink.Just hope people will not only depleted the fifth day, Xu Haidong opened his eyes.He adjusted the blur eyes, like a focusing lens, gradually clear field of vision, there is Zhou Shaolan eyes and face.He felt that you saw her, but the moment they can not remember.He asked softly: What time is it now?The troops set off it?  Zhou Shaolan do not know why all of a sudden tears streaming down, she said heads may wake up!Unconscious five days and nights, without saying a word, the people are worried to death!  Xu Haidong head swollen like rice bucket, but smiled and said I did not worry, it touches sleep good sleep.  When the conditions needed love, is a bottomless pit.The first person when love does not need the conditions, so simple just to see when the world return from a coma and her tears.Like now, I fell in love with Xu Haidong Zhou Shaolan.  In many people’s eyes, Xu Haidong is a sweet and innocent young man, always a smile on his round face.Mouth revealing two front teeth out of a big hole, so that he had a kind of naughty children with this man is, Chiang Kai-shek’s government in Nanjing him with the same price one hundred thousand Yin Yang Peng.”Red Star over China” where, when Snow Speaking of the matter, Xu Tiger nickname he blushed.These, and was able to show a person’s profile strike, so people love most will be taken straight lyrical way pregnant.  A few months later, when Zhou Shaolan hear confession commander of accident.Xu Haidong then asked: Do you think that my older than you?  Zhou Shaolan anxious.She had never suspected commander, she is too humble self, no culture, no body director Zhou Shaolan worry let Xu Haidong relieved.His origins a little bit better off than Zhou Shaolan.Xu Haidong told her that in the past, he was a penniless kiln workers.  To the northern Shaanxi, they married.In his request, it changed its name to Zhou Dong Zhou Shaolan screen, meaning Xu Haidong barrier.A ride in battle, all-powerful, highlighted the danger of generals, requires delicate petite wife do their own barriers!How meaningful, and how long Song.Once, Xu Haidong Zhou Dong-screen wrapped in the coat, and went into the door, the guard commander looked dumbfounded how it walked on four legs?And they both tell their own tricks to stop laughing.  After the outbreak of war, from the rear to a number of female students.Once, there was a comrade to Xu Haidong half-jokingly said: to be shuffled it?I can help you introduce a nice.Xu Haidong veins stood, furious: bastard!Screen East is suffering, I was caked in mud, we are born to couples!  It is both a promise, east on screen faithfully doing Xu Donghai barrier.Xu Donghai always leaning his barrier.He read from her eyes a comfort, especially from her without even the efficacy of herbal medicines have no wish to drink born until mid-1970, before some of her story is not going away as people leave and disappear, like truth, waiting for the precious story, certainly will survive.