Born in Fujian Putian Mazu

October autumn, we came to the village in Putian, Fujian, Hong Kong, Hong Kong is also called virtuous.Linhai mountain village, quiet and solemn air, because out of a goddess-like figure Mazu, has now become the place to tourist Fun.  Miaoshouhuichun forest sister village to the west, a former general of residential buildings have distinctive Putian, a large banyan suffered a lot, it seems to want to tell people that the North Song Jianlong first year (AD 960), Lunar March 23, a baby girl was born here, no crying, silent for several months, the parents gave her name: Lin Mo.  This old house into the forest rehabilitation of the site, small in size, divided into inside and outside the three, went in the middle of a hall, on both sides of the room; the house was left Lin Mo parents home, under house is Gesao live opposite Gesao room is Lin Mo boudoir.  On Lin Mo has an older brother, several sisters.Originally pilgrimage parents are seeking ever been Guanyin, the Goddess of Night’s Dream Lin mother superior gave a flower pot, said that after swallowing there will be surprises, not the result of giving birth to a forest sister cry cry.Lin sister may not sound already, it is an opening Cong Huiling Li.Year-old into the school, Guomuchengsong.Like medical knowledge, a study on the pass, walking the countryside, to those in difficulty, to save on the line between life and soon became known for the village eight miles surprise up this girl in parents.  As explained Kobayashi, Let’s talk about the story of the legendary forest sister, vivid, also with hand gestures, from time to time leads us laugh.She guides us to a room, he said it was Lin’s sister weaving room, her ingenuity, is a generalist.Legend weaving her side, while also concerned about the safety of their loved ones at sea.On one occasion, her eyes closed, mouth rank shuttle, grasp the loom; Then the mother came in, patted her, her eyes open, the original shuttle off the ground, the father and sister Lin in practice rescue in distress brother, only to shoot a mother, shuttle out, my brother out on Ruhailihai Woman became Poseidon days ancestral hall not far from the former residence of the east, where Lin was originally a shrine dedicated to the ancestors of the Lin family.  Lin family can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn.Lin Mo Lin Baoji’s great-grandfather, the military system worked Later Zhou Bing Mashi, after their hometowns seclusion resign.Grandfather, father did local officials.Ancestral hall walls, lined with dozens of generations of tradition Lin Series table.  Unfathomable ocean, waves and ruthless, fishermen frequently distress.Young Lin Mo trained in a water well, but flying boat, take up the voluntary sea rescue mission, where there is help, there appeared on the sea Woman figure, she was rescued by fishermen countless.Legend has it that once, dark, blustery, black monstrous waves, sea vessels can not enter the harbor, the girl in the forest was desperate after hearing his home lit house, let flames as the ship during a sea rescue pilot, Woman killed news, distraught villagers, who do not believe she really did not, and are more willing to believe the 28-year-old Lin Mo emergence heaven, became Poseidon, forever protecting them safely and smoothly.So the goddess Mazu generation for thousands of years been eulogized, from Putian, Fujian, China to the coast, and then to overseas, has been more than 28 countries and regions, more than 6,000 temples dedicated to her!From Song to Qing Dynasty, emperors 36 times praised her letters from his wife to the Goddess, Lady of days until the sky.Every spring Matsu birthday, virtuous worship celebration was held in Hong Kong in recent years, tens of thousands of believers attended, unprecedented.Mazu back home customs and other Mazu popular one, has been included in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage!  With the upgrading of the status of Matsu, Lin ancestral hall also renamed the days of the ancestral hall, apse Lin still worship ancestors, worship Mazu on the front hall.Kobayashi pointed to the front hall statue of Mazu statue said, this is the statue of the Song Dynasty, about the same morphology with the real people, no matter what she sealed the title of emperor, just the head of body decoration transform it.We take a closer look, it really is like Matsu twenties woman looks like, lifelike face.  From out of the ancestral hall, we hear of a few believers holding a banner.I heard that we are from Beijing, they rushed up to shake hands, and send business cards, introduced himself, they are from Taiwan.Leader of business cards marked surnamed Zheng, said to be descendants of Zheng Chenggong, adding that his mother also named Lin.Origin of Mazu culture written on that banner, also marked Taichung regulation of the cultural and creative Society community.They said that in Taiwan, Mazu believers account for two-thirds of their annual worship when carrying Matsu statue, hundreds of thousands to follow, take a few days, non-partisan, young and old, men and women, even KMT chairman also participated, otherwise the vote would not vote for him.They are very happy to be able to roots hometown of Mazu, Taiwan has invited us to participate in their ritual activities, academic exchanges.  Between the ancestral hall and the House, starting a new temple days, covering 2,000 square meters, which looks distinguished in the village, its legendary story: ethnic Chinese Indonesians Miss Huang Xiuqing Night’s Dream Matsu, Matsu said that humble home house, hoping to get help Huangxiu Qing went after up to find virtuous Harbor and dreams about the same, has donated 2.42 million yuan; sitting days after the temple of Matsu, like, high 6.06 m, Phoebe sculpture, Ms. Huang also donated.  Matsu, became the spiritual bond that links across the Taiwan Strait and overseas Chinese!  Regardless of the ancestral practice of great compassion and love along a trail boarded the mountain, the mountain stands a tall statue of Mazu facing the sea, end Zhuang Shengjie, still looks like a young woman.Right hand lifts glowing pearl, the sun shines, sparkling, and that is to give fishermen lost illuminate the way home.Look dress demeanor Matsu, Goddess of Mercy came down suspected.I will ask the question Linzi Di peers, he is chairman of the board of directors of the ancestral hall.His answer was interesting: Goddess of Mercy is a master of Matsu!Oh, imagine that more than wisdom, the daughter of a fishing village on track to become the goddess of the sea clear: Guan Yin send women Miaoshouhuichun Maritime Distress Assumption coach stand on the mountain, you can see Meizhou Island across the Strait, there is a heaven where Matsu.A few years ago I’ve been, where temples incense very busy, Taiwan delegation to the pilgrims are.  Mr. Chen Tianyu has always accompanied us, is an expert on Mazu Culture Putian Institute.He said, Mazu belief character is rare unity of God’s people, both real intimate side, but also imagine the perfect side, thus lingering influence is so far-reaching.  Say good-bye at the port of virtue, we learn, and served as chairman Lin Zidi commentary Kobayashi are all volunteers.Linzi Di originally timber business, a few years ago gave up and came back to concentrate on management and service, one point does not take remuneration; Kobayashi is a white-collar business obligations as commentary.Volunteers like old Lin Xiaolin, a lot of virtue in Hong Kong, when the big festival, as many as several hundred volunteers.Port virtuous folks put myself as Matsu brother’s descendants, known as Mazu ancestral aunt, willingly guard this Holy Land, regardless of ancestral practice of great compassion and love.