Born in spring grass

Wang Shangtong born in spring grass Spring in March, spring and King Ming.Mu demonstration Tanaka, canola flower open so blazing, golden bright, coincides with the opening Xiaokunshan cauliflower section, the air was filled with a kind of vivid and dense fragrance.Yongfeng Road adjacent to the other side, another story.Endless stretches of farmland complex, Matang go along, to the distant row of ups and downs.A spring rain one minute warm spring breeze blowing, glowing through several rain, moist brown barren, destitute fields, blew woke up weeds wildflowers, like a seat huge green carpet toward the horizon, as if swept from the Hui nostalgia does not go.In recent days of spring rain, inadvertently profusion of herbs, growing ferocity.They do not spend Li Yan grass flirtatious, people also need nurturing.Experienced a winter, Shu branch and leaf Chunyang under.Look high and low, green weeds grow have been three or four inches high.Standing on the grass, looking ahead, Sun Chui everywhere, really a little like Liu Yuxi “Lou Shi Ming” said: “on the order green moss, grass into the curtain” of the.Front row along the river, between Tianchou clumps of trees and flowers, go afar to faint dense clouds.From the image known to be discernible apricot, soft light alienated, light if the clouds.The peach is always open in Shengri waterfront, blush crimson, near the water according to flower, shy silence.Flower tree grass is fascinating, I saw green grass, a folder with purple flowers scattered along the embankment of a row of grass, leaves are playing cards in the plum blossom design, blossoming small yellow flowers bloom, had the wind.Results from the dandelion has begun a round of Hydrangea.These weeds flowers with dew, gleaming and shining in the rising sun.Air floated faint grassy, refreshing people feel comfortable standing in grass, looking at the spring breeze swaying grass flowers, I obsessed.Yu Ji scenery, spring equinox weather, thousands of flowers all flowers beautiful fight, this is Ouyang Xiu “treading on grass” in the sentence, it may be worthy of a scene.Born in spring grass, weeds vitality is strong.I do not know who is the provision on the river bank for a small piece of land, sowing the seeds apples and oranges, the original looks pretty good, who knows how long did it almost covered the lush grass out of sight.See this scene, I suddenly understood at Tao, “Nanshan beans, the grass pea dilute Sheng.”It is how a different story.Spring, people view tree flowers, tours canola flower, wonderful, colorful, scent the air, visitors from time to time issued a “flowers worthy to be straight off, no flowers be empty Mo broken branches” sigh, sigh short flowering period, the metaphor cherish life, this is a tourist viewing flowers of elegance.Hair and herbs spring air born, Chunhui inch grass, vitality, watching weeds wild flowers, although they are small, common and ordinary, they can know the power of solidarity, will grow into a long green sea, although tiny wildflowers weak fine, but still fragrant bloom bright, they never go to swagger around, never fight and spring flowers.They need only spring breeze and rain, it will quietly grow, they do not need more people as they worked hard, dry autumn Chunsheng, dyed green fields, fragrant in the countryside, quietly keep looking at the earth beneath their feet.Concept weeds wildflowers, thin Pinza their unyielding, tenacious character growth, this is not a rustic charm of it?A “black bee” brand buzzing drone flying overhead, weeds, wildflowers opt raised his head, “rushing” for unmanned aerial vehicles applause, it is to conduct flight demonstrations as canola flower festival.To our nature remain a rustic charm it, why given you all made it look uniform?Hunpu keeping some natural instinct, life will be pleasant, arrest made soul soul life is not how happy.Dress up weeds wildflowers nature, their own feelings.Visitors viewing flowers, roadside wildflowers do not adopt, do not pick roadside weeds.