Born in the south, and she never encounter

1 old with a less well-known potters, like wine.  He made pottery for decades, always wanted to make an earth-shattering work.  Three years ago, in the spring I went to see him, he is doing one to represent the south in the studio of art.  This summer when I put the Shaoxing wine to see him, he was still capable of doing the work on behalf of the southern.    When the wine had half old with suddenly reined over my shoulder, mouth reveals a crooked smile.  Same old said: write, why do not you paint a word to your south?  Smell the same old words, I suddenly speechless.  In fact, I wrote to the south in a lot of text, but in the end still lack certain things on the soul and the same old pottery in general.    2 My home is in the countryside of Ningbo, a five or six from his home south is the East China Sea.  Around the old house is the river.The piece has been used as drainage behind the house to the sea.  I do not know since when planted on the corner of a row of green camphor, green Egeria, that is, in the winter I did not see it dead too.  This is a typical southern countryside.  My childhood and youth were grown here.According to the current words, I Jiangnan people indigenous.    When young I like to walk on.  Walking became my life in a complex.  I traveled thousands of miles of trail almost motherland, but most still go south.  That said, for this piece of land I should have the final say in.    3 I hovered over the mountain at the time of the arrival of spring flowers in Ridge.  Walking in the rainy season rain brilliant country field.  I walk through the floor of the Wu Kingdom in the voice.  Stop standing in front of dance pavilion pavilions, heard countless Shao opera and Pingtan.  I sprinkle with fishermen together over the net, salvage over golden autumn.    I drink Nver Shaoxing, Huzhou Anji white tea drink too.  I pour water over the ink with Xitang River, washing over the soul of spring with Wuxi.  I lingered in the beautiful gardens in Suzhou.  Red lanterns Yangzhou Qin Wei River, filled me sigh.    These, these are the south.  But these are not the same old pottery in the south that can be used.Not my kind word in the deepest south.    4 My most favorite is the southern town of.  My most favorite is the kind of town a decade ago.  Original, filled with the breath of life, fresh and lively.    Now I will often go.  But each time and then go to the town, already looks like the year, it would have lost the kind of charm.  Such as Wuzhen, such as Zhouzhuang.    This south, nor is it the same old mud to be kneaded into things.  I have used the world’s most beautiful language, to praise it too.With the most abundant enthusiasm, to portray the hearts of preference share.  Now, however, come back to read those words, always felt too representation, not too incomplete.    Is it really a 5 images in south!  Tang’s presence in the bright, or Song of sadness.    Is it really a nostalgic southern!  Exists in thousands of years later, people like me in the pursuit, or in dreams.    At least for now I will not see the same old.  I was afraid he again asked my word, ask in the end what is the south, where the south is such I can not answer the question.  I only know that after the winter solstice, the vernal equinox will be next, and Guyu Qingming.Maple Leaf will get a new four out of the mountains, such as cherry trees will bloom this year.