Born strong, painful death

My mother just passed away a month, the father has died.  Our father has always been followed by younger brother to live together.  In fact, our grandfathers and great body, temper very stubborn, but he is indeed very hard.  We are rural home, before father at home, to work for a living are.In addition to his daily meals, sometimes tired of sitting at home and watch TV, pumping smoke; a visitor to sit down and chat to accompany him; something to take to the streets to catch a set, bought to buy things, do things well on the back Family.The rest, regardless of rain and sunshine are busy in the fields of his farm work.Unlike some people from every day to go to the market on the street into the Tea House, and others bragging chat; or go to the market on every street entertainment to play cards.  I once remember one time, because a large sun, he weeding in peanut noon, the rest did not come back, come back at night, called dizziness, vomiting.Then we quickly took to the streets to accompany him to the doctor, said he was diagnosed heat stroke, and then took him some medicine and Solutions Department Huoxiangzhengqi liquid medicine to take back the next day well, and as usual to the ground he was busy with farm work went.Other times, yellow rice fields, his trouble others, just one person to move the barrel field, first with a sickle to cut the rice on the side of good, and then go put a rice to pick up on the ride to and from the barrel, that golden rice will be piles of barrels fell to the.Rice take over, and then use the bag to put it better, the bags move home.Sometimes we are busy working for his own affairs and to help him.  Father and spiritual things has always been quite motivated.  But six years ago, but father pounced “uremia”.As the saying goes, “good sweat afraid to tangle disease ‘.At that time, because the younger brother since the military service, just outside their home, a record industry, all have a high-speed development.When the old man had just onset, the younger brother told him to check the condition of Chongqing Southwest Hospital, medical report came out, learned about his illness, we all knew his method of Treatment.Or to a kidney transplant, or on long-term medication Yang Shen.In order to make his body is not disabled, they gave him the choice of method to take medicine.  Those years, father and we are all living in the country.In the beginning, he was a drug every month to the city to catch, when the city to fill prescriptions, but also the younger brother, who lives in a few days.But as long as he got home, he will not give up his farm work, at home or still persist in labor.The harvest is over, he is not busy.He wanted the earth around their houses all withered grass with a hoe shovel clean, then put his ashes; but also to a rope tied neatly under the tree twigs wood wreck, then He moved back home Yiyi put away, like a mouse to move the same positions, fearing their own in deepest winter cold to hopeless, hungry to.  So father insisted for three years.Although the medication, drugs can only play a role in maintaining, and can not eradicate the root cause of this stubborn.Year after year, deterioration of the condition is more serious, the higher relapse rate, thanks to the development of thriving younger brother in the city, opened a good number of shops, bought a new house, then we have to work to help the younger brother the subsequent two years, elderly people will give up farm work home, along came the city.  In March the year before, due to the deterioration of the condition he entered the stage of dialysis.Initially through once a week, twice a week and later on through slowly, and then later on through three times one week.  As the sons and daughters have their own event, in dialysis period, under normal circumstances, basically every time he went from a man from back.Sometimes when severe relapse, but also in the hospital for several days.  In April, the younger brother ready to take him out playing tour, called him prior to the hospital to check, fear of physical discomfort does not fly friendship.Who knows, went into the hospital by a medical diagnosis, only 40 heart rate.Then doctors are not allowed to go, and immediately hospitalized, transfusion, dialysis.Too miracle, how good a person walked into the hospital, they can not be released from the hospital?That would then give him thoroughly analyzed twice.I remember the day he lay in bed, but also the spirit of good, bad diet, I sent him a noon meal, he lay in bed, eyes closed, breathing really eating me into his mouth in rice.From that day on, father to do a long-term procedure was admitted to the hospital.Serious illness when he is in the hospital, her condition improved when they go home a few days – on time and went to dialysis.  Until December last year, which is our mother buried one week to complete back.One night, two more middle of the night, when we’re sleeping sweet dreams wandering the sea, suddenly awakened by a phone call us [husband’s phone rang].He connected to the phone, her mother is calling: Hurry up, your father and the pain of it, you quickly sent him to the hospital.So, I and my husband got up, put on clothing and footwear, home to the younger brother walked.I went out and saw the house lit younger brother, younger brother to the house and saw her mother up, drove to the younger brother, father indeed propped back out in the garden walked up and down, his mouth from time to time to hum two :”Ouch!Pain is very.”For a while, the younger brother’s car drove up, got her husband helped father, so they worked overnight in the hospital.  I did not expect that one night, the father came to the hospital to go out from home, and have not able to return to his beloved home this.Late at night, the father of the doctor was not any work, my husband, she kept her father and turn pain into the dawn in the hospital until the doctor to work, gave him a comprehensive inspection after the start of the prescription, the doctor said that his veins are also split, not tamper with.From that moment, the father began to lay the hospital bed.Regardless of the day, in addition to the solution will get out of bed, never been to the.Medicine, infusion, oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate measurement, dialysis.Who constantly tied weapons and virus attacks.Father wants to start some survive, and be able to eat some of their favorite food.Slowly slowly, the father began to reduce food intake, eating the food can not be absorbed, vomiting out.That time is going to give him every other day through a resolution, witness prescription.Nevertheless, the disease is always to keep the war he opened the attack.  When he first entered the hospital a few days, the father can not keep people around him do, cared for by hospital nurses, family time to send him more rice, sons and daughters accompany him to talk after work, when seeing wrong, will to keep people with him had a night in hospital.Is gradually cruel disease in his body tried to attack, no matter how much Dr. Fang Fa with weapons and advanced drugs attack the virus by how much, can not beat that virus always come.  Day by day, with the relentless virus continues to spread in his body, worse, father slowly become depressed, apathetic, loss of appetite, resulting in reduced resistance, is also inadequate because children around during the day to go to work.In desperation, the younger brother would ask a nurse for a long time to take care of him in the hospital, the family staff also try to take the time to stay with him in the hospital, and later seeing really bad, we informed the father of all the children in different places as far away as children and grandchildren, and check all the preparations for his funeral.  At that time, we have time to go to work every day to the hospital to see him take time dynamic.  Father in the hospital for 20 days, 10 days in the former, father holding hope of survival is to talk to each language to see his loved ones.10 days to the post, we could only watch him every day and tried to struggle for life in bed, the pain of suffering.Relatives bought a lot a lot of fine gifts, but he can only see in the eyes, taste in mind, it is difficult into the food, even if occasionally there are things on the good, the food is difficult.Sometimes eating a little bit, since it will lead to vomiting and causes diarrhea, the solution will have to get up a few people propped himself.Sometimes mood disorders, himself, confused, read chatter loved ones.An old saying: “To the leaves return to their roots.”.Little people again and again asked him if he wanted to go home, but he said that did not want to go home, go home and no one to give him medical treatment, he did not hurt Fa.We also had according to him, so let him slowly suffering in hospital.  One morning 9:00, I pick up at home, like a bag phone, received a phone call from the hospital to call her husband.He said you hurry to buy firecrackers, there Xiangla something to get past, certainly seems to die, ready to give him a farewell gift.I suddenly rushing, put on shoes and socks, closed the door, ran to the sale of flying may also wish to purchase funeral shop, prepared to give him a gift, my husband came to ride.We quickly put those things ready, to catch the past.To the hospital door, saw a lot of our relatives and friends are planning how the old man back home arrangements.I walked into the hospital three steps and two steps into the elevator, get on the 5th floor of the father in hospital room.He surprised the scene and saw around the edge of the bed also a lot of relatives, are staring him.Father lying in bed, motionless, look also increased volte-face.Some dark complexion, face big micro, are you partial sharp, recessed lips, just quietly breathing.Wait a moment, he opened his hard big eyes, looked at the lights on the ceiling, scan the crowd around, hear the words and irrelevant answer on two, then close your eyes.They seem to feel that he was tired, but want weak to struggle.By noon, we take turns to go home for dinner, everyone hearts are distraught, panic.  Strong father does he always want to give up this hard-won life, I do not want to press my heart to leave this world full of sunshine.Or continue to adhere to this, the struggle with the disease for pleated Rao.Sometimes original is lying quietly in bed appearance, came around loved ones or others voice, he really bang to hold up, shouted someone else’s name, followed by the words of others and Qing asked four big eyes look his eyes, then dejected, pessimistic look guilty, helpless feeling.  Strong father struggle and attack the drug, causing his body began to shake.He seemed to fear, want to surrender but have to be strong, to live a life of intense burning in the end, look how painful, how helpless.Even him every day through a resolution, it can not get rid of that nasty virus.Until that day to him through the analysis, the body started swelling up, he never knew the power of the bear, only to enlighten their children to let him go home to prepare.This is the final decision, is a must decide.  Discharged the previous day, all present relatives all ready to go home.Younger brother found a four car the next day early morning we set of all the staff at the hospital.Some went to his pack at the hospital, strapped stretcher, I followed him in the car paved bed.9:00, I saw them from the father carried out of the hospital on a stretcher, and slowly walked toward the car, but also to bring oxygen tube in the car, we hurried to the back door open, and quickly sent the car tied to an oxygen tube well, they slowly father lying on a stretcher cautiously sent the car.Then father and my heart is still awake.He said the younger brother to send him home, to see the sights and loved ones back home, his heart is still happy.Members who, after finishing a good vehicle, our team started off, followed behind the vehicle in front, never betray.Everyone ready to be ringing phone, fearing father abnormal in the car, check all ready to carry, and if there are vehicles behind, in front and so on will be stopped after.In fact, we are begging the father not to leave us in the car, we must adhere to go home.After the convoy on the road lasted more than three hours, the younger brother found a bit unusual father, then stopped the car, quickly gave him a shot, so we were on the toilet, and then move on.After two hours and then continue, chefs hold on, they stopped on the way to seize the time to let the big guys eat bowls of rice, the next person to add energy to discuss what to do next person to go home.Then father could only lie quietly breathing inside the car, not the slightest move.We keep people watching over a meal.Big guys to eat dinner, and continued to advance.In fact, everyone in the car has a desire and intense prayer.Do you have any thing should not happen on the road.  Vehicles on the road has gone through eight hours of continuous journey ahead, we finally got home, also the father of a strong life back home.Neighbors who know the details of our father sent home, and all of a hearing the news came to visit.  Back home, the younger brother and the father quickly took to the streets to send a shot going to the doctor, we quickly go back to clean up the house.For a while, they came back, they slowly father elevation from the stretcher out of the car, carefully lift the house, gently place him on the bed of his.Younger brother said a few words to him: “Dad, we’ve sent you home, relatives came to see you, and now you can rest secure in the next, tomorrow we can take you to the mountains to walk around and see we mountains scenery “.Then his eyes closed, his lips moving slightly, feeling that he was in contact A younger brother, then, but has been unable to open his eyes, spread my voice.Onlookers who called the younger brother picked him up, what he seemed at ease, the body’s blood circulation stopped breathing stopped beating.The presence of people in the main room and quickly arranged for him to rush morgue bit, younger brother and a few people carried to the father’s body gently on the middle of the main room door, we quickly give him change clothes, another person firecrackers, he was prepared to give all funeral.At that time the atmosphere simply people know what to do, and sometimes surprise.Firecrackers rang, neighbors who rushed to the scene.Usually uninhabited house, originally desolate, Wan Lai stillness home, suddenly the lights, people coming and going that night, crowded.  Usually highly motivated, energetic, impassioned, strong will of steel father in desperation, began to lose the power of his life, with nostalgia to leave this sunny world session; full of happy family.  His life is always positioned in the December 30, 2012 18:00 pm through 8 points.We can no longer continue, rest from heaven in God.  Hey….!”To ask what is your life?Focusing on precious life carry on. “!  Father’s death, all of my personal experience from start to finish, immediately the mother’s funeral, I feel very mixed feelings.I witnessed a desire to persons in distress; a burning flame of life to the end of despair; a flame of life burning in the end can not emit light of frustration; a life worth the pain finally went to a feeble struggling with death.  Amen.!When our life come the end of that desperation, had to drop everything and give up all hope of life; but do not want to drop everything does not fit all lay down and closed his own eyes could not open, breaking away from the world, anyone unwilling to another longing for in peace!  what.!Dear friends, we must take care.Cherish their own love interest.Our hard-won life, in fact, short, do not give up easily.Life is inevitable collision collision collision, life was originally like this, but there is always a success, is our strong backing.If we choose to give up, to give up their lives on the winding road, to give up all hope of life, but life has to give up all of the harvest.  For this purpose the experience of a pile of things, so I finally understand that every one of us should not fear death, but the fear of death agony.Is not a simple word “death” can be the end of our life, but to us to face pain and death struggle.Therefore, we must secure in live each day.Nothing exciting does not matter, peace is a blessing.Let our lives in the light-emitting any heat we need a place.