[REVIEW] life, regardless of how much experience, only points lucky or not, some experienced once is enough, some people experience a sufficiently good enough for a lifetime.Who, in your perception, in your waking self.This is two jobs, a casting my personality, I suffered a call human evil.  I am the eyes of others, the so-called “boss”, I only played a secondary work, her husband severely criticized me, hothouse flowers, did not experience setbacks, did not experience power struggles and intrigues, write articles also some slightly otherworldly, not the people body, light taste Saran told you by tomorrow at people run to savor, taste ‘hard work, with the painful experience, you can see here overreaching.    Well, I am also ashamed, experience is not enough experience, writing some shallow, not deep enough, out of life, and those so-called indifferent, casual, but also throughout the body derived words, if I live hungry, in rags, withstand the enormous pressure of life, I would not be so secluded as they are now, presumably, will be cynical all day, grumble.    A student in my space message “or a good boss, peace of mind.”.I replied: “Well, a little advantage, casual use toilet paper, jewelry casual wear”.Words, although a joke, but enough to cover all the frustration behind.”Boss” who always praise the good name and well paid, free time, do not sit and watch others, do not try pain of body.In fact, I think is, the boss of bosses have tired, workers have to work hard.    Because of their own choice carelessly, universities should he choose an insurance professional, graduate’s first job is to do insurance business, just a year’s time, let me tasted the human mind, inconstancy of human relationships, but also experience the hardships of money , the subject of exclusion, the subject of indifference, even friends and relatives have alienated themselves.All strange call, not into a single, very depressed, very depressed, lost myself, Where, where people will go?A loss.    However, this is the first job in life, but deeply shaped my, my temper, I was the insurance company formal training, good quality training, so that my personality has a qualitative improvement.Team spirit of cooperation, positive work attitude and harmonious working atmosphere, but no my place, and I can only leave that kind of silence.    My second job, an English teacher in a private school.Teacher, has been longing for my career, three feet of the podium, high above, is so sacred, respected, admired by others, can get the job, of course ecstatic, silently promised that it would be my career, I’m down to earth, a lifetime of struggle.However, I did not think a woman is a full circle as much as so many right and wrong, a war of words, infighting.I thought, Tashi work can win praise, the fact is totally beyond my expectations.Simple and honest honest, will be the subject of exclusion, hard working, only to let themselves be more people do not love to do the work.    Most importantly, I met a man, a man of influence in my life, she is my boss, a very demanding woman, a harsh face, the expression of arrogance.She is like a mirror of my life, in the mirror, I saw, have a class struggle, dignity trampled scene, cold, ruthless, just for the benefit of defiant atmosphere.Sad mood, so I hate that job, let me have gone from a favorite cause of education, which became the shadow of my life, so that now, when it will irritability dream to return there.The thought of that horrible face, it will nightmares.    Life, regardless of how much experience, only points lucky or not, some experienced once is enough, some people experience a sufficiently good enough for a lifetime.Who, in your perception, in your waking self.This is two jobs, a casting my personality, I suffered a call human evil.    Since then, I have not played work out, have their own business, when the boss.Surface impossibly bright, in fact, it is not easy.Now is not the surplus labor force age, and hiring is a big problem, you can find a good employee is naturally a lucky thing.I remember when the hotel opened, a lack of people to go on their own roof, not change the knife, wash the dishes is the time, and friends joke that, to stay for another few years, and I could have trained 18 class skills, we can see how the boss mill training people.    Management is a major problem, the less people, more difficult to control, many people own system, few people will pay attention to human, especially for older, life has always been sloppy housewives who, it is difficult to communicate.But I always uphold the principle of good work, try to create a relaxed, pleasant working atmosphere.To a friend as friendly as the staff, not just angry, not just playing patience, should always pay attention to his speech attitude, even if very angry, but also to calm down to make a decision, so I said, the boss is more of a calm and patience.    Ye Hao boss, work worth mentioning, but also between people to get along with a stress fate.In the interests of conditions to reach a consensus, requiring each other, respect each other.I am very grateful to the woman, although she makes me disgusted, but I came to realize some truth in her body.People, life can not be the boss, I can not give you a lifetime of work, we are now strangers, that you fail in life, you, if you can not create a happy, relaxed working atmosphere for employees, naturally, no one willing to make money for you.People alive, not only to eat, go to work, not only to make money, mood, environment, is based on the fundamental human.And for you, reasoning, with good-oriented, letter to succeed, is the fundamental way of doing business.