Botanical Garden is the place you want to come<作家选刊第12期>

Botanical Garden is the place you want to come<作家选刊第12期>Wen / Ma Nine (QQ: 598849504) Cai Xi Tao, Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden’s founder.Old man, our predecessors, botanist, I stood in front of the statue “sea of trees line” Cai Xi Tao salute.He attentively looks into the distance, far-sighted, shining light of wisdom, and looked calm, cool.Next to the statue “sea of trees line”, which he had planted in Cambodia Dracaena, now luxuriant, grow, bears witness to his great achievements.Then almost becoming a writer, he has also eulogized him on the island, “a river of clear water turning east west, tick gourd-shaped peninsula,” the beautiful poem.    China Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden Research Institute, located in Xishuangbanna Mengla Menglun town, and Menglun town across the river, because the Roseau River formed around the gourd-shaped peninsula.Park covers an area of about 1,100 hectares, preserved large tracts of tropical rainforest, there are domestic and imported 13,000 species of tropical plants, known as “ten thousand kinds of botanical garden,” said.And distribution of Dracaena Park, celebrity name arboretum, national culture flora, palm groves, banyan tree park, rich fauna park, arboretum, herb gardens south, the garden and other 38 special classes Park.Is scientific research, science education, preservation of species as one of the five national “A” class tourist attractions.    From the “sea of trees line” forward, is the celebrity name Tree Park.Covers an area of 55 acres, the park is the main resort, there Shou Zhi Jiang Zemin’s “Ceibo”.Yes, I see the floor of the red beans, could not help but make you recite from the “red beans grow in tropical, spring comes a few ,,,,,,,.”Verse.Shou Zhi Wen Jiabao’s “plum” Li Shou Zhi’s “Ficus” the British Prince Philip planted the “tree of heaven” and other national leaders and outsiders planted a variety of rare and endangered plants, such as shade cover them in the sun under the shed dancing shadows.The breeze was blowing, green, if your heart has been ignited poetry, painting, or the urge to do?More trees were planted more celebrities, so we slowly tour, slowly quiet, quiet in the shade of lush, quiet in the name of the people in mind.Look on the right trail of tall, leafy incense seed smile, and who planted it?    Inadvertently, he came to the “national tree country garden”.We all know that there are school beauty school, classes also took classes!So what country?Yes, the country is also the national flower of it.Look, sausage tree, Thailand’s national flower; Jin straight coral, Argentina’s national flower; yellow ginger flower, the national flower of Cuba; arabica coffee, El Salvador national tree, etc..    Walk, stop, look, time slip away in the leisurely walk back and forth in the open, national culture flora, it covers an area of 80 acres, away from the magnificent Longmen inside, in front of a green lawn, green grass.At this time, in the moment, it greeted by flocks of peacocks foraging in the grass, frolicking.Look, in order to win the love peacock peahen is how to open the screen?They convey the message of love with each other.Beyond that, the grandeur of that body building yellow, orange roof is the national cultural museum, covers an area of 2,000 square meters, Dai appearance reflects the architectural style, the museum has a tropical rain forest, national forest culture hall and rainforest national culture as a research center, it is a “man and Nature” as its theme, set public education, scientific research and cultural preservation and other functions of thematic museum.Xishuangbanna is located in the country’s southwest border, near the Tropic of Cancer is so far still preserved large areas of tropical rainforest, but also to Dai-based multi-ethnic enclaves, in the course of historical development, the daily life of all ethnic groups, medical and health, production events, literature, art and religion are all interacting with the tropical rain forest and biological resources in the form a diverse and unique national forest culture, that is, the existence of such fine traditional culture of the region to maintain the harmony between man and nature, coordinated development.    Warm sun shone, the breeze was blowing from the “tropical rain forest national culture museum” out row after row of palm trees, small, middle and large, slim, seems to be the impression of foot drums.Therebetween a small lake, lake long or rare king Lin, Tian Tian quietly, floating in water.Wang scattered lotus, lotus, lightness finds.Red fish were being water coursing it, groups.Lake, between the palm trees, Dai girl, graceful, Rouqingsishui.Palm Garden, Wanli refined like a picture, but also as one of the first and never tired of poetry, covers an area of 140 acres, the introduction of palm plants from various countries, has cultivated more than 460 varieties.Today, the Palm Garden has become the world outdoor palm plant save up special garden.Brown sugar, Bayeux brown, brown trunk, king brown and other ornamental products become the main palm park.    This beautiful landscape, poetic and beautiful palm trees, along a straight line and clean asphalt, tree forest see it, this is the banyan tree park.They stalwart posture, tall; they flourish throughout the year, fruitful.Yes, we have not seen a banyan tree blossom, but bear a lot of fruit, which is the mystery of the island as long as the botanists who know the.Banyan, botanists call it the “fig” plant, you do not know, hundreds of flowers hidden within a small figs, however, then who is going to do for them pollination?It turned out that there is something called wasps are insects in homes where they are the only insect pollination is banyan.And the only way banyan tree to nurture its seeds to produce offspring.    have you heard of it?Vigor will hear the music dance, the more beautiful and you sing, the more beautiful the more they jump Huan, legend Vigor Xishuangbanna ancient folk dancers from multi according incarnation, beautiful voice will be heard dancing.There mimosa, as long as your hands touch of it, they took a small blade gently together, like a shy girl, not too much time, they are also inadvertently quietly opened, and can not help but feel amazed.Rich fauna park, which covers an area of 0.7 ha.Listen, where they come from music, is not someone at a concert ah?One after another “show duo miles cat duo miles” sang one song after another beautiful song, song floating in the rich fauna park, floating over the botanical garden, however, this is not a concert open, as they are Vigor won the hearts of joy and enjoy singing ah.Worry-free flowers, flowers, school carefree scene, patches of bloom is brilliant; bizarre cactus, giant calyx bloom bits and pieces, can sour fruit sweetened mystery, these exotic plants being carefree waiting for your arrival, to get close to it, to watch it.    Flowers represent the romantic, the Botanical Garden is a scientific island, is a romantic island.Men and women in love do not give each other flowers?Scientists do not have a way of argumentation?Because science, so the more beautiful; because of the beautiful, so more romantic; as romantic, so more love.The garden covers an area of 353 acres.Walking in the garden, and wandering around in red, white, purple and yellow flowers in the tall purple Bauhinia, the flame flower, Lagerstroemia speciosa that, that Zhu Jin, that hibiscus, phoenix under the moonlight Last bamboo, it Heliconia Giori of trails.The venue and the garden, flying all colorful, blossom, storied dye, all kinds of scenery, all in one!    Good times go fast, the sun has come out from the garden of the west, just play a few parks, those Araceae garden, arboretum, herb gardens South, 100 Chuk Yuen and so many special park waiting for tomorrow!The shuttle in the rainforest tomorrow, I can not help but sing “moonlight shaking shadows, rainforest shuttle ,,,,,” lyrics.I listen to a teacher, said: “There is no area of Memories go zone”.    Botanical Garden is the place you want to come, where poetic, paradise on earth.    Botanical Garden continue to bloom, spring.Eggs, flowers in full bloom, tree celebrity famous tree garden open powder Huashan lentils full of romantic flowers that look like flowers Passiflora shy Perfectionist, Jade Ge, Ixora, Alpinia flowers all contests.Roseau slowly flowing river surrounded by botanical gardens, like Xanadu.    Botanical Garden is the place you want to come, where colorful life story is unfolding.    That grass lizard, butterflies that dance, that rainforest tree frog, the tree of birds, hiding in purdah that the wasps are busy chasing love, thrive.Cited flowing Xishuangbanna “Galaxy”, firefly Botanical Garden discovered three: one kind of male firefly single pulse emitted optical signal; one kind of male firefly make rapid multiple pulsed light signals; issued another male firefly irregular long pulsed light signals.But all convey the same message – love.When night fell, thousands of fireflies flying in the sky, chasing in the bushes, looking for the lovers.They are reminding us of scenes sky and stars, we are so near the sky.    Botanical Garden is the place you want to come, where you can and scientists together to explore the mysteries of life, and artists painting together in three feet of plain paper.    Botanical Garden is the place you want to come, where arbitrary, flying soul, close to nature, back to nature, you encounter throbbing soul.