Both by day, and reliably, but also on their own

I have a business acquaintance, born poor, but it is very hard in the cause of the gas, never accept charity around them, depends on his own and conquer the world.After nearly 10 years of hard work, and now his company has developed into nearly 20 employees, small-scale companies.    Day get-together, I asked about the recent development of the company, he faithfully showed off several times back to life all these years of experience, the conversations, his eyes shining, proud.Then he changed the subject: Actually, I this is nothing, junior than me late entrants to become big companies already dry.Ashamed to say, I was almost the first start, but now the most outdated.I made a surprised expression, he was more indignant up: Over the years, I have been struggling.If I do like them, four to please, both ways, I’m no better than they would?    This reminds me of 2008 to win nine games in China, one player said, referring to his entrepreneurial experience: we are not dependent on the weather, not to rely on, rely on their own.Mr. President Michael Yu, New Oriental as the judges thought that this is not a correct attitude, one should rely on both days, reliably, but also on their own, this is an atmospheric.    When I was in college, met two roommates, they are every bit as clever, there is not the same character.A roommate in doing exercises, never to see the answer, encountered hard topic also stick to their thinking, so he spent a lot of time, some exercises are still not able to answer.Another problem encountered when the roommate, also insisted on independent thinking first, but if you can not be settled within a certain period of time, they will choose to see the answer.A year down, look at the answers do not look at the answers roommate beat roommate, the removal of the annual scholarship.    Indeed, relying on its own is all very well know, know how to rely on others is a kind of wisdom, life between heaven and earth, of all unlikely things can be themselves.To accept outside help does not mean dependent on others, but a positive way, the rational use of a resource, just take a look at the answers in the face of difficulties, so learn ways to break, so more with less, not more so okay?    Information After some time, I will excerpt of a newspaper and handed his friend: Hong Kong Cheung Kong Deputy Chairman Victor Li is the eldest son of Li Ka-shing, the now 44-year-old Li, the eldest son only in its operations Hutchison Huangpu traditional items on a lot of achievements, while controlling the European third-generation mobile telephone network and the world’s largest port operation industry.In 2003, Victor stake in Air Canada, Air Canada became the largest single shareholder of the same year was elected one of the 2003 most influential people in the global business community the American Time magazine.    Friends watched in silence, long sit there.Yes, no one would deny that Victor Li Ka-shing received guidance and help, but no one would think that Victor Li’s success today is the result of lying on the laurels of his father.Victor did not live in the shadow of his father Asia’s richest man, but humbly accepted his father’s influence and help, frankly use a variety of relationships father brought him, together with their own efforts, ultimately became a huge success.    Self-reliance can be inspirational, but with others not necessarily make people fall.Blindly just by their own power, at most, a hard gas, and learn to help integrate more of their own power from others, it is one atmospheric.