Both ends of cotton

His father was a soldier, married late, forty years old that year I was born.Ordinarily.Son of forty students should be the apple of his eye.But I have the impression he always sullen, never smiled at me too.    His bad temper, and often hands-on mother.I can remember, my mother is always crying, but he is always in fists.In my memory, my father is such a high-handed, not many men of culture.If not recruiting troops to the mountains, he might be an ignorant farmer, you can only die a natural death in the mountains.    I grew up with his grandmother, aged just returned to their parents.He came back to see me Jiaodie.I stubbornly face twisted in the past, then hit a slap in the face over.He cried: how to raise children.Why do not Jiaodie?    Ten years old, I like Tu Tu painting on paper, my mother said that I draw well, he observed, what good is good, is simply graffiti.The next day, he invited an art teacher, specializing in teaching me.He said art teacher: he wants to play hit, hit disobedient.    Originally a small hobby.But because he had learned.He pointed at my nose, said: Boy, good school, this is my art teacher spent half a month’s wages to invite you.    I had to learn and learn different hobby because.Over the past six months, my art or general performance.Art teacher has told the state that I did not learn, just blind draw.    He hit me.Mother kneeling him, and he did not listen until my whole body is a road Honghen.That night I thought, if old enough I’ll let him taste my bad.    Artists still have to learn.This time, for a beautiful female teacher.If it were not like this pretty teacher, I think, I do not go on to learn.    Sixteen years old, my results have been very good art, like a painting, what kind of what the.My mother took the time to show off draw.He said the painting is ass ah, do not hold posters everywhere, shame.    We still do not speak to his son, met as enemies.My mother and I have anything to say, his mother told him again euphemistically.He agreed to cry ah, do not agree will be cursed, scolded the mother, of course,.I will curse.    Eighteen years old, I want to test the university, he knows a rainbow.    Rainbow is a very pretty girl, very touching temperament, tall, long hair.She does her feel a lot better than I.We belong to it love at first sight.In Beijing three months, almost every day together.    And when the day arrived, we Nanfennanshe.In a small hotel, we are tasting the forbidden fruit.We swear, never separated.    After coming back from Beijing, rainbow, there is no news, and I sent a letter to go down the drain.    A few months later, I was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts with honors.I received a phone rainbow, rainbow said: I hate you, I hate you.    She get the job, and went south to work.Since then, no contact me.And I do not know, she wrote me a letter full of his father apart, and put them into hiding.It also is not, period, there have been a particularly significant event, the father went to the hospital with a rainbow.    That tasting the forbidden fruit, rainbow pregnant.She wrote to me for help, the letter was to see his father, he went to Beijing.    In Beijing, a maternity hospital, the father to pay for the rainbow had an abortion, and a few days to accompany her father has begged her to let me go, otherwise my career would be finished.    Hong does not agree, finally, the father knelt down to the rainbow.Hong said: Your son has a future, but I finished.    That is what I know the scene a few years later.For this reason, I have always hated father.I think he let labor and Hong Yan fly, he brutally open my letter is illegal.But I know that if there is no father, I will go mad rainbow, I’ll take her wandering, but missed the Academy of Fine Arts.    But, I’m sorry rainbow, and later, she finally had a happy she should have, she sent me photos of her family to see her husband and son, I know, she flies has been very good.    And I began to fall in love, again and again, very failure.The reason is that as soon as I go home, my father despise if he would call directly to the girls.Then I say: you do not fit my son, you break up.