Articles about the falling

Part One: Flower and a scholar date, there do not know where to come scholar drunk, leaning on the stone bridge flower under the shade, a sudden fall asleep.Only a sense of sections from white ape, facing scholar nod Zuo Yi, claiming to be a fairy mountains Baguio suddenly ordered him to take a visit to Dong Fu men of letters to their play, perhaps in some specimens from some book of anecdotes out, nor live up to fairy lonely all day locked in the hole.  That scholar was this smell different things, skeptical, afraid to promise.Growing at less moral to try to shift the matter, surprise, white ape without any explanation, he pulled up, complained: “I do not know to look for a few years the world, ordinary people how to experience the pain of regret ancient talented woman is a?Mr. willing to work with me was a.Ye have confessed to my master.”This man can not do anything, conjecture all day with nothing to do, see also White Ape urgent sincere, pleased with peers.  Saying the two fluttering transitory man, not a moment that went to the Penglai mountains.  I saw a thousand mountains clouds filled, colorful Wanfeng Purple Haze.San haze color, sun and moon light shake.One thousand old cypress wearing emerald rain the air slowly, ten thousand tall bamboos decorated with gray fog.  White Ape scholar followed, one after the other, on top of the step wave, such as dust raw also, like aimless aloof, fluttering almost similar emergence immortality.Eyes new Weirdo, multi Reiki, the student is busy to hang around, but unfortunately that white ape pulled his sleeve, urging every possible way.Do anything, only rush the line, thinking to myself would be a good place to go, though still anxious hearts, but also had to calm down more than most.  Two out of that Lam, there will be a lead the way with that spirit Bee Ruoyouruowu find trails on the head met a lake, glittering lake, smooth like a mirror.Under the four-dimensional, black ape with hidden see White Hart, herbs Ganoderma any Kozo.Amazing scholar was about, and saw that the white ape suddenly Zuo Yi Gu Shusheng, ridiculously pedantic scholar regarded as a secular ritual, awaiting salute, bow rise complex that apes actually missing.He only left more than one surprise.  Scholar Huangran.Recalling the four weeks.We find that the southeast corner of the lake about Baizhang there is a Dong Fu, do moss run along the door, emerald carpet of moss long do.Flue instant all the net, Tian color, school immortal wind, it really is Taoist paradise.I saw that the portal closed, quiet uninhabited.Yatou stand a monument, there are words, but “the roots of holes” This scholar path in the hole spy vision, I saw the deep layers of the King House Court, entered into the palace pearl shell Que, untold that quiet seclusion chamber, said unknown that Champs blue room, until a stage born unlucky, superficial suddenly as a general front discernible fairy, fairy for doing Baguio, right JinZhi taken as pens, paper left palm leaves Yu, desk-shaped cover labor but she could not Huarongyuemao.  It turned out that beauty is Wenquxing after the king, because occasionally make mistakes, fined here.Slim with wonderful poetry, the song by Fu Ling cultivation.In the name of the king of live Wenquxing.Good win a tiger father and daughter in the name of the dog.  Tell me what you have asked, there are so original fairy truth.May not know, this is an immortal, Daoxing only in height, depth only chance.Not to mention this.  This fairy had all day in the mirror Wan Yue, flowers and talk about text, I do not know for thousands of years.Unexpectedly boy one day, was hit by a visit to the mountain of drugs even have met.That boy face as Fu powder, white wide sleeves, good instrumentation.Smell Xiangu lyrics saying: Come between longevity cents, although falling season and so also pity.I got up and, as a romantic state, high-Yin Munson: earth there is not reincarnation Xi sigh scattered into the mud and so on.It also is the home of the boy have teachers confined to bed, afraid to stay.Taste and covered with knowledge among ancient books cents a day, a year on earth, then bitterly.Carrying medicine wayfinding, disconsolate down.Leaving behind this thinking too melancholy fairy dementia, and let him go up.  Unexpectedly present, Hung Luen star of.Although the boy is gone, but get hot Hearts.  Since daily poetry, full of tracing the appearance of the young man, the young man’s tribute to literary talent.You Chang Yu gold pen painting, prompting Sin gowns fragrance bursts of ink mixing, gas-filled packets often dong.This painting started to write in the body, eventually pens in the eye, talented overflowing of the gas between the painting, the faces and voices Jun appearance of the phase just like the eyes.When the pen collection, wavefront flow, the holes are all Rays thousands.Baguio painting strike, paintings on the cliff above, lie in wretched stage, however foolish to sleep.  Unexpectedly this painting, is Reiki, elusive, room filled with paintings, actually under the mundane world, take along with nunnery, this teaser.Jade Emperor angry, the anger banished under the mortal Xiangu.  Derogatory word yet on display by the Assembly of Immortals classes, has long been thunder bursts.  This scholar suddenly woke up, turned out to be Nankeyimeng.  After sadly you will want to write down the dreams of the young man and the fairy mountains Duige to come for a win were the first, I also live that they are descendants of Taebaek.But how can not remember.Only vaguely remember a few pairs previously mentioned general, Buchengtitong.Do anything, he got up and was about to leave, and look around, you see a spectacle, but it just took a break under the shade at, suddenly fallen flowers.  Well a fallen flowers, like Huayu piece Piaoxu, still wins the snow paragraphs incense.And colorful, lovable sigh Mu.This falling, suddenly inspired this dull scholar.  That Baguio fairy, is among the big three realms only daughter, because young fairy, small move worldly, also lost to relegate down to earth suffering from reincarnation.Calling also add some stories of ancient talented woman is mortal, but these are quite fragmented fate, nor is the world frequently cares.That the roots of the hole, born unlucky Cliff, also alluding Unlucky ear.Baguio so hard after a number of Red, but only just so records.Under indignation, sent a Xian Yuan searching everywhere when the world of letters, written in ancient times to be suggesting that he recorded those talented story.Organize into a book, to comfort himself hard day reincarnation of the Red.  Way back better woman she used to be more than the world we Takumi’s daughter, so there are many fine words around the ancient and modern, strokes and moving, gave birth to the Empress Dowager prompting endless admiration scholar, has long been intended to organize them into a book, the occasion, also coincides with fairy touched, and finally have perseverance.  That the scholar who, Jiangnan Li Mo Yan is also.    Part II: a peanut home is mountainous, mountains and plains planted with peanuts, but I never look the other way to get through it.Until one day he learns Xu Dishan “Peanuts” text, just so I know it had a strong interest.Subsequently a thing happened, almost changed my life, so far unforgettable.  It was a gloomy evening, I was alone walking home from school on the mountain.Groundnut scene described the teacher in the classroom has emerged in my mind: peanut Changsheng Guo called, its flowers open during the day, night closure, bend down after flowering, maturity, and because the flower stalk elongation, the immature pod into the soil through growth.Then my eyes bright, not that peanut beside it?Why not see what happens!So I lie on the edge of peanuts, peanut aimed at a larger, remove the pencil knife, carefully dug down along the flower pods.Just as I was engrossed in digging peanuts, suddenly “bang”, something banging on my lap, I suddenly want to stand up and lie, how can not stand up, dark eyes, could not see anything , big moment, I was feeling a little sore leg, appeared in front of a vague thing, gradually clear up.Then I really I scared Mongolia!Rebel leader turned out to be a positive evil Henhen stood before me, when I saw the manure rake in his hand, everything all understand.He easily unplug the network sauna tree was dug up peanuts I spent three pods of trees, dragged my father face.When the father saw his hand come take a peanut tree, from red to purple face, “You give me kneel down!”He used the fingers shiver me stressing each syllable, followed by a shower of branded shoe print on my face, body.I firmly biting his lips, he did not cry out loud!This is my first time and only time of her father did not cry out loud.Mother in the side secretly touching tears, afraid to pull over.Four aunt heard over his father pulled away, and in an instant his father turned around, I saw that he lookin tears.I do not blame all live up to expectations!Originally it was a “class struggle” overwhelmed father into trouble.I was already older and wiser, they had in the “struggle sessions,” said Liu Shaoqi China is currently the biggest capitalist roader, the father is China’s smallest capitalist roaders, the size of the capitalist roaders echoed that with that thing?My mind clear.Today, my son is so disappointing “disappointing” and ask how he was not angry yet?They are to take this to humiliate his father, his father embarrassing, called the father Xiabulaitai, I know very well!The only thing I can do is not to cry, to show that I’m grown!I can not afford to have to kneel to repent of my “sin”!Then the mother although they have four aunt two aunt persuade me, I’m still “stubbornly” to have knelt dark.  I’m not blaming Heaven, do not worry, the less Henren, I even thank ferocious a manure rake, it is that it makes me strong!I mature!I know the world of confused and dangerous!I know how to make a man, how to do things.More importantly, it taught me that to grow as groundnuts!As to survive!Until it influenced me most of their lives.I was born in a farmhouse, the growth in the children of civilians in rural areas, students everywhere now, holding salary countries, four generations, enjoying their grandchildren, I’m really grateful that the manure rake it!Really!    Part Three: Flower and Chang’an long way whinny, who vast.Only falling into mourning heartbroken, butterflies, grass, kicking up clouds of fragrant flowers pity, forget themselves how?End of the World have been.Since then shake riser platform, Fuqin timbre confusion in his heart, lotus Taiwan Iraqis quietly, wave smoke, never fluttering clothes, gave birth to a trace of cold, there was a layer of frost, hit Iraqis makeup, hazy moonlight, heartbroken thoughts.Leaves rustling, even more confused, winds blow, to help the melancholy.  Weak body, and take up that long Guqin, toward an unknown future, perhaps weak body can not afford to back the piano, but my heart gurgling sounds, such as water points duckweed.Such as needles and green mango, can not afford to back the snow-capped in winter, I am also trying to head down upwards, holding down a wait of hope.Melodious sounds, falling snow, gutting River, thousands of miles alone color.Once sang, Grass Yiyi, and the king of parting, tears carry on Joseph.  Yellow scale hospital, I heard distant by singing, which sounded, a sentence, passed into the atrium.I should have denied the heart of pilgrimage, pilgrims, Sadness circulation, only positive I meet with you, even look at you, I have become immortal, he became the happiest person in this world.Hair touching the hem, the wind gradually blowing up, that handsome face, in the heart of the enemy over the Songhai Cangtian.Years of change, waiting for secular people to Zhao Xi.I do not ask how much of a Buddha joy, love and remembered only lengthy, Henyuan blame, my sadness sparse joy of life was in the water I can not forget, misery, how much worry, do not want to wait three thousand, White my hair, down my love.Mind yo, why fear a boat.  When being green leaves, red flowers, but it is forgotten concept flowering season, won several flowers, inserted in a small room with me, overflowing fragrance.How much mind, to provoke worries.I stood in the corner of Changan, see Su Yin cuff wrist, now the dream down, spend the next Chi Chan, feet that city, but it is the more difficult of the fence million Yuan.Harmonious rustling, wind and rain lingering, that few world-crafted Ling Ting, standing in the trail edge, exuberant Yu Zhi, wind and rain violaceum, long hair down to their shoulders, cover up their minds, and three thousand Rose.  A bloom on green leaves, branches glistening rain, flower position light, such as fairy jade clothes, the wide line, ending quiet and beautiful.My name is Tang Yan, to Loulan from Mo West, where the river meanders, there are charming Loulan Mo Liu smoke, there is a puddle of yellow desert, either a east wind, the willow still, things Enron.Love in a while to make it memorable life, maybe just this once sat in the edge of the desert, Dan Yiqu sounds, maybe just sitting on the clear River, pulling the long lotus leaves in the river water.Liu smoke wind charming, charming face and blowing.Sentimental sounds, such as beginner, Beautiful queen shy, secular for me, just a charming fairy clothes.Elusive.So will this life worthwhile.  A breeze circulation, flowers still, the rain, only the new leaves, the rain was red roses child, flower-like opening in the trail edge of the pavilion, that dreamy imagination, but it is far from secular, mundane.Recalling the less people, then hurried away, leaving the scene back, I turned into eternal.I lamented my life experience such as this breeze circulation, but I was the flower docked, carrying a beautiful face, quietly grow old.Carrying beautiful soul, embedded in dust.Grass and groaning, the whole Changan green, misty rain Meng Meng, a few wasted world, changed the color of the pavilion, for the flowers look, stroking Qin Tang Yan, she sighed blossom several times leisurely, and had several times?Wind and rain rendered the city of Chang’an, became literati poet, wrote one thousand poems, like the misty rain catkins, like the fog Meng Meng.  I was waiting for Chang Petals, waiting Huashan become Huang Yan, the leaves look slim, sentimental love poems written several times, and placed the future you see, playing the falling dream, trembling sounds, because your sorrow, all year round in, I life in circulation, too late, can not wait, if I have the blossom, natural love, I did not play the piano moon Chilian, my piano does not sound glamorous people to know how to hunt, he never started falling clothes holding pen to write the best of my mind, I write to make Fuqin depression.If the flower behind may also re-opened, I enjoy the secular learned, exhaustive look at the landscape, understand the wasted years.Understand all the emotions, not sad not happy, crazy and so on Buddha.Yula Changan, Chang’an flowers, how so, so I Fuqin, play music.