Articles about the fate of the

Part One: What is called destiny as a pretty girl should feel honored, do you believe in fate?  Lamented the passage of time, the year of lilies and roses are unforgiving brush.She is not really a big beauty, though they do not have angelic face, but it can be captured the hearts of boys and one of you you you you.Dressed without extravagant dress, with a touch of feminine without makeup, a black exudes supple and straight, which is her; have a good heart, he will be eager to see the old man ran propped elderly will fall, this is her; watching the drama of the plot will be moved some moist eyes red and her nose; often misses home to see her on the family’s good even doubt the.This is her beak soft heart, has not convinced the stubborn smell shares.Perhaps this is fate to give her the best and the worst hand, so that now still single.  Have seen a certain boy to give her some love letter, a sealed letter is so touching, then I do not know how many boys chasing her, but will not guess very few.But why has she ended up alone it?At the time I was young, vaguely heard some people on public opinion: how her eyes so high it would, marry a rich man but also is a good guy.Growing up she really has to ask what is the reason, but..Perhaps she has her bitter sad it, or.You regret it, once jokingly asked her: Why do not you marry it early on?She did not answer, just smiled at the bitter, after they change the subject or silent.It was a trick of fate it?Sometimes want to have more than good looks and figure what’s the use, happiness will come to you it?So-so not as good as those of children who die!Also can not generalize so full of.  She can not imagine how this later in life too, so a person over a lifetime finish it?I think she needs a man to accompany, in that case when old age will not be too lonely and helpless.I hope she early to find their own happiness, early married, bless her!    Part II: the fate of the lonely summer jasmine thinks I came to a small flower market, flower market not many varieties, and mostly green plant-based, open only pots pale subtle fragrance of jasmine very hot.Those big grain of rice bud decorated in green branches, like Johnson Pinglan dry.I have Xiangbao ‘beauty’ return, can I do not know what kind of plant is best, I’m under the florist misleading, hold a pot of old and thin jasmine back home.I leaned Jasmine pro day she kissed her, hoping she inadvertently put in the next day’s morning flower bloom.One morning a few days later, the shy one’s face in a few launched a smiling face, I kiss their face up against when the smell of a fragrance, incense children Qinru my internal organs, the body expel me Zhuoqi.I finished cleaning after a day waited at the side of jasmine, afraid to miss her flowering.After about ten days all the flowers become withered yellow, I carefully put off the yellow of that round, I hope she bud again, but she eventually did not play a bud.  I give her water every few days, she Zhongtian is to uphold the green.This went on for more than two months, she was a little sluggish, and I suspect she was sick, but I’m not a plant doctor, the doctor will not give her.National Day of the third day, my daughter came home from Wuhan, and she looked at the jasmine on the balcony, said to me: “Mom, you should be jasmine is not good, we kept a small department on the table a few small potted plant, we who has time to care who they are when they grow too good.How can you such a good condition, so a large balcony also can not feed a potted plant?Since you bought her back, then she should keep a good.”Sauna net Accelerated Degree daughter seven years, this year’s candidates work in West Concord Hospital.Since the work, the opportunity to go home to her less.This time she came home, her father and me very happy, she is naturally very words I hear.I secretly analysis is how this strain of jasmine?This is not a problem in pots of soil?I went to a vacant lot downstairs to dig a little soil, pour a pot of soil to see, where the number of soil, mostly cinder.Such land, this is how delicate jasmine can withstand ban?I take the strain of jasmine transplanted into new soil, I hope she can sprouted.A few days later, a few bundles out two shoots on twigs, tender, green, and adorable.I stretched out his right hand, carefully stroked Na Liangpian shoots, and gave her loose loose soil, pour a little water, imagine the joy she tomorrow will grow more robust.  The next morning, I went to see the Na Liangpian Jasmine, she was Danian.This is how the?At this point, I had to sigh: Jasmine is a very noble plant, does not allow random people she blasphemy.I love her, but do not know how to comfort her grow, she almost died a few times so.This time she’s two shoots apathetic, she will not survive it.  For several days I did not see her, she is difficult to estimate live.Jasmine Chlorophytum thriving side, which is based adventitious roots, rooted pale thickness less demanding on the soil, good support.One day, I still fit care for her, to see her and found her other branches has cropped up two branches sprout.I Xiji: she has lived a!  This time, I was absolutely afraid to touch her, love her, she can not profane!    Part three: the perspective angle is to decide the fate of cattle, sheep, deer and other animals in his head out of the bone objects, and their self-protection to prevent sharp enemy.It is used to indicate the degree of the curvature or direction, broadly, refers to the scope and level, the problem is also used as the starting point of view, a different perspective of things, it will exist a comprehensive, one-sidedness, the limitations of existing side by side to success.  I like to watch TV in the animal world and the cartoon show because the animals all the activities, feelings are real, there is nothing to virtue and morality, mankind without hypocrisy.He is particularly fond of the cartoon, a film hi distinctive character, vivid and exaggerated action performances, beautiful music sounds.It combines two hi artistic expression of many disciplines of the arts of painting, comics, movies, digital media, photography, music, literature and other in-one.Miki has in the story like a sincere and playful, to spectators one kind of imagination, creativity and artistic appeal, derive a free and happy, in order to stimulate the vitality of life.  In fact, God is given the sharp corners of plants and animals in nature, teeth, wings, running and so on survival instinct, “natural selection, survival of the fittest”, although only a simple sentence or two, but Road to make biological evolution basic rules.Sharp angle forward long cattle, meat-eating tiger lion-third are afraid of it.Long horn tip backward antelope, God gave it to long weapons in the wrong direction, not only did not resilience, has become a burden, in a day spent among the panic anxiety, always ready to escape.  The world’s most horrible selfish animals to the number of humans, they not only kill other animals, but also because the interests of killing each other.Their corners are invisible, it produces idiom, means subtle and underhanded bully, ruthless, dishonest, Yiguanqinshou, duplicity, intrigues, etc..Their classification is very clear, divided into rulers and ruled, ruler Guanguanxianghu, thus official’s family from generation to generation, as well as “dragon dragon born chicken, mouse’s son can make hole” fool civilians proverb.They polished with Wisdom and Faith civilians “sharp corners”, acts of people bound by three bonds often go five, their “sharp corners” Niuxiang behind, let them bow down from generation to generation.In a unit of a company, a long horn you are self-inflicted self-defeating, the boss does not like to contradict themselves Maxima often, but would like flattery pug.Since ancient times, upright person absolutely no good end.Once your head grow a “corner”, proud, arrogant, conceited, it becomes your comments, in the middle of your jealous aggressive wilt, and you can also shrink the corner of Lee.  Good Longhorn Longhorn is good or not?I certainly believe long horn!Angle is justice, courage, struggle, a symbol of hard work, people Longhorn’s not going to kill, the need to harness the power of a good angle, but also must constantly change its angle.A man should have a reasonable manner of self-confidence, angle your courage in adversity, it can inspire you in life will not be wasted Zhongping banal, it can help you let life shine dazzling brilliance.  Strikes you is the angle of the horn, you have outdone make progress, not kick the tires, make every effort to overcome difficulties to realize their dreams.Your self-esteem is to defend the corner beyond the ordinary sharp, Sword will give you the courage and the courage dauntless spirit.  Mr Qian once said at Tsinghua University: “The whole Tsinghua University, a professor does not qualify a person to act as mentors money.”The mad can glimpse, he learned from the proud capital, is built on the Tsinghua read through the book, cooked with multinational speech premise.He is a cautious modesty academic, he was a “tube cone papers,” the title can be seen reflected in its modesty.  A person regardless of age, size, should be a little crazy in your thinking, in learning to be humble, let your head to help you find the angle.    Part Four: the fate of the redemption, please do not forget me, you lost my place waiting for you, as before the eyes, as the former do not know the wrong you from that direction, turned his head, calm and free and easy never behind, I was standing, looking down, Leila, a man quietly wasting.Do you still remember the piece of tree-lined road, roadside bloom delicately fragrance of Sophora japonica still.The wind had, the flying Huaihua, still dancing catkins, refreshing, age has a unique aroma this season.Engraved in the riverside willows, I can remember the promise written on the sand, the river had been washed past, whose nightmare faded, faded who eachother.You never forget the first encounter a year and a month, and in this tree-lined street in a handover eyes, blurred still see the ecstatic, perhaps then turned around once, everything will come to naught.This dream, this makes nostalgia, perhaps painful, actually really happy with.Time goes by, shadows flickering candlelight really one after another sleepless night, you can think of standing at the window watching the bright full moon, however, it is that the same night, standing at the window toast to invite the moon’s desolate a feeling of.Candlelight, Gongchoujiaocuo, filled a lonely, drink pain.Then there is light and shadow, photocopies of two men, scattered summer night.The sky is blue, yes, no clouds same time beautiful, lying on the green pastures of rain from time to time to see the train quickly passed, that flying feeling, like most of the young dream the way, the train, so I really flashed past.Over my eyes, then I am full of dreams, but also to pull away.Number one month XIV, finally saw the sun, rainy day was a bit tired of this city, in the near Shortly after, I will still carrying a few simple things leave without looking back, perhaps mixed with Raindance the smell, it was accompanied by the unique flavor of the season, as it turned toward shallow to say the city bye.How about you, do you, I think will be the same.See the night, I chose a person feel dejected that year, it was a fall, a man in a street hang out and watch a wet night rain started falling and a river, a break up stars and a sleeping dream, perhaps, a lonely night watchman.Liked the creek, rushing to my walking drifting clear that most older, I rely on sleeping with your shoulders in your arms, warm my worldly heart, listen to your heart, it seems I the world had a kind of quiet rhythm, it is wonderful, it is so do not want to wake up, realize that this is just not a lucid dream, wake up, scattered, that still sinking of age, is no longer so clear, and Overcast God, always drifting a touch of rain, and the light line, on your way, actually I can not wait to have your whereabouts.Very tired, very slow, and that once wet youth, but also very dark.Every day, the day is very gloomy look, not so rainy when there is still so little of no color.Suddenly I miss home, suddenly very distressed.August 17, and it feels like a bad joke, for the first time dropped to low mood, just as he has been repeating for a long time dream of doing a long time ago, jumping down from a great height, in terror to pole, I suddenly woke up, and now the mood is like that terrible dream, like to know what to do, come, somehow.Today I do not know why, and she had a fight.Late, night seems to Dalian late, nine at night, but also faintly see the trees around the mountain, and the mountain wanton growth, dark green jungle, on the way to the foot of the sleeping man wrapped in his arms, like a prisoner so that we, with our desire to have it so grown old.