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Part one: the fate read from the dusty mood, found that each of the segments are covered with your lonely figure, each figure exudes delicate and charming willfulness.The self-willed, many years ago it is a poison, a confused young and frivolous, I do not know who my true love.Today things have changed, it is difficult to say treasure, they would understand this is a silly silly wayward dark Xu.  I do not know why, I have always been good at comforting others, they did not know how to enlighten themselves, as well as short days has been unable to accommodate ten million sadly; every night, there was a vaguely Buddhist master told me: “Love is the cause of distress execution, only there execution down the situation, can get comfortable. “.I believe the master attunement, so I chose to delete all about you, I thought it was love enforcement.Can be found in the end, it is the most naive approach, I put down the situation Executive, but not delete, you’ve turned into cancer cells, the flow of blood all over my body.  Love a man, it is a tired thing, it requires selfless giving, infinite tolerance, care and concern; love a person, you want him to be happy, be happy, live good; love a person, we must let him, give him the freedom and space, as well as the opportunity to choose.Lingering memories proved that incomplete story, you pay too much, go very tired, very deep hurt, do not want to put down.And now you leave, perhaps put down, but I was trapped, the long-distance race you win.  Love is the bottom line, principled.I understand that you are in for their own heart, I would have forgiven you, forgive your wayward, forgive your mistakes, but also has been unable to say how.In fact, I never blame you, but hate myself, can not forgive myself.Once you send me away, and I say goodbye to you now, please forgive me speechless blessing, then it is all right heart.  Remember this wrote: “Once, you dare to show off a copy of my care, now, you do not want to casually mention that some of my past.”.But now once has become the original do not want to mention, now turned into a future now afraid to reach deep inside the penalty area.Red rolling, perhaps this is the edge of it chapter II: Goodbye fate meet the person you want to meet the thousands of people, thousands of years, in the infinite of time, neither earlier , nor later step, you happen to meet.- Eileen Chang really small world, a look back, a stop, is a reunion.This meet, fate is doomed previous life was a fortuitous turn it?  At the right time, I met the right people is a blessing; perhaps a beautiful mistake, at the wrong time, wrong place, met the right people, after all, is a frustration, a sigh.Well, between us, in the end is a kind of a fate it?  Chance encounter, casual acquaintance, doomed quiet summer of that year a most exciting love.  Say love is the best, it’s like a budding flower early in the morning, that ray irradiation in the morning warm sun, enjoy the open, with its own tiny worth of grace.  However, everyone knows, and then when there are beautiful buds withered, then pure feelings when there are broken.Flowers Yunjuanyunshu, Nature has laws of its existence, our love is also a law.Two couples could rely on each other, will become strangers because a word, no pictures of the next intersection, turn away, destined to leave.  Break season, all mixed with sad taste.We write to each other’s thoughts on that year met on the beach, all the emotion, resentment, regret are quietly pinned on this quiet sea.Silent sigh, silent affair, at the moment the horizon looked up at the sky and the sea, trance found that tears had wet eyes.Between vague, I do not know which is the salty taste of the sea exudes a breath or hot tears on his face.This year, we vowed to myself: Since we do not have any intersection, just strangers.Sauna net without him (her) day, we still want to be wonderful.This situation may unforgettable in a short time, but the share vulnerable feelings, belong to a student’s feelings, after all, can not afford to stand the test of time, the reality of destruction.Gradually, we are only allowed to make an initial emotions hidden deep in my heart, written in the year of our lovelorn 33 days diary.Perhaps one day, we will find that people waiting silently around us, has always been you most people do not care.That our world is very small, you will encounter love in a casual corner in.  Gradually, I understand the truth, the opposite of love is not hate, but left out.Meanwhile, love is generated tire art, I love you, and you do not have any relationship.  However, the world is really small, a bustling station, an occasional corner, a casual turn, we actually met once again.All accidental, are not accidental, but it happened three times so true.Everything came so suddenly, it is so perfect.Suddenly that a year later you still have not changed, still wearing the black T-shirt during the encounter that year, still tall and handsome like that.The only constant is that I have won over the indifferent calm.As if those who had painful memories have already been opened, to stay in the heart of the recall also share the heavy wind and rain falling on the silent sigh.Perfect, we encounter really been longing for the idol of the plot, in a parting of the station, in an accidental corner, in the back room of a casual, not earlier, not later, we happen to encounter the the.  That moment, as if deliberately arranged, arranged so perfect, so foolproof.Even I can not believe that this dream-like scene is real right?Fortunately, he met three times, all my own one-man show, only I found out, but you did not notice.In this way, in a short time, a stop, look to you; a look back, you start gazing; a sigh, silently turned away.Perhaps the briefest of moments I turned around, and you happen to see me back, but not familiar with the owner of this figure, perhaps there will be a feeling of deja vu, perhaps maybe, you do not have any impression.Fate is indeed a very mysterious word, it makes two people somehow meet, it makes two people love each other inexplicable.And we just saw it this side of glory tempting, but did not really appreciate its unique side – never meant.  Goodbye this time, in the end it is not our fate?Really helpless and chaotic.  Somewhere, I feel this is a goodbye fate, is a never meant the “fate”, it is a silent only silence “fate”.  Fate Bye, bye fate.Part 3: If fate can never often in the dead of night, I love sitting alone next to the computer on your favorite music, quietly recalls some people, and makes something weigh.A full ten years, remaining in my heart that point still difficult to erase memories.Knowing unnecessary attachments is a pain An unforgettable pain.But I could not extricate themselves immersed in the edge of love and pain.Some people say that time is a good medicine to cure the hurt feelings, and after ten years of treatment time still hurt my feelings, but unfortunately only let it walked me to the end of life.  Sometimes I foolishly thought that if fate can never; if time back to square one, I believe I will – and never lost fate is hard, time can not slip back to square one.As fate would pass in the night sky flash of a meteor, shed only fragmentary; poignant memories.  Young at heart always full of reverie, during that Qingdouchukai years, I kind of strange longing for affection.I expect God can give a romantic happy marriage.Luckily; God arranged by chance I met her, fate made me do so in love with her as compensation.Looking at her courtly move, I think it is so perfect.Tasting her sweet smile, was so intoxicated me, I feel as though between her soul has been stolen.Feeling like a sugarcoated seductive vortex, pass up, unconsciously I have not extricate themselves caught in the vortex.  ”She did not marry non-life.”!This is my commitment to his promise, and this is the only life I promise.In fact, I know people at a young age will be impulsive, but now I still believe that my love for her is persistent.Naive to think that with perseverance and commitment I can to keep him.And in that moment she became the bride of others, I deeply appreciate what love is.Happy to see her face filled with a sweet smile; both in hand into the marriage hall, I seem to mind one thousand needles inserted.Looking at the pass of fate, burdened with promises unfulfilled life, I mentally exhausted.”Bless your life happy.”!This is what I sent her the only blessing.Although the words of mouth does not mind a bit, but please forgive taken away the soul of the body; there will always be a little bit selfish.  Grandma heard a child tell the story of Butterfly Lovers, of course; I do not understand why young love was!But the story was poignant and beautiful touched me deeply.Today I was deeply appreciate the pain Butterfly.But they could not tie the knot in the world, after the death but fortunately they turned it into a shadow on the film separated from the double butterfly free world.Whenever I see the double butterfly dancing outside the window, I do not go more to them cast envious eyes.If the marriage can be, then I would rather my next life with her; such as Butterfly Lovers separated into Yingying double butterfly.