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Part One: Dandelion florid came home from work today, undisciplined heart not so good dinner, what do think, daughter discovered the New World like a show off with in the yard, Mom, you come to see, what to spend ah, so beautiful!I walked over to take a closer look, there is a lonely yellow flowers swaying in the wind in the cracks between the blocks.Oh, I faint answer, dandelion flowers.Little girl asked me, said, the kindergarten teacher said, dandelion flowers can fly around, how it will not fly?To do a?I said, this is the dandelion flowers, the teacher said it was dandelion seeds.Daughter fuss blinked, followed swiftly ran to play go, but I could not help but stop to this little yellow flowers, ornamental up.  Several pieces and green leaves in the wind as the wind swagger arm messy, and tender stems holding a small tongue petal small yellow mosaic also wind trembling.The cracks between the blocks in full bloom, seemed so fragile, but without losing the original chic and strong.It is rooted in the cracks, no damp shallow land on.Around even the withered grass are not, not man-made it bloom jump for joy, not man-made it open to applaud, but he, still calm and bring a touch of novelty to the spring, still for their simplicity decorate red makeup, vitality so strong, a touch of reverence attack He got the idea.  Remember reading, yellow dandelion, also known as yellow to Ding, belongs to the Compositae, you can eat, it can also be used as medicine.His body is still a legend, a beautiful florid, representing the sun.Its flowering is very short, the impression left to the people, which are mostly fluff like snowflakes dancing in general fruit, so little impression daughter, dandelion flowers can fly, dandelion can be considered so by flying to thrive only a plant it.Under the action of wind, blowing no matter where, as long as the conditions are fairly fit, it will grow hard, and then with the cycle of the seasons, survive.Nightlife in net spend days, too many people to pay attention Peony “bloom season, moving the capital”, and too many people go charmed “providential God incense from distant” elegant orchids, too many people to praise the “Curse of the Golden Flower “the Lingshuang Ao Ju.But few people leaned over to scrutinize a common flowers such as dandelion-like beauty.A general no longer an ordinary creatures strong.All sing of life, I can not help but think that this world, a lot of people’s dull strong, they do not have prominent background, not worth Huangjinwanliang.They should always own position, with adaptable character, the status quo of doing some extraordinary things they like.This is not a transcendent realm it?A friend said to me, this idea negative, the status quo would be no human progress, perhaps, a state of mind of a person, a person a living law, otherwise, how to promote the colorful world, just, in I, I liked the quiet and leisurely, that “not empty sack can not stand upright” life, with their own unique kind of way, shine with another color of life.  Flowers in front of this one, it must be, after the flowers gone quiet, and so free and easy to fly, living in harmony with soft every now and then, the breakdown of the inner heart, love can not stay florid.The human heart the seeds of hope spraying.    Part II: daffodil term “thin film photo from the Pro Spring, pity me, I care to be Qing Qing.”The most pity is Narcissus.This flower opens, now warm in the cold.Originally ordinary Ruo, were removed from the world, not known.Bi, such as vertical leaf belt, slim, or a similar.Want blood deep passion, form a draw.Or things too hard, pretty easily bruised, hidden in the sisters.Although knowing born different, but also the fate of confusion, it is love near the water according to the film.Self-pity sorrow.  Flowers, too cold.A time when the twelfth lunar month, the snow, the muscle that due to the heavens, and comes with an icy temperament.Rich fragrance, cold difficult to recruit bees and butterflies.And you’re alone, refused to accompany the secular, from the tour alone in Limbo.How can Jinyu kind words?Fear is a rare special color to all your.Friends and the world, can not be met.Its Xuyuweishe, as Advantages and Disadvantages.  Lonely is the highest state busy.Youleng in bloom lively, Guadan in the distribution of unique, eye-catching seemingly prosperous, but only to send self-comfort.Those in the past, is a kind of unforgettable pain, pain is also casual, no blur in.Never forget, how to remember.Want to pick happiness, only gave self.None has, given, there is no way to give.  Bored on the occasion, partial created their own world, the world proud smile.Joy, Looking back over the fingertips.Turns warm again, I hope never to send.If only like daffodils, we concentrated to appreciate the absence of affection.Pity has also a lover.Fire and water, wits, sealed in an instant.Unfortunately, worthy of this realm, life is hard to find.Worth only worthwhile.Meaner unsympathetic, because heavy feeling affectionate.  Known spring near, only to leave quietly, can only highlight the feeling of spring.Tentatively self-pity, attracted criticism, or indifference.    Part 3: How florid tree you meet me in my most beautiful moment, for which I have prayed for five hundred years before the Buddha and begged him to let us knot a carnal, Buddha made me turn into a tree, you must go through a long street, in the sun carefully covered with flowers blossoming all my previous hope..  .There is a tree, a boy and forged a deep love.In the boys very young, tree, she kept her boy had a happy childhood: he was swinging in the trees, picking the fruit on the tree, sleeping in the shade, the tree is also very happy and carefree nostalgia those times.  The little boy grew up, together with his tree less and less time, because you want to live, we must find a way to make money.  Then the tree said to him: Take my fruit and sell it!  He took the fruit sold, the tree was happy, because he has done something wrong for boys.  So he is a very long period of time, young people did not come back for a long time.Tree was empty heart, there is a tree saw the boy came, they smiled and said to him: Come ah, we play together!However, young people have grown up, he would go out into the world, and he does not want to stick here, leaving him in front of all.  The tree was understood him, did not hesitate to say: put me cut down and take my trunk to build a boat, you can sail to reach your destination the.  The man put the tree be cut down and made into a boat out into the world of.  Summer and winter, the time of year has passed, countless cold and lonely night, the trees are quietly waiting, finally, the man finally back.But he was gray-haired, old and tired that he can not play, can not make money out of HNA or swim.  Tree said: I have a good stump, why do not you sit down and rest a little longer?  He really sat down and the tree is full of joy.  What kind of emotion, like a Knot: I am a cloud in the sky, occasionally invested in the wave of your heart, do not let surprised, but no joy, it just quietly guardian, tenderly into a pool Bitan, springs dry, wet bark each other, to each other, known in the arena.  Do not make unitary plectrum, strings can say very resentment, not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely, heart like dual screen, there are thousands knot.But, you do not have to speak, even if you give of themselves all, you are still full of joy.Maybe even one day, he will put you uprooted and replaced by other Love grass, you still embrace.Zhu strings broke, break the mirror, dew Xi, Fang time break.Do not forget snacks efforts concubine ,, Kam water stirred up, and the king of long tactic.Why in life you always doomed to sacrifice, Candles also determined to farewell, to help people cry until dawn.You can not be like kapok, like, once strong with him a total of rain with wind, rather than you alone lonely.  Bare trunk, originally verdant green like a lifetime but only bleak and desolate as Zhulandashui.Perhaps, desolate itself, it is a reserved.Because silent, you will never understand how deep it contains such dark emotions.Under the seemingly dull as a colorless liquid may have a strong taste like alcohol.  It is so selfless, as long as you happy, as long as you happy, as long as you do the dreams, he feels hard; as long as you happy, as long as you smug, as long as you look back smile, it contented.Its requirements are very simple, very pure idea of it, just to let hello, if you go back a laugh very happy, even if it sacrifices to this end to be put to the expense of life.However, you may not have such a find it, you are happy when they are happy for you, it is also sad sad time than you sacrifice yourself to make you happy, when it shook themselves with trembling leaves covered with warm, wait your arrival, and you finally comes, but when you finally ignore walked in behind you one place.Friends ah, that’s not the petals, it withered heart..