Articles about the flowers

Part one: to swim across the flowers of this festival was originally not going to go home.In the city almost a year, but still covered with a strange feeling, to calculate the opportunity to get out, but so was the night before the holiday, all of a sudden the memories from canola flower open it, before making up reasons for reading and she missed a lot back , why not take the opportunity to see the flowers?So they fight nodded his luggage back.  With this, I have to say about the destination.In my opinion, it has been a beautiful place.But in other people, maybe just the last two years to do it.This year’s “canola flower festival” really made this place had a very silent glory more.Especially on that critical juncture flowers, cars congestion is also common.  It is said to Wuyuan to see the flowers, it is better to see it go Pingxiang.Then Pingxiang it, but also especially the lotus.It is not that we do not have in this is not to discuss it.  Under the car had been nearly noon, and I’m still against stomach gurgling sound, I decided to walk the rest of the way to that point.That money is not for a few cars, but canola flower this road, people really want to go take a look.  This year’s canola flower like a length greater than normal children, truly lovely flowers.This is a very ordinary flower, not so many layers of petals and different attitude, but always in makeup to the one golden cast to shop.But that skim golden, but has a delicate texture, it is not carved in the United States.It flowers look, very sturdy.  The article should be doing is her unique scent cauliflower.Won a petal, faint scent will linger tip of the nose, you attract further Coushang enjoy her fragrance spills out.If a child into a piece of canola flower, wind swept a seat, overwhelming coming, can not help but draw a big, greedy hint that this warm sweet aroma.In this track, not just me, there are a lot of people come here especially, more of a long stand it branches butterfly.  Along the way the breeze mixed with a little raindrops, I did not expect to be an umbrella, because I do not want to bother to avoid.In this scenario, the umbrella is pretty cumbersome.Hiding in the shelter under this umbrella, secretive, with respect to this road Fang Fen, it is not worth the candle?  As canola flower originally came, the rationale should be careful about her sort out what all the.It is also for this reason, I decided to walk.However, this is not nearly far distance, made me Jiuqi something more than canola flower.  More stuff from this road to walk.  Watching the wheel mark this road, ah, in this fast-paced society, who are willing to go it on foot.But the howls of the moment, in fact, missed more canola flower, or more more.  You might miss the flow of that river flows, missed the bird chirping cicadas, missed a piece of dance leaves, also missed the wonderful attitude of the winter snows fall.In fact, those of us who have the opportunity to perceive, but, go too fast, they missed.Many people are envious of innocent children can be happy, no earthly contamination, the heart of pure land spotless.But who know that they can get rid of earthly clamor, seeking peace of mind.Like now, I quietly walked in a small way this field, look at this surrounded by canola flower in full bloom.Occasional overlooking occasional listening, occasionally closed his eyes to feel the breeze and drizzle.  Happiness is so simple, so simple that out of the city, easy to get off the car, so simple stride forward, so simple that approached canola flower.  Life is to make this part of road on foot, next to brightly colored flowers.These flowers, sun bears, and even the wind and rain.And the sun and wind and rain who will come to earth in different forms, so that the earth is full of aroma.Like this section, on both sides of the road into a film sheet into canola flower.  The clouds are cleared, I gradually saw walking in front of a few people see that they are very happy.In the mist, the faint behind it was walking slowly, they hear the ringing laugh.  In this sea of canola flower’s, step by step the way forward.Heart filled with fragrance in waves, waves off again.    Part II: Sounds like flowers on the 29th of the sun, actually guess, bright flowers shallow singing sad. – Inscription the habit of placing themselves in such an environment, the dark hearts of many with the simple beauty of life, a rare smile listening to cicadas city, listen to my grandfather and his friends hearty words; there against the smell of wood era precipitation chair, a gray hair bangs falling too conspicuous clarity; driving a camera under the sun, but can not make the eyes looked comfortable; some white plastic cup does not stay neatly to the side waiting for people to clean up, and some remnants looks clear water droplets, their fate is doomed better, at least not one-half or not, did not want to forget one-half, just it looks pure, not the original own.  Purple more and more light, sun coverage around me getting smaller, hand wash it in the morning feeling wet jeans with lace, now airing nine points, the time to bring the effect is obvious, so It has been excessive dependence on time, but forget the hardships of the process of no return.Someone once said I just need a listener, I was still inquiring how to say so, and now I really need a listener, so I served this role, found memories was very happy, but I could not bear to go out with phase o this dream world too many people always like to lie to ourselves, not forgetting 明明爱明明.To be buried in the bottom of my heart.Flowers and there is no special meaning, just listening to someone, and I just happen to see the lyrics of it.Sauna from small to large network of language classes, each generation has a timeless topic, the teacher asked this text is good, we always thought that a “good” word can solve the problem, but the teacher will ask where the good news.Sometimes, indeed, there is no reason to explain how “good”, but it looked like it, feel suitable, like these words, like this kind of life.So I’m fine, I would be good.Put another state to spend these days, more and I found that I also really quiet for this, not pleased, not to have compassion, but more help to pursue their dreams, I just hope, faint the calm in the face of a smile.If more willing to see the sunset setting sun through the cracks of trees in the yard, more willing to sit one day waiting for the breeze blowing, more willing to sleep in the river, that those who have incredible passion for it is not by chance, and only for you can explain some of instantly attracted to and now I can not look back in the past, and then can not get can already take place already in the past, not all do not mind, can not forget to mention it.  Unwittingly back to the original appearance, go to the pharmacy discovered lost, that they were glad.Some state born only last a few days until you are familiar with the dependence of does not exist, in fact, not non-existent, not just the novelty of it, I Fucai was again and again to enjoy this process, wanted to be quiet flower open flowers, full of yesterday could not help but care about to ask “what is inside the ditch?”So all remember.  Hunan Satellite TV recently was actually hard to imagine the Qing drama with me through all the free, other times I would force myself to serious lectures, so not too many Xia Xiang, simple people are the most happy, I heard tears are magical things, the first drop is a pearl, the second drop is nectar, water is the third drop.That there is still sitting in the morning sun on the wooden chair, now really dark, no emotions had finished the day in the yard got into a fight, poultry go home, pack up tomorrow, what should leave, unlike in the past yes, this time before I leave no hope for the arrival of the journey will not bring me anything, I’ve learned that go with the flow.  Just over into leisure space, in the face of the dial defeat is so familiar, they think of countless times has been shut down no one close, and now the total is not a very strong reaction, see the buzz a section of I recognize when looking with some deliberately, but also curious impulse, but still to convince myself that no matter much the.Wanted to do have to write a good text, so inadvertently log only when a “kid actor diary” Tell me, logs and diaries are different.  Then slumped so calm, and shortly fast late at night, the stars in the sky rare, light is very light, without prejudice to the car to drive to the scene, the last time squatting down underground picture, but still emerged in my mind not so easy.  Quietly quietly, back to the room, draw the curtains, turn off the light.    Part Three: flowers All good things banquet, the air redolent with the taste of soft drinks (soda supper), the word “go home each.”Supper came to an end, everyone go back belly.Bad weather, typhoon next to the garbage scattered in every corner of the street, put on a night Fairy Scattering Flowers, a trace of rain pierced the air, emitting a biting chill, this meteor shower is cold, no one is willing to stop the rush watch pace, which is rain injury?Unheeded.Because the lack of intimate Bale!  Rain turned into soybeans, pattered fall, cleaning every inch of land.Roadside leaves swaying, with lush foliage as a passerby I hold up one day.Chain of sound transmission to a few hundred meters away, Kaka, Kaka.Bustling streets at night seemed quiet, simple line, that constitute the United States side of the night, but who is this night and lamented: beautiful lonely, beautiful and indifferent.  Rain provoked lens spray, sparking Italian hearts.Boat on the river pan, long Pipa.Water mirror is not emotional, howling raw sense of loss.It gets the hearts of thinking, Yang Guan Vega.U never forget the past, but the past does not fit.Dream Tao drunk, woke up in accordance with love.The roots of mouth is intended to win the hearts of the king chime.Cricket frog accompaniment for the song “Not because of loneliness before you” play the Italian Zhong Qing, who understand?Iraqis in the water side, it makes sense confusing, as if a cloud of God the horse, such as Flower in the Mirror.  A walk clock ticking, A pace from the heart, a step by step approach u haven, with you through thick and thin.Even if the heart stops also refused to close my eyes Unfortunately, I Pani alone, I’m afraid of losing u.Commitment can not exchange my heart, action to achieve my affection.Go finish the way, tell of love.If done right, forget u.  I am willing to come down to earth to steal the life and death of this House, and I crossed out your name.I am willing to steal God on the red line, tied to each other’s heart, never change.U I am willing to live an extraordinary day in the world, take you all over the ends of the earth.Love is inseparable from the heart, the heart can not do without you.I will wait silently for u.Confused flowers, I found a u.  U is not an eye-catching flowers, u are so ordinary, extraordinary u too special, especially the United States was difficult to describe in words.In fact, do not need to spend the United States, then the United States took no one understands, it will descend into the stray.Flowers and the world, for the life of a person.If you do not abandon me, I will stick to it u.    Part Four: houses, flowers, paths summer afternoon, walking in Badaguan quiet little road, I saw many gardens here no high fences, heavy cover off the show, the summer wind blowing, fragrant red pink white rose wind swinging, swaying with the fresh fragrance.Badaguan villa sea of flowers all year round, spring Begonia, Rose summer, autumn The red winter Naidong, walked think of a word: Shengruxiahua flowers and death like autumn the quiet beauty leaf.Badaguan summer multicolored roses covered not high red walls, with gorgeous attitude dotted with blocks of houses under the shade of red.Along the way, another curved path thin and long, leading into the bright distance.A long road, there will be a lot of touching stories.  Open into a bright flowers on the winding streets lined with romantic European style houses colorful, shiny red rose spent on low wall, rocked fragrance in the wind.A beautiful bungalow located in the courtyard, across the low wall I saw a round stone table and stone bench to stay put patchwork corner of the courtyard, stone steps on both sides of the hall stands a statue, some very European style, I could not help pressing the camera shutter recorded.  Sunny afternoon, I leisurely camera hanging around his neck, his hands in his pockets rambling in criss-cross a small road mobile, small step on the road some overgrown vines soft, and looked up to the front and found in front of a freely floating flowers like snow in the air, we approached we know this is a large bloom of white roses, bright and clean holy, spotless.I like the flowers of the boat through the summer, hand engine glass of sake along the road ordinary lanes of the mall deep quiet scene at a glance.I boarded the viewing terrace flower stone floor, the eye is presented in blocks of old red tiled roof gardens under the shade trees, on the beach in front of a blue bathing dressing room graceful silhouette, the vastness of the sea, sky and sea from afar even better for shore.A graceful young woman holding a white puppy came walking along with dog model naive young woman step walking back and forth in circles, chasing someone taking pictures, there are many children tease the dog.  Along the path came to a creek, stream corridors under sparkling in the sun, lean on a railing overlooking the whispers of lovers on the shore boardwalk, many children into the sky on a pine clearing game, immersed in an atmosphere of joy.The surrounding environment is very quiet, villa-style gardens, lush plane trees, sunshine bathed the broken-lined paths, summer flowers blooming them, as if recalling the past years of quiet.  Expanse of rose flowers, mysterious European-style bungalows, leisurely tree-lined paths, a romantic interpretation of a touching story, hidden forest flowers, leisurely to see the house.Badaguan few cherry, cherry Zhongshan Park, I walked Huo think of spring, cherry blossoms on both sides of the road at the same time thousands of cherry trees in full bloom, flowers, illuminating as heavenly clouds, when planted here on graceful lightness of the cherry trees how good!  Sunset, in front of houses, flowers, infected with a layer of golden path touches, like at the mall quiet quiet child, quiet and simplicity, so colored views like dreams.?