Articles about the future

Part One: past and future on a friend, I want to say: do not imagine that among the unforgettable.  About sisters, I want to say: hysterical, I just stay with you.  About Man, I want to say: those memories, wipe it away.  About family, I want to say: You do not know me, I do not blame you.  About brothers and sisters, I want to say: the sudden concern always warm.  About you, I want to say: that moment, just suddenly miss you.  About hate, I want to say: Please weight.  About you, I want to say: if you well, is sunny.  About myself, I want to say: there is no hope, you will not be disappointed.  That year, we are still three days, like their youth filled oath on the table, like a wall to write his name on the heart, like to take P4 watching MV during class.Like class time to the teacher nicknames.Like stuffed with headphones listening to music on walking..Like a group of people.Star Magazine together look, like men and women standing on the balcony looking at the downstairs, and wantonly comment about ~~~ junior high school, can not help but think that some bitter, bitter experience of those years of not living.But no longer has that kind of life ~ ~ ~ ~ I once was, with no subtlety, all day ride in the prairie happy, I was a bit lazy, I like to stay in bed.Like mischief, in front of strangers will be very quiet, very cold.Will be very presumptuous in the face of an acquaintance, a very high-handed, and did not like the image of laughter, stabbed from behind do not care “barbed” eyes.Because I simply see no need!My mom said when I ~ ~ ~ ~ pure like dew on the leaves in the morning into the high school, people gradually feel around the complex, intricate suffocating!That those who appreciate appreciation, that is nasty nasty years, has ceased to exist, replaced by say every word every word cautious of high tension, fear of talking mood the listener interested!Occasionally, of course, I also accept praise from others, but gladly accept it.I do not want to think too much out of what they are because I have the courage to accept the results.Think about really decadent, actually completely right and wrong, and still adhere to their own self-hate!  The new school, new classmates, new mixed with me, but how do I feel myself sinking heart endowed with passion, but it is the most straightforward and indulgence fallen ~ ~ ~ ~ sometimes I like to own one be quiet and find what the original myself but I know that is difficult, people around him has changed, the environment has changed, and even feel that they have become a little bit unreasonable of.Idol to see more, a kind of amnesia urge to want to change, at least this year I forgot what happened last year.Today I forgot yesterday’s injury.Now I just forget the pain.Live like it so groggy, though, he opened his eyes every morning, who may find little left scars, but no pain, but did not recall where injury.For a long time, I found myself really so hard to adapt to them.Personal habits, lifestyle.Including the character, we are so out of tune.  Confusion has been, after all, can not be released.So a little bit of a backlog in his heart.  But just then a general could not be more ordinary Dawn.When the touch could not be more ordinary Zaoxia fired into the floor to ceiling windows in front of me, so one second vent.No need to reason.Heart – open!  Life still needs to continue!  I will slowly adapt to their habits, their lifestyle, their character and my character proper convergence.I do not want to sink, and I want myself to start over!  Revolution is not successful, comrades still work!    Part II: someday learn to imagine, fantasy learned, learned to dream, but forgotten struggle.  I used to always tell myself my future I see hope, and now I realized that I forgot to add a little seasoning own world and forget the hard way.  When I finally think of it, others have come a long way, and my dreams are lost, my world collapsed soon.  Who is not able to accompany me to the last of decadence in very much love to cry?Is not I have the courage and power to cry?  They are saying, if I can, I want to personally destroy that hurt me, but I do?  I do not know that he had hurt himself by whom or really hurt?I understand more and more of their own superficial, it seems that I live in a shadowy world, they have not found their own existence.Nightlife net long ago wrote his own stuff in the hands of another person, but in the end he left it altogether, took my all, I write down those memories are gone, is not he can be a good help I save it?  Suddenly lost the urge to write something, I really can do very calm and even his original dream can not yet?  If you can, I really want to do Tao Yuanming, do not live under Nanshan, but as long as those who do not know a place like.  I encountered any obstacles tomorrow?I can only see myself running pace, but they do not see even shadowy figure.  Behind footprints gradually covered by sand, my history and it was really buried yet?  I should like amnesia is not the same from now on give yourself a life again?  I was thinking: Maybe later I will be good, there will be a very like my people have been abandoned to accompany my side, maybe there will be a good home, but really far away.  I put a little bit down their goals, but I suddenly found that no matter how I have no way for it to last efforts.  Then I gradually put their demands a little bit of added a little higher, then very little time to yourself, tell yourself this is my last chance to own, maybe tomorrow is the end of the world, this is the only thing I can their own efforts time.  Only in this moment I will know that each day is the last day you can give yourself as much incentive, you can make your life a little bit of change.  Now I began to learn a daze, it seems that only a daze when I can not make yourself so afraid of coming tomorrow.  When the hands of the coffee cup slipped ringing popping sound when I learned that the moment things have happened, we can not be asked to stay, had broken things can not be undone.  So yesterday I was not too together with such a voice broken?  Immersed in their own world for too long, the people around him where to go?Such vast one, I go looking for you?  Compass had not point north and south, and at this moment the wind stopped, and even the only thing left I can judge the direction of the tree at this moment become bald.  Sometimes even though I really have no direction, but I want to give myself another way, perhaps without them company, I can really know myself, I can pay all just for themselves, for a mine dream.  Ants on the windows do not do, because I can find a way out.  Cleared of leaves bustling bloom again, the gap in left lying sun is very peaceful, let me confidence in ourselves gradually increased, gradually understand the future.  Tomorrow I might see a new self, a different you.  In the future one day, I would like to see their own eternal smile.  In the future one day, I want to see people who I love children are very happy life.  In the future one day, I want a man I can give a little love.  In the future one day, I hope the sun is still so bright, bright shining only our two people’s lives.  In the future one day, I suddenly remembered that I had a longing, miss those children who discrete.  In the future one day, I spent a lot of memoirs have open.  In one day, those efforts in the future we can also three for their own dreams and gently.  In the future one day, someone can make me cry because of the loss.  In the future one day, I wandered into the other side of my dreams.  In the future one day…..    Part Three: My future is what the future, we would like to know, but he is a non-predictable mystery.I used to how long the owner of one side of the mirror to the future, let me see the future of life, success or frustration, it still is not now unrestrained enthusiasm and a few years later, is there any that had this stick and unremitting.  This year has been less of himself in the silent heart of planning the territory, but when the fight against the blue sky, the territory of failures and setbacks could not have begun to gradually break.My life is mediocre do this, I do not want to believe do not want to give up.  Future is a non-contact and air, though he live around you every day, but you can not see him.Although I can not make anything thrilling thing, but I can make my future became very interesting.  Remember that since childhood teacher asked what we wanted to do, I want to grow up to say when scientists.But slowly disappear over time, begin to change everything, I have not a scientist, I have been a medical worker, and this is my future.  Do not imagine your future, all the good memories you need to cultivate their own hands, and sometimes there may be many hardships, but look back and think about it, I had tried.When you see someone spend time every day on top of falling in love, not jealous, do not be sad, everyone’s time is the same.  There are efforts will harvest the next refueling!