Articles about the girl

Part One: The girl I very much hope that writing is a good person, so I can write what you like, but I have never been or have not been recognized before, my friend in front of me is this comment on his, she and I have known for many years, I remember the first time I saw her, her high cold, rebellious, self-righteous, I feel sick, but when I really knew her, I found she was forced to become this life look, that moment I really wish I was a boy, so I can protect her, her story really long, maybe I have not experienced that I can not understand how she feels, or how was she all these years to the end and when I hear these stories, I am very distressed her, looked at her eyes when told of tears, choking voice, perhaps her trust in me now, so willing to tell me her story, I suddenly feel they do not know her, you first view of the high cold, rebellious, self-righteous, all are gone, and even a little sentimental, sad, then I know all her looks but in order to protect themselves as Only prickly hedgehog, camouflage very strong, to protect himself, when listening to her tell her story I have been constantly comforted her, while constantly handed a tissue to her, I knew she was very uncomfortable, very sad, probably because of drinking it, I do not really understand specifically why all of a sudden told me, her pain, her reconciled, her sad, I guess just me, any one person can not understand these stories What is behind the experience, and then the next day I said to her, ‘I’ll write her story out for everyone to see’ getting to know her when you think you had a difficult bitter when, in fact there are many voices is like you, or still worse than, do not be discouraged, do not dismay, the next there are so many decades, you can not be alone and a person, maybe you just want to have twenty-three friends, a love, or perhaps anything else, in short, is said many words of encouragement, hope she can go on trying to be strong, the future of every step I are willing to accompany her.    Part II: I love that girl wrote there is a deep sea fish, fell in love with flying birds.Haitian way off, he looked far, Haitian separated by a thin line.Fish trying to swim, if I believe as long as the non-stop tour, one day it can swim across the distant line.Seawater mercy tell it, that line never far away, it is thought for a moment and said quietly: Actually, I know no end sea.Beautiful fireworks in the night sky is gorgeous bloom, that moment, it is the most brilliant night sky color.  The reason why the cold moonlight, because of the icy heart.  I often listen to the night sky, enjoy your Nagqu quiet wan song.You hide in the night sky which corner?My beautiful Lyra.  There is a expedition ship, floating in the sea.Experienced numerous hardships, traveled through the Gulf of roads, it does not know what will encounter difficulties, but it is understood that since the distance on when trials and hardships, even if alone, at least there is this sea breeze accompanied; since today’s sky so clear , why fear of lightning to Japan.Harbor lighthouse, the evening moon and flying birds that are its partners sailing.Sauna net for thousands of years, the moon light, the hands of how many missing?Past people no afterlife, love is ancient and modern Xiang Cheng.  Not practiced iron into steel can not, no tears flee people do not understand what is strong.  Care, you and I understand each other.  Who has shortcomings, who will make mistakes.To correct, you need to start from the bits and pieces around him, so Liu Bei said: not to be evil and small occasions, do good rather than.  Others because they must understand and give up their aspirations, Wan Li Pengfei, the sparrow.You can live in a perfect population, but does not live in a perfect million people.Because people are always safe own preferences and requirements, once you can not meet, will be followed criticism.If the surroundings are working hard, of course, that you strive.If the surroundings are depressed, you are still trying to.Adapt to the surrounding environment, rather than being assimilated it.  Come say good, very difficult.  Dreamer is not funny, because the dream can never achieve perfection.Chase for a long time, the dream is still in the distance, looking back once already gone beyond the self, which is unknowingly returns.    Part Three: waiting for your girl leaves scatter, cold wind blows, tears of sorrow not open light, engraved, but eternal pain.Can not find traces of tears, if not rolled eyes, it is poured into the heart.Mood for Love of youth, that can not afford to dance sun and the moon, but it is regrettable vicissitudes?  Haze of the sky, hanging cruel month; deserted street, interpretation of the lonely sad; biting wind, Silue my hair; look bleak, bleak interpretation of Montreal.  Xiao years, making whip my simple mind, a fairy tale of love, but always just a fairy tale.Friend Xiangxi in the oath, after all the years of being broken up joke, leaving just laugh at fate!  Journeying to wait, I thought I could exchange your mercy; cold room, but still not lock the final song of Fade.Unrivaled in the streets, against the fierce wind and snow, you pursue the ethereal figure that, when I look back, brilliant feeling had thrown a gray mustard, dusty past, but also had become a dusty.  Unwilling to give up the belief about my soul, all an excuse not to go home, finds a beautiful lie.You go home to be less than the figure, I wistfully, want to leave the painful wait for dilution, but never fear never come back.  Do I just doomed your life waiting for your girl?Whether you day and night do not go, or do you look cool!Do I just doomed your life waiting for your girl?Whether you’re a liar, or you can not give me in the future!  I love the people, ah, please do not wave of the sleeves, do not take a cloud, see the phone calls, please do not forget my name, I do not call “wait” .Part Four: The girl, changed the tears kept flowing from her eyes, but she did not want to let the tears flow, strong make myself not to cry, always hand wiped the salt water flow trembling lips, however, perhaps she was salty and tasted, she might understand later had their choice, there is no escape route!Now when can someone crying towel as she handed it?  She likes music, often singing a happy song, because, at that time she thinks she is happy, she loves the piano, her beautiful hands, long fingers delicate and exquisite, so proud of her, proud of her.She and played for his hobby, playing for their favorite person, because, at that time, she knew that he is happy.  When all the truth comes into her world, she was so sad, piercing cry, not why, as she loves the piano, thought he would come to see her performance, accidentally, she saw her from the scene but did not experience often see.Feeling, as if playing a scene.Of course, she is not the protagonist.  Standing in the cold wind, thick clothes wrapped around her, let her be a trace of hurt, this time she realized, had everything that does not belong to her own.But then he could not escape the entanglement of love, he was unintentional, but she has a heart-lined.Wife, and won a good deep well, but she just a man show.  Eyes are always inexplicable extra that both salty and bitter tears, always let others sympathize with her is a Lin.I do not know since when the eyes of more than a melancholy, every time someone looked at something for too long, it will unconsciously tears, this is the fault of love, which is the torment of thoughts.Her smile is like the flowers of the four seasons, are open, and that is so nice.But when it’s all gone, long time no see her smile a.  Not love to sing, not for their favorite music and crazy, but no longer have a pair of beautiful hands for themselves proud.If, had she not choose this elegant piano.Perhaps, her heart would not hurt.Love tree planted tree, perhaps her own dig too deeply, which makes end she did not pull out, and escape this bundle interference.All too late.she thinks.