Articles about the good old days

Part one: nowhere to be found in the good old days back he was a kid does not know, that he left his hometown, he just wanted his own wandering, no money and no purpose Rangers.He had thought he went out in the third day he will starve to death in a corner, he thought about how he would choose a quiet corner of the dead.  Have not seen the so-called prosperous, just quietly in their own place to live birth, walking according to their own ideas of all do not have to think about the right or wrong thing.Everyone thought he was an obedient child, are willing to let their children play with him.  When he left that city, where snow.He sat in the waiting room looking out at the crowd he had never seen before, and those heavily made woman and carrying a bag of children.He thought back to all the stories, flowing from his heart that are nothing special time.Perhaps, in his heart of hearts, revealed from the beginning is kind of low self-esteem, he can not understand that when he was eight hastily departed why men do not miraculously come back, do not do that the world really quiet?And this world will have a lot of different it?To the other side really can drop everything right?These he does not know the answer to life so that he can only step by step, hidden inferiority Ever since he stood in front of the team’s pride.That year, he suddenly grew up, those who have forgotten the praise of awards on the wall when not remember his childhood in the end who is stuffed into their own hands.He began to quietly find their own world, he likes to sit in the corner watching the pirated novels who bought from the bookstall, who likes to sit in cafes and watching Iwai king, perhaps at that time that he began to hope to meet she was.At that time he began to slowly feel their youth stay positive in his fingertips, but he is always quiet life with his own, who do not want to walk into the lives of others refused to walk into their world.Some say it was aloof, but he knew it was in their own self-esteem slowly devouring themselves.He used his innate attitude to respond to all the close, he should not want to be hard to see those hidden inferiority of others in mind for many years.  Night has always been a do not know enough of the world, it swallowed up that last point that the sun also put too many people pull into the lonely among its own creation, the heart began to soften up hard at that time.  He tears, he looked at nightfall.  He wanted to find his own way, even if only a short period, even if the intersection does not have any fatal encounter.He just wanted to look at the world of forensic bustling and helpless then quietly lay in a corner waiting for death.    Part two: the good times do not want to sink the night, the city’s sky wish I could tell myself Do not sink – in this great city, a great street, there is always people coming and going, but I still always alone and walked heavy footsteps, that double on his face and always seemed empty eyes always look not what they were, so, day after day.  Later, gradually, finally I got used to it all in relentless in.For that once-great stage for the realization of the promise that never, for that later shattered dreams.Finally, virtually quietly granted.However, what it means to me now University?  The so-called “I’m Born with” so-called “there is a way”, so-called “plum blossom from the bitter cold” seems to me the world has long lost its original charm, an otherwise vibrant girl, so lonely towards the low self-esteem.  Thought about leaving, thought went into eternity.But the family did not allow me to do so.A person, the night market at a loss, unable to lift the head, a two —- like water droplets so out of control without any kind of flooding.Frustration, feelings of melancholy lilac, lilac feel sad, trying to make their blurred vision to find a little comfort.  The campus is so quiet, so lonely midnight, the breeze blowing gently, passing the thin cheeks, a surge of cold coldly, between the passage of full.At this moment like most fairy tales midnight secretly running the wizard, loneliness, helplessness.When I came here?Even as curious coincidence generally do not have any perception.  Quietly, without looking at the original black and dark night.Suddenly a kind of very strange and subtle feeling of despair I had injected the body, and with a very rapid rate throughout all cells coming numb.It means I will be born again?!Sauna net Yes, I thank God gave me a mind capable of thinking to do well, I understand that life is not always.A Broken Dreams, also can be woven; a stage scattered, you can re-build.Like the vast darkness of the night was supposed to be, in this myriad of lighting power, it is still bright gone through numerous original vast dark night.  The pace of life, how can we fail because of an unintentional, so stay in the ancient dust that make them too slowly decay?Yes, cried, we should not forget the happy and sweet smile gave us the.  Strong smile, do not forget that mouth gently rising road gentle arc actually very pretty, in the night sky of the city, at that moment before the crack of dawn, let yourself brave understand: the world because you will not sad, fall and change its existing rules because it cold-blooded, ruthless it.  Embarked on the inevitable journey, roaming, to make your dream of flying it!Had been empty eyes open, look at this time of the campus, past all the nurturing thing of the past, let it gone with the wind.Missed, missed, do not let yourself get lost in the past.  Yes, the university waiting for me, no longer lonely and failure.As long as the courage to remove the inferiority shell, I am still kind of focus.I firmly believe that!___ On this wonderful college career!Because failure will never be stationed on the land of optimists.  Never, ever!    Part three: good times Temple of God eighty-two Feixianguan, back in the world fell in love with the dark.  , Space happy hug kiss.  —- Inscription triangle at six o’clock in the morning, I turn on the TV to see the Shenzhou VIII and Temple One magnificent picture perfect butt, so I am excited, unlimited joy!In this Chinese people celebrate this day, I remember the good old days the same exciting launch of Shenzhou V.  I will always remember the morning of October 15, 2003, the spacecraft is at the Jiuquan Launch Center in Gansu Province, the sun is shining, the wind was blowing, red flag, Chinese President Hu Jintao look solemn; PLA aerospace astronaut Yang Liwei warrior brigade, riding the Shenzhou V manned spacecraft, soared into the sky at nine positive.That white jade-like spaceship in pink flames, driven fly to deep blue, the vast boundless space.Flame changed from pink gold, white and then changed into a light spot, and finally elimination from people’s eye in Cardiff.Control spacecraft orbit on screen is remote from the ground after fifty seconds into the furthest point 350 km.  The next day, after the spacecraft around the Earth 14 times (over ninety per lap), dated an hour and twenty-third, that is at 6:23 on the 16th, the return capsule successfully returned to the ground, then the Warriors Yang Liwei autonomously ship out the door, waving to the people.  When the screen display, sitting in front of the TV I elated, thrilled!I am happy heart flew out of the atrium, chasing waves, destroy good news moving forward, flying over the vast land of China; my heart flew to China Millennium Monument, Hong Kong, Macau, China Federation of Returned Overseas, overseas Chinese community..My heart is bumping into each other with all the descendants of the heart, resonance, burst into a giant sound earth-shattering: “The dream of the Chinese nation for thousands of years flying the final round today, today come true!”.Look plaza picture, people excitedly spread the news, sharing this amazing joy, hugging Gao hear people shouting, immersed in a sea of joy.My heart fly.Fly.He flew to Beijing Aeronautical Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, Qingdao monitoring stations, the Shanghai Aerospace Bureau.He flew to Jiuquan Launch Center.My heart shuttling around scientific and technical personnel, to see the Shenzhou space travel, happy warrior triumphant return!I infected them comfort, and joy and cry hardships; I envy their pride, and look afar firm!  My heart kept Fly Fly..He flew to every corner of the world.I want to tell my poor friend: We always like family!We seek common development and utilization, we help the weak, and oppose hegemony; I want to tell those powers of wealth, not to underestimate people Man cut!The Chinese nation is a civilization native country, where Gao million high mountains, there are magnificent and wrote romantic poems!Bold vision and courage, self-reliance!And that fought, perseverance!Huaxia is the rise of soul and spirit; I’ll tell everyone in the world: the Chinese nation is a virtue and help!Kindness and love is the source of eternal Glory and prosperity.We equally with all creatures love life, fight for the survival of the place in nature, seeking to build and defend their park.  A hundred years of national humiliation ah!How can we forget?Eight powers!They are like savage and brutal ruthless eight gray!They wantonly trample our quiet beauty of the mountains and the countryside; they are inhuman robber, grinning killed our loved ones and fellow citizens; they destroyed our beautiful homeland; they.Yeah huge Chinese!They are split to pieces!It burned the Yuanmingyuan scene, as if just yesterday, in front.We have a broad mind vanish before resentment, so painful memories turned into clouds.But we must not allow repetition of the history of humiliation!  My heart fly.Fly.Flew on.I would fly to the moon.  I am sure my first poet Li Shang-yin had to go because he misses Chang E sister.He will be excited to tell her the good news today, and told her not to grieve later, her husband and her family will see her soon, people will play in the future of home.With her familiar with the moon, he will start pointing her a ‘Rabbit Travel Company’.  I can imagine businessman-turned-poet Li Bai face red earth also flew to the moon, he clung to the moon was not let go.He no longer cold but unpaid crazy, he will have to throw away that also called Wu Gang, after all, the relentless blunt ax, no longer cut but only laurel on the moon every day.He will discuss with Wu Gang Chang E, take the Moon Palace converted into a five-star hotel.By Chang-e Wu Gang is responsible for the hotel business distillery, which he himself served as general manager of the hotel, he served as chairman of the board.He wants to poetry, wine, sword to make the universe Gao Peng.  Ah!I seem to have seen Muse Mao Zedong, he tucked a left-hand cigarette winking, dummy chest, his right hand on his hips, grin, look intoxicated across my side.”A thousand nebula blink of an eye before, eight miles between road fillip!.”Breeze blowing in his high voice trailed Piaoyuan Yin, his burly figure disappear.He had people going to the moon is good news ah!He finds married and divorced YangKaiHui, and friend Liu straight Xun, and many other martyrs shelter is Chang E.He must be to comfort them: in the near future, it will look at their comrades, the laboratory will be built on the moon to engage in scientific research, and will have our own space, the Inn!Thought here, my heart can not help but ache, blurred eyes staring at the blue sky, white clouds blossoming, whether martyrs who pleased smile?  Of course, my heart must fly to the mountains million, to pay homage, and comfort the motherland of their ancestors first test on the sky!  My heart flew on.I would fly to Mars, to fly to other solar system!  I want to ask Qu Yuan, can I go and search up and down together?Again asked the day?  I want to ask Xu, and I could go to space travel writing?  I want to say to WuChengEn: the Monkey King can go where you too!Buddha may not be able to!  I would also like to discuss with Luo Guanzhong, will be how to write today’s Three Kingdoms!  Ah!  Return capsule of Shenzhou V safe landing, my heart flew outside the ancient today.  Perfect docking with the Shenzhou VIII Temple One, let my heart, more assured!  I do not believe China’s ambitious politicians!  I think economists believe China has the ability to!  I do not believe Chinese scientists wise!  I do not believe China’s athletes who have the courage!  In the near future, it will be built Kua Fu’s post will bring us bright flag, into the top of other planets!  Ah!  Our better tomorrow!  Our more brilliant tomorrow!  Remember these exciting moment!  Please remember these good times!