Articles about the mundane world

Part One: listen to the rain falls, silent shadow of the mundane quiet cold, wasted years, hurried time, a unsparing, twenty years time so later, late fall weather is still cool earth, I was asleep rain startled, rainy night waking, suddenly, coolness struck, feeling his thoughts has never been clear, through the window, looking at the bleak gray sky full of sad atmosphere, only sigh fleeting, autumn leaves scatter, the original so sadly, not for the stray leaves wither, but as the year spent similar, each year is different, the laws remain constant, withered flowers, the coming year will be to open, fragrant flowers still, going, I naturally young, Shaohua dumping negative, but no juvenile when.  On the end of autumn streets, few pedestrians on the road, in addition to the weather Wei Leng, the most frustrating way to scattered on the streets of that piece of the leaves, the breeze, like a butterfly, dancing downtown, the wind had full to desolation, after the bustling, sigh a failure to stray shadow, we always used with a memory, the way to go now, then in a casual moment, remember bits and pieces of the past, suddenly burst into tears, past the original road , go back, about the pace of youth drifting away.Sometimes, we think, a little bit of time goes by, what we have done, what is done at least for myself, and sometimes can not find the direction, pace of youth go too fast, the pace of time riding a day, time passed one day, slowly go step by step that has become a big time so year after year passed, and then, ten years, twenty years after it?Whether that time will think?Pace of youth is not cross too fast, we Lai Buji run, it was the way all the way by time zone.Like a rainy day flowers, yet enjoy the warmth of the sun given, was knocked out cold rain.Stray fleeting, a flash into the air, the youth wanted to do a dream, the dream has beautiful flowers, there are flowers of sadness.  If stray dream, flowers sky, dance chaotic heart-breaking, along the horizon that the most beautiful scenery, quietly closed the curtain, Yula heartbreak, youth, like a clouds.  Yula listening, silent of the mundane world of ever go back, go back to the dream, but it sounds a recall, the rain outside the window, quietly underground, I quietly listen, listen to this wonderful mundane in nature sound – rain, as if listening to a story, a sad story, which tells the sad sad sad world, the Red troubles, such as flowers withered, such as falling leaves, stand up to Homecoming, unable to retain youth.  Dazzling light is not for me, too bright, burns my eyes, I like the quiet life, soft lighting to illuminate the two sides time to the vicissitudes of life as a drink, Love to feed their families, do the clothes Jinhua years service, in one hundred after thousand turn back, quietly turned, and then leave.Part II: the mundane world, words to thoughts of a stick in accordance with the world, only a trace of pink clouds shiny red evening that determination of the face, the hands of the petals still still lying quietly.Overlooking a panoramic view of the mountains and the earth, how then, only the hearts of lonely word.  Next to the cliff shallow sing, I pour love then so be it, only Qing smile, hand pick month, for ages, what is difficult.The only solitude can only pay homage to that short memories between you and me, relaxed palm petals, wind wanton flying, like your thoughts, no direction, no purpose, only thoughts swirling.  Never forget that you Dangxia mieshi blow for me, lying in my arms, blood Ying Su Yi your seats, we can see the heart, regret, remorse, upset, despair, you just gently smile, as butterflies dancing in general, did not take any in the world, perhaps only my eyes that tear it.Sauna net breezy, it is already night, sunset quietly home, the only moon in the sky, a seat Su Yi, that look vaguely like you left this mundane world, the only place afar under the moonlit silence and added dash of solemn.  Standing cliff summit, ear whisper still lingering ear, your love, my oath, hold hands, at any world, only for the people of a given side of the Union, surreal dream, dumping the World Love I’m the only one, regret the pain barrier on the other side of the heart.  The night wind gently blowing clothes, thin face, they are still your heart is so resolute, shallow sing a few old minor, purple street of smoke, sigh past Looking back, thousands of the world sad love, heart, moving silently, hands Qing Hui Staff , slid a perfect arc, such as your face in general, Empress Dowager.  Choi Ha hidden, the moon now, leaving behind only the United States and temporary; everything is quiet, the staff to move, only Tim eternal sorrow Ming; Weak three thousand, Jesus Christ Bandai, only wish you only take a spoonful drink.    Part III: mundane rain, night homesickness parents read Kenjiro, fragrant meal dream.  Mundane fall rainy night, rainy night and homesickness.  - Inscription Intrigue, rainy capital.But the rain stopped just two days, today and fall rain.Drizzle quietly and fell, wet houses, wet trees.I am in the southern rainy night, alone hold an umbrella for life, shuttling between work and rented house, work, work, two first-line, so simple and boring life so re-start the day.  Passers, rub shoulders do not stay.Street, except for people in a hurry, full of different colors but after Huang Huang umbrella!Dream off the mundane Reviewing the past, it was the southern town pass with paper umbrella, under the umbrella that Zhang Qingxiu face, has never ever seen.Perhaps, in the misty rain was seen only imaginary landscape scene, perhaps, it is doomed just a dream, a sublime, are like fairy tale dream.  Rain, such as silk, down in numerous canopy, with slightly curved arc umbrella converge on all sharp edges.Continuous collection and constantly dripping, such as silk and crystal clear line.People do words, your spring such as oil, why you?Your on your shower in it woke up the sleeping earth, showing that touch people most fresh green.People thanks to its gift, sigh not think that report, can only go out in the day outing spare time, monopolize a Fangmei Jing, feel the warm gentle spring breeze in March that unique throbbing bud catkins.Walking in wilderness lake, watch the wind Qing Huang tender grass, like most of the Yaotouhuangnao elf, adorable elf!  Tomb Sweeping Festival approaching, I think of the scene in previous years grave graves.Living in the country, has for a long time have not been to the graves, do not know who to be able to explain it in the end be regarded as disrespect or lack of filial piety?I do not know already, a total of missed several clear, nor dawn, but also a few wandering Spring?  Rainy night, looking out the window dim street lights, street lights and pattering rain falling.Windowsill rain, rain down numerous windows, look out the window swirling rain, wells surge of homesickness, this time, to see raindrops on the window, like a crystal clear many tears, those dripping heart , unspeakable homesick tears!  Miss home Tukang Kangbian affixed with paper-cut quaint window edge.Childhood, was so fond of rain.Like to see the rain, like watching the rain mouthwatering flowers; like listening to the rain, like a rainy night lying on the window listening to the rain, just as it has been listening, I have been hearing sleep smiling.Get up early in the morning, opened the door window, feel the fragrance that the face of the earth and the cool, refreshing people feel unspeakable.Hospital in bloom flower, flower residual rain, fragrance bears Smart!After a lapse of today, still remember that window, the window of the soul can fly.Still remember the ticking of the rain early and open the window head cool, earthy fragrance.  Southern town temporarily, although the leisure fishing boat when considerable smoke, see catkins sprout.But these are still obscure my homesickness, leaves need to return to their roots, their homes no matter how good, can only be temporarily.People are emotional animals, home away from home always can not be replaced because there are too many moving home, our exclusive collection of too many memories!Memory in mind, if people, nostalgia is hard to change!  Recalling Past rain mundane people, old people living hometown.Qiannian too hard, gentle rain, watching the rush of daily walking, I do not know when we can return to hometown.Listen to a piece of music, brew a cup of tea.Look slowly rising in Ming Yan floating in soothing soft music, this time, did not want to repeat anything, just want to feel the intangible Smart and graceful in the subtle fragrance of.  During the day I do not understand the black night, who knows worry Jun?Away from home, the day may not be the outcome, it is difficult to go home in a day!Because parents feel unworthy, discredited in the face of their loved ones.After rushing to the choice, more is speechless and perplexed.Empty lament, heaven and earth has been set, who is going to reverse?  Life is long, where the Prophet hide?An unknown road, no guidelines, only groping forward.Looking back, it is the home of direction, but only want, but difficult to return!  Jiangnan fall rainy night, rainy night and homesickness.Homesick, homesick in delicious meals and childhood playmate, white-haired and full of life coming beloved parents.Wandering, miss, empty sentimental, I only hope the parents healthy, I only hope that all drifting away from home health!  I hope the sky can be cleared as soon as possible, hoping one day to return home, hoping to look forward to that day, not too long.    Part Four: mundane fireworks – have contained thousands, Jagged not return.Faint when broken, Yi Huai Qing history books.  Out of the mundane world, can become immortal Flying?Avoid the worldly chaos, really, you can get a situation like that of his own desire, alone, chic comfortable.Perhaps, had it paradise, just emptiness of people’s hearts sustenance of the land, which is clearly illusory to imagine, but still chasing those unfailing dated disorderly fragments.Eventually discarded, the mundane world is not fireworks, but those we do not want to face injury.  Chaotic strife, warlords everywhere, once, world stars.The roots of chaos, the hero tears, a slip, eternal resentment, sorrow and where there is menopause?Long yellow dust, how many dependents buried idiot, holding a golden * Yufang, only a cold stone for that, long live the phrase cry.Win, how can?Lost, what can?What ambition, what million are spring and autumn, just in case the lights sum of residual ink, with the passage of gradually being known, the final result, it is only a gossip Tan Wan, a not.  If, only when the dying, in order to truly understand our true thoughts, perhaps, but also a ray of Huai Hong fascination, it is enough to make people forget for life.Contention, is snatching back, go attack, and receded, back and forth, just to name that side of the dust, or, surnamed Li, or the name of Zhao.For what?Get what?Just an excuse for a person’s own cowardly, complete show in front of everyone, hiding others, deceived myself.Who would like to silence the call of armored cavalry, who promised not think Wanlv Sands glory, who in spite of praying beloved is it?How righteous?How Zhong?In the end, people are just as life Seoul evaluated, one does not know you, never seen you, understand you, give your review.The world, there are millions, often in different languages, but also good, but we also evil.  Who can Dankan clouds, painting Qian, Wen Wanxiang, not secular courtesy.Who says: “I at the mud, but not dyed, soaked black ink and not muddy.Laughing sea to the clouds, the smell of autumn, under the Chun Yeung.Light wine pour alone, of all things born Yin, sigh * Four Seasons color.Then, ink pale describe this feeling and endowed this verse, comfort my heart, to live up to this world was a.However Stardust fire, insects for the song, with more than this life, how lonely it has?”Laughter sea, sigh vicissitudes of life, not the hero troubled times for the United States, hidden go off, many tea cups, string and wind Chrysanthemum, rocking chair Ying-ming.Wang, Qingluan sprout, mining, Qiu Xia footage, which was clear before the world people?Laugh, clean before the world so how can people retire from the world.If away from the earth, as if not in this life, shadowless, without a trace, no thought, no pull, no hate, no complaints, mood, like transparent general, health, compared with himself, dead, also had.Both demand, leaving what, do not stay He Nian, turn to dust, why a return to this world?Both look on this world, they will not care about the body, whether in being where; both, disillusioned, bitter complaints own Dankan why chatter died; both, monopoly, why bother to hide, secular strife.  What is vulgar?What is refined, people are just gives the word fills what war hero, what a hero fighting, are also the moment in the brush Bale.Is not to fight a hero is immortal and badly beaten, is not hope for a Supreme Lingyin elegant Magi is a just man.Name, is a man took, can take, can waste.Two words, two mouths, two words, two people.And we only have one, is not to fight a name later and chaos, clear all proud?  The next moment, who sigh, the roots of chaos, the hero thing.All in all, exists because there is, therefore, due to smile and smile, sigh and sigh because.  The hero is a hero, to dominate the world, Fate party group.Hermit is a hermit, go hide leaves, without a word earth.But, this hero must be the name of the hero, this hermit, will have known hermit.Afraid only afraid, hero to hero name, hermit to hermit that was the name, discarded mind, eliminate lifetime Invite empty, why should we return.Only fearless fight to fight, why should avoid just to avoid too.  Liu Ji is pleased to return to Taoyuan, not Behind.Yu sad little item and then sigh ants die in river.Ask the world heroes are pretending to dispute?Ask the world for the hermit only in name?However, no too.A paragraph of text, described how our lives, a few feeling hard to say five thousand years during vancomycin only books worth pointing.Hero, hermit, only, book characters, drawing on paper, but also, mundane fireworks, no different from others.