Articles about the necklace

Part One: necklace pain ever, in life there are, come and rush the passer away.Or beautiful, or sad, or passion, or silent.They often appear in the corner of your life, you walk through a visual or rainy or sunny day, I like to thank in particular when this friendship, deeply miss those days gone.Many years ago, I know a great literary talent friend.Live a long time, between joke asks: Can a few idiom to describe what this person?For example looks.character.Drawback etc..Friends think the only answer I am almost a.Unfortunately, to this day, I can only remember three of impressive words: fascinating.Gangrouxiangji.Sentimental.I remember their own could not help laughing.In the eyes of friends, with a fascinating word to describe my appearance is what it was intended?Is praise or derogatory?I do not want to inquire.Perhaps, in the eyes of friends, I do not whether it is beauty and ugliness important thing to appreciate is the basis of mutual friendship.So, I like this phrase because it is a friend of the most chic evaluation.Hardness and softness, because he is at home pickled lazy like a cat, but in the unit and diligent aggressive it like cattle?Only in heavy work, with his strong wish to go, do not fatigue and burnout, always keep their tenacious support force to withstand the inevitable fate to bring their own, but with the flexible nature of mind to feel happy labor.Sentimental, is also very good ah!Without it, maybe there would be a perception heart like life, it is the gift God has given me, I opened it and saw the melancholy beauty, its noble like my neck crystal necklace, bright white, sparkling brilliance.  This necklace is a gift from a friend.Friend said: wisdom and suffering are twin brothers, holding them together, became a living soul, a move which slip over your heart, and as my arm, you will always be warm.There are many things in life suddenly disappeared.About friendship, it does not seem to resist the watery fleeting.Necklace still can be friends figure was drifting away.I tactfully water all season, charming all seasons, also lost a string of Blowing want footsteps.Often in silence quiet night, I miss their once young, those languages under fragrant lilac miss, miss their loved ones and hard wrapped around a sponge and think tears blurred vision, but also a smile to every spring.  The original winter evening is such a beauty.Gently hold in the palm of love, suddenly warming up.  Outside the car, chaos, nothing to do with me.  Painful it really is their necklace?  In the heart of the necklace, already warm, the pain of isolation, the years of isolation, graceful smile.Like drops of water thoughts.    Part II: sand pit necklace on Sunday when nothing at home to billow from the cabinet, inadvertently found that there is a sand pit necklace hanging in the corner deep pressure inside luggage, so the heart will be filled with unlimited reveries come.  It was also the second year of a soldier, although to shed innocent recruits, but has not yet entered the ranks of veterans (at that time soldiers, three to five years can be called veterans, soldiers, when the fifth year , not a squad leader, also known as the old squad leader), but also apparently imitating the first line of the veterans.Outside of work, leisure time, not so much complicated chores, they also learn to look like veterans, running his own deeds come to pass that tasteless lonely time, but a lot of amusing things done in this period, with sand pit make a necklace, is one of them.  Jujube sand, sand is one of the most important protected sand species in Xinjiang.He said the tree, in fact, it also summoned up the courage and shrubs in the arid Gobi Desert, in place of water can reach, surrounded by sand jujube on dozens of acres of acres into a large box field, after three to five years time, date trees grow into a forest to the sand, the sand has a feature that the middle of the square field, they can become a fertile land to grow grain cotton, and sand jujube junction angustifolia, like the mainland as jujube, people become delicious mouth.However, due to sparsely populated, that angustifolia are mostly self-long free fall, few people picking.Angustifolia jujube, like as not the same species, size is not the same, some long big, some small long, dried fruit market in the market, also saw someone selling that most of the larger varieties, and small angustifolia, very few people cares.We use leisure time, to pick angustifolia, became a big mouth angustifolia cuisine, angustifolia used to make necklaces.  Air-dry mature small angustifolia style yellow, skin and flesh are very hard.We’ll come pick angustifolia scalded with boiling water, then dip in about three days, the skin and flesh are fully soaked, and then rub a clean skin and flesh, leaving only a pit.That is only a small sand pit size grains, brown streaks spindle, tan, even with an upper longitudinal channel.The pointed ends of the sand pit cut with scissors, then size, picking out the same color, are put together, and then on the felt pickup mill (per soldier are paved usually a very thick plated wool blanket), rub until the pit was lit up Mingguang.This is only the first step, the next step is to wear as a necklace.Each network has a sauna soldiers a sewing kit, inside size needle, thread, thimble has usually been sewn up clothes are their own doing, the army three years, needlework that effort, as much as older girls in rural areas , small daughter.However, wearing a necklace sand pit, they are generally used in red silk, so that together look better, more meaning.People that do not know how to wear a pearl necklace, I think the truth should be the same.Therefore, this necklace is worn with a sand pit live and not complicated, right middle finger put thimble, index finger and thumb pinch the needle (such as a small starting embroidery needle), a left-handed pinch pit, from one end of the pit to the other end of the center through the center line (that passes through the right needle thread to pit, otherwise, the partial needle wear, needle not only difficult to not penetrate, even when penetrated, is biased, then, this grain pit also scrapped the.), During the most critical is the heart should be fine.Hard sand pit, if the bubble just right, wear just right, like to wear some, if not bubble, they wear does not move, exert oneself big, not a needle stop, is to wear a split pit, come to naught.Sand pit is very small, when a needle is not easy to pull its weight, so it is very laborious to wear.This is the test of a person’s care and patience of time.If the heart is not detailed enough, they often stop bar, partial or needled, the pit or crack through, or pulled off the line, can not be used; if the patient is not wearing a few pit, eye acid look too tired succeeded hurt, anxious head sweating, heart to tears, did not mind wearing it, readily fling, quit, give up halfway ended in failure.If the job training is not too busy, dressed as a necklace, to a week time, sand pit with about eighty (depending on the size of the necklace made with auditing can be more or less).After put on the necklace, the necklace into the varnish soak a week or so, then dry, then dry with a felt mill rub gently until shiny necklace Zeng light up, so that a pure natural, antique angustifolia nuclear necklace made of.  Generally soldiers doing sand pit necklace, but also just for fun, read like no other.Relatively speaking, rural membership soldiers do little town nationality the soldiers do more; do less training mission heavier idle less time squad platoon of soldiers, more radio operators and clerical idle time of logistic soldiers do more.The military capacity of the military discipline was very strict, military personnel are not allowed to wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other decorations.Soldiers make a necklace, just in time for fashion, they do not wear, after interest, put it covered up a long period of time, will forget.Of course, there give it to the object, gave his girlfriend, to give female students, which also just take it as a souvenir of it.  When I was in company documents, relatively speaking, a little more free time, so he is learning to veterans look, with a necklace made of sand pit.After that burst of interest, I put it in the box, and later, on the military school, graduated, went back troops, and more twists and turns, the stars move barter, a busy work, a long age, the these will forget.Now turn the box pound inadvertently pulls out the necklace hanging sand pit, which I could not help but think of the good times that period of youthful passion burning and that Shu side to AXA!    Part Three: I believe our necklaces, Maupassant stole my “necklace”.”Necklace” obviously my ah.I have been placed under my bed!If you do not believe me, I wonder if I can ask ah, I must know, ah.”Necklace” has been put under my bed.First met, “necklace”, is 7 years old when I read.That age, always looking for something new, fun things to do, most can not stand the lonely.Then naive I always feel at home there are some pretty powerful, strange thing, my parents were hidden in a corner, so when I’m home alone, and likes to “rummaging”.Once I found in a box under an old book ugly break-down (this old book is the necklace), covers only the next small pieces, the other mice were when “Good Effort” to eat.I was particularly fascinated by the martial arts, and believe that real life is a genuine arena.And I often imagined that one day inadvertently, when walking, when squat down to tie his shoe, accidentally discovered the “Jiuyangzhenjing”, or any other martial arts Cheats, much on the line as long as.However, since I watched the TV series “Swordsman”, every day I pray not to be found in the “evil spirits Jianpu”.  So, my firm, determined and definitely no doubt that this book will be very powerful, martial arts secrets for a long time has been lost, at least for a few days.I felt my heartbeat is accelerating, my head a little swollen, I was very excited and very nervous.Nervous because I knew was wrong to refining possessed by the devil, just as Yue Buqun almost become his mother’s daughter.  I know that practice martial arts to find a secluded place, especially skills, fairy refining what must not be seen, so I went to his room sneaky, and also mimic the Hong Kong movie scene inside, a look back three steps, 5 steps back, not to see what suspicious people tracking (actually home to save me a person).He entered the room also on the door with a chair against the door.Then close the window.He sat on the ground, put his legs up disk, learn drama inside shots the book on his lap, his left hand to make a orchid fingers, because the right hand to turn the page, so I can not do.I actually want to sit on the bed, and that there was no such drama can.Inside there are several words I know, when I was very proud, I felt he was a martial arts prodigy!At the beginning okay, faded after a while it started to hurt.I began to worry, because I faded sour and hand pain, certainly obsessed ah!!Later, it can not hold, and put the book under the bed, he ran out to play for a moment.I also did not sleep well at night, worried about whom stole Cheats.For a moment, I hear what sounds beds.I’m worried about is taking away Cheats, so the book to find out holding sleep a night.The next day they practiced for a long time I want to know now how much.So ran out and saw a tree, had wanted to put his hand piduan, but worried about the pain, took the knifed down I saw!I was shocked the whole person!!Tree actually has a trace!!I finally training will be a ah!!At that time I was very excited and proud!Later in the duel with a neighbor, I wash the shame before, I used my strength and to demonstrate that myself.And that person before a fight, I’m basically a one-time resolved (he knocked me down) and this one.Ha ha ha ha ha, he only hit me the third time boxing!I am proud about it for a long time ah!  After that I could not find the book, I thought lost, I know to read fourth grade when we come to him from under the bed to find out.So I say my necklace is, in fact, your.Each of us has his own childhood necklace in lost was back, back and lost, those good memories in our minds if shadow if now, like dreams, in true, false Barbara in following us, forever and ever.