Articles about the old house

Part one: the dream of the old house Shen Wen said, “I really redneck.I have no say redneck pride, not in self-deprecating, redneck hillbilly usual, there is always a deep-rooted nature, love and hate, and funeral music has its own unique style, distinct from the human and urban!”And I am a countryman, when I was tired of living in the city, he wanted me to go back, go back, as the mother of the fetus son and a palace, with her head, curled up quietly, serene, calm.Serene, calm……  Recently, the old house frequently dream.Dream everything is so real, so could not sleep after waking up…….  It faces south brick tile, chimney that has a kitchen, the yard was covered with flowers, and that fresh shallots vegetable garden behind the house that piece of fertile land, that everything is so familiar, seems to be in familiar sight, touch can be a touch…..  Simple hanging bed nets, the mother has a handmade quilt big flower blue flower exudes the smell of sun, I was 10 years old, 3-year-old brother, mother in the dim light reading novels listen to our mother’s voice is so sounds appealing, it’s unique tone and tone never encroached on our eardrums — like the scent of gardenias in the night wind.  That radio station has disappeared in me like “little horn program”; in single-Tian Fang said, “Chivalric Heroes”; radio drama section is about “Ordinary World”.  ”Yellow card” black and white television, Liu Hui-fang, Wang Hu born interpretation of “desire”, the house filled with the village folks.  The big table in the main room on both sides, I sat homework with his brother, “bat” brand fans brought cool breezes, the house called cicadas in full swing.  Zaotang the firewood is booming, the pot is a good father tofu stew of vegetables, mother apron cut that long thin noodles, warm the jug on the stove.  Grove left in the yard, gorgeous apricot open like Xia, under the tree, I was reading, a gust of wind blew, the pages turn, and on my skirt is full of flowers a soft one tender.Lavender plump paulownia spent all over the floor, a pink apple blossom is white, peach is bright red, grass poked a soft and thick hair of a head.Father tied a small sickle on a long bamboo pole from a tall tree toon hook under the tender honking Chunya, my mother took my brother and I picked up into the basket, salad, scrambled eggs, or fish wrapped in batter and deep-fried Chun, very delicious.Lily lush courtyard side of the row, summer morning, while the dew is dry, unopened flower plucked, washed with water boiled dried in the sun.Ria pepper tree that has two flush face, the mother took the scissors to carefully cut the branches of a branches a red agate, while careful not to cut while I asked stabbed pierced hand, if pierced hands ten million do not call “OMG!”Because the prickly ash tree is not the mother, listened to will and grief.I was carrying baskets on the side of skepticism nodded.  The garden, a green onions, emerald green is bitter melon, cucumber Qiaosheng Sheng wearing a green jersey, also wearing a yellow head, slender cowpea, eggplant purple Yingying, red-and-green tomatoes.My birthday, full frame “knife beans” can eat, shredded red and green chili accompanied by a fried, is a fresh and delicious meals under.  After frost, the mother began to run her pickle jar, pepper, ginger, pepper, red radish and white cabbage in a tender a tender heart, the mother’s pickles altar, it becomes hot and sour taste.  To the New Year, to shochu, to hang sweet potato starch noodles, vermicelli that the frost glittering hanging in front of the house and kill a large pig on the mountain cut cypress, delicious bacon will be in the curl of smoke in smoked well, my favorite is that with pickles altar in blisters over the bar Inoguchi, each time to eat, I have a pig lament Why do not more long some tongue?  New Year’s Eve, breakfast strike, as usual, father to write couplets for the village people, such as his father busy, hearty meals are also served up.Night, I took my brother holding a lantern and partners play in the village.    Part two: those old former house red summer sunshine in between high-rise buildings, all the way unimpeded, grilled hot concrete wall, Sapo set to release gas heat waves, coerced salted fish house, like sticky stench of human.  This time, I really miss the past those old houses: Green brick, wood walls, hung bamboo window Xuan, under a clump of banana, a few thin bamboo pole, spend shadows, reclined couch window, bamboo bed Pushan, dark green exhaustion.There Maemi breeze, came slowly.So spend long summer, lazy idle, hot but not dry.  Old house, so there will be a party where the window.A chaise couch, bed also chairs also can lie can sit.There are a few small party, you can read and write, needlework needlework.Or Sanwuzhiji, snow, rainy days, drink tea chat.Mottled light and shadow from the gap between the old trees leave out, and from carved wooden latticed windows, leisurely swaying come.The window, of course, do not need to sit, how to how comfortable, how close you how next to rely on.Buddist raised, gossip three days feel tired.Word gap, looked up at the rafters of the old swallow nest, pale gray, like a small ball, do not know which year of built.  There are stories old house, like a Swiss gold beast in the brain of incense, people in the house, fireworks life breath sounds, curl attached to the plaque on the brick, the cornices, the screen wall, window frames on this house every place, as if doing a patina with time, always old, but has become a vicissitudes of taste there is the elderly.That was the elderly are run rain shower decadent wall, was destroyed when the slapstick children carved wooden bed, was taken the day come and groove threshold, every place, you can sit down and sounds authentic period, handed down from generation to generation, but always vivid stories.  See the old house, I like quiet, ask those with a hand on a brick wall, those wooden doors.Really, those silent building, a storyteller.Unlike modern architecture, smooth concrete walls, glass walls, much like a stupid girl coarse, lack of talent, but also refused to read, richly dressed, but far to see share silly.Those who had been to the town – the foot of Huangshan Xidi Hongcun, Jiangnan Wuzhen, that is pretty and intelligent girl, lying quietly in a village in the mountains near water, wordlessly he tells the past of the family or community.Sauna net Then, you get into this village from the beginning, just opened a thread-bound ancient books.Marching quartzite paths, quiet time is suitable reading materials.Also just stand outside the gate, I have unlimited visits of interest – why the house diagonally to open the door, why bluestone threshold is so high, windows and doors, carved those plants and animals, which are auspicious meaning, profound stress, you see, this house and would like an interesting person, you will always make you feel fresh.Unlimited most curious to pass up, you never see enough to always fascinating.  I stood under the patio, looking up at the top of the viewfinder, like the four corners of the sky.Affectionate blue sky, clouds rush.Some houses are still below the patio floor, put a few around relatively straight-backed chair.Obviously in the house, while able to chat, while at the sky.Both private, yet open.Patio on the ground, someone dug inventiveness side of the pond, raise a few koi, water lilies kinds of trees.Sunny day to enjoy the wind, rain snow, it was shut out Red Dust, a hospital scored worldly elegance.  Mulan seen a group of old lake house.Quietly situated in a clear water lake side, hanging from the sash Stir afar, gray walls and white border nestled between the level of scattered trees.Look at the nameplate on the house, all traders purchased and the overall move came from the mountains.People from different places, the neighbors did actually get together.Comfortable old house, Ponzi old house, the former residence of bamboo, whether dignitaries or Celestial House, every house, with all the details of his well-meaning, to convey a monk regulation home training, the same strain of ideals and pursuits.Every house, there are several hundred years of history, but also no way was an old, still clearly retained longer.Now we must think of the hundreds of thirty-five ten major demolition and construction of a house, the people there are really shallow ignorance of shame.What else than to do a whole house with a family heirloom, it is better able to be more emotions it?  In those empty room, I guess the owner had willfully life.Flood tank in front of the house, according to the clarity of the water with a face as I dust.Before complex carved wooden bed, think about the “Lotus account warmth Spring Night” eclectic.In the light permeability of small rooms, the imagination “Hongxiutianxiang night reading” romance.Even those who put in the spinning wheel loom side room, I imagine myself while listening to the children read those articles Yaotouhuangnao full of great wisdom, while sewing needle with thread spun weave cotton padded shoes lovers.I traveled to every corner of that room, in quiet meditation, how I wish he is living here all day in the life of the owner.With the words now, I’m always very envious of jealous hate: this house, had lived in what people do, or what kind of person it should be lived?  Shen Fu and Chen Yun, of course, lived in this old house.Often read, “Lin Yutang” in “within the family, or meet darkroom, narrow way encounter, will ask handshake Day” where to go?”” This sentence, mind emerges must be less bright light in the old house, Feeling young couple, love warm and restraint.Old house carved windows and doors tightly Cou Cou courtyard design, multigenerational were in the same house, and training is restrained and Shurei person, can not tolerate unrestrained and hypocritical.  Naturally, LiuXiaoMan not live in this house.It is said that she and Xu Xu married back home Kip Stone, Missy temper present laws will make it unpleasant, actually also in front of her in-laws face like a baby in front of Xu, even “there are times meal requirements Shima hold her upstairs” Xu Shen Gongdie finally sit real as her indecent reputation, angrily walked away from the land is a new breed of women, the pursuit of unfettered free-spirited nature, new bungalows, stylish and flamboyant, more suitable for younger when she.  I still prefer wrote “draw nobile slip socks,” the Qingzhao, when young do not know real depression, living in this old house, tender and beautiful, innocent, those precious mahogany Phoebe over the years, seems to have soiled girl’s sweet.Begonia volume account also like to ask, Chung Yeung Festival in Acacia boil people that when she thinner than yellow, and Zhao Mingcheng together, as partners in the room Shijiu, stone for the music.At that time, no matter how old they live in what the old house, every room should have been happy map was sunny, the sun every inch of the room, are also bright and cheerful.But, how scared I was, she wrote that when “searching, desolate, desolately sad”, or live in this old house.Old house easily tide, every room, from the musty underground thrown, all the time of her sinking, erosion sensitive heart had to die alone.  Said Yu Yang dignitaries, so it seems, the house is more VIP support.In an old house, and a person, a group of children to raise, keep warm house – this is a woman can think of.