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Part one: the social realities, helpless woman who said ending unrealistic?What vows, life together, a common destiny, I am afraid it can be said that the rhetoric.  The song has this to say, “so beautiful promise, because too young.”.For a 20-year-old, not a lot of experience, or experienced, but not realized where the real truth or that life is not very successful people, I am afraid that all promises are empty vernacular, face reality, face the choice of time he also said that as it was so free and easy to do?  How many people will give up everything for love, her happy just to get each other?In this social interests above all else, how many people would be so generous that he is a uncorrupted?  When you fall in love with her to play a tragedy, eventually becoming contact, heart to him but he gave up, again and again I believe him, you want to give her time and time again, but again and again to make you despair.  When you gonna get married and she’s going to the point, I encountered such a situation, when your heart is not the kind of heartbreaking pain?This misunderstanding can be said clearly, she is not to contact you, your motivation to work, by all means, to forgive her inability to do anything.Even for her family against each other, but she is indifferent, there is no discourse, adhere to maintain her original status quo?Outside pressure, nagging family, then you are not the same does not understand his approach, pay more, you can always hurt himself.  Have you ever heard of, too far when sad, tears no longer in flood; when smiling over a degree, the mouth will no longer rise up.  Often sigh, this life if I do not meet you, and you do not have met me, we will not be back as each other are still optimist before boys and girls, at least for now would not be so difficult, heartbroken.  And often think back to the words you used to say, is your dad to convince you that drag is false, not directly say?Did you say let me work, your sentence is the truth, because they do not work well how can money to meet you, to know society is so realistic, long love, can not withstand the reality of society, the temptation of money.Maybe just his own wishful thinking, or is blame themselves too stupid, too believe that people, who are watching the money, some people, some things, really not worth it.Or that he had been too useless it!  Experienced so many joys and sorrows, finally understanding, that, in spite of the world’s most things, not memory, nor is it the distance, but the reality of the society!    Part II: is not the same as ending brave inscription: If you had courage, the outcome is not different; if you insist that time, memories are not different?  Fate always difficult to fathom, always linger in our daily life.Happy, sad, unfortunate and so forth will be attributed to fate.  Many novels will have a great hero to change their own destiny, everything becomes possible advocate one kind of pride.Wise people always laugh.This man is a product of fate, if you are out, there is no point.  We 90 are so-called compulsory education from primary to high school popularity victim, this is the fate of our innate life trajectory.Perhaps after the college entrance examination, result of our efforts, or go to college infinite future, or fallen off an uncertain future, victims of fate we will have a feeling of injustice.I have no place worse than what he, at least comparable to us, why would he go farther than I?  When an elderly person outstanding reviews younger, inevitably there is a similar case: Although he is not very smart, but very hard.  Yes, we can not change destiny, we are not intelligent, but we can try by trying to make more long-term fate of some.  There are a distant friend, after graduating from high school, choose to work, she thought not continue and no large sense, such as bigger time to find a good home, nothing exciting life.Her idea, I have no comment, this is her life, I am not qualified to comment on what.Her life changes over time, it will be a lot of attitude.  She is a cheerful girl, and her noisy Cao Cao will give you a very pleasant feeling.Therefore upset, always thinking of me on a noisy.The next year in the field school, I called her, as if she experienced many years as.Sauna net I asked her: Are you okay?  She was a little hesitation, said: well of course.  Some feared Q: I heard that you recently changed a lot?  And so a little time, she said: I have to work it.  Her girlfriends and I were talking, always speak a little change in her.She always encouraged me to go make a phone call, but I often run into a wall.Also we rarely noisy.  I was careless, little pondering the ideas of others, but knew she had some incidents, for those of us friends, resist giving a Ruoyouruowu.  Just want to tell her that we are all small poor children, and therefore we have nothing to alienate grounds.Maybe some cruel life, tell us, we work together.  Perhaps because of the efforts of the moment, there is not a regret of memories.    Chapter Three: Outcome after what I thought it would feel better cry, I thought after the pain had not missed, I never wanted to hide myself, I was that girl crying.  I confess I am very fragile, how can you have the heart to touch those dusty wounds, I am familiar with your face goes, I go so I feel very warm in the face, already can not read, I do not know the time has changed or we ourselves have changed.  That chair behind the desk engraved with love, is not also laugh at me.I know at this time is a visual wound, in front of vilification they do not know the wrong way is so funny.We had promised white paper wrote, if you remember, now I understand, it was just an exercise, every time you say I understand, in fact, you do not understand, I will be pain.  Walking in the piece still vaguely unfamiliar road, heart a long time can not be quiet, I know that you left.Facts are facts, I can not escape, can not erase, tangled, and a loss.In fact, I knew the results, knowing that will be sad, but still.”Oh,” I laughed self-serving, staggering walk, before all the memories, tightly mixed with tears and laugh together, “little hope, you are wrong, so wrong it!”Is wrong, everything is my own making.Shook his head, mouth emerges a touch of wry.Well, obviously I said to forget all of this occurred at a time, forget the loved ones, but…Unconsciously, his figure quietly bubbling to the heart, come to mind, do not know when the original, that is called zero Yale boys have been silent in-depth own bone marrow, can not extricate themselves.Yes ah, all my selfish, perhaps, you and I really never meant, perhaps, to the last, and he will eventually hesitate, perhaps.  I have too many future outcome unpredictable, it would be wrong I should not fall in love with you, it would be wrong, obviously told myself over and over again, but always in a committed, no matter how disguise, he is still not control that heart.I often ask myself, if one day I thoroughly disappear in your world, how can you do it?You will do for me rather die?You will become more lonely for me it cold?You will lose me smile again, losing all sunshine?You know, I do not, I do not want you to like me, I do not want to lose you smile, I just want you to be able to be happy.I know he is very selfish, selfish decide everything, but if you can choose, I just want to stay in our summer of that year, stay by your side, forever.Beautiful fireworks, after a brief surprise, turned out to deep left sentimental.What a beautiful fireworks, after a brief brilliant, will eventually be the night’s silence, after a gorgeous, what they had left?So, what I’m going and this fireworks into the sky like it?Do you know, I want to leave, you want to return to the past, like the once Greek, always like to avoid, evade eventually do not like, I do not want to face all.How can I do?Only thing to do but flee, flee.  But now I really laugh.Remember the joke that you drive, you lying motionless in bed, I thought you were going to leave me forever, and I cried, you said: “I’m sorry, I did not mean to make you want to cry, listening to your cry , you feel the tears on my face, my pain will not be less than you.But if I do not, you would not have been so honest and brave to face your heart, I would just want you to see your own heart, you can forgive me hurt you, let me know you told me you may be anyone who can not be replaced.Little hope, do not cry, well-behaved.”But now we come to a close.You do not know, I had to escape only for you to forget, forget me, no longer looking for me, so when I selfish to leave, you do not know, I’m hiding only for you to let go, put yourself, do not I love again, so when I leave, you will not be so sad, so when I disappear, you will find your life’s most important person, happy life.Just so you know, I have deeply loved you, even if to leave, I do not cry, do not.Dear Yale, I wish you happiness.