Articles about the paradise

Part: early autumn, rain pattering autumn Fall in love with paradise, if not favor Wuhan, ghosts of autumn weather flooded the city, the mighty sunny bury all the sweat, the air has a bad odor, which monotonous heat so I can not sleep.  Holding the remaining one weary last night, walking in the beautiful campus, brilliant sunshine weight of my breath, I try to find that place with a cool, well want to own put into the refrigerator, cold air is compressed into a trace , wandering everywhere.  I hate him kind of sticky feeling, sweat presence at the scene, it is obvious.I pray befall a flurry, and look forward to wash away the heat of the city, in exchange for a trace of cool.However, every time I see numbers that high above the thermometer, no doubt once again hitting the last hope in my heart, but I still firmly believe that the one day will be sunny.  A sunny afternoon, I suddenly smelled the scent of cold air, once again walk on campus, Qunjiao wind wanton dance, dried up all the sweat, and I feel a lot of uncertainty, at least be able to fall asleep soundly tonight.  Lying in bed, relieved of all fatigue, relax the mind, slowly slowly closed his eyes, as if I was the only one in the world, quiet and serene.Rapid transitions between reality and dream, I Shenqingruyan, floating in a dream, however gently, smug.  Suddenly, I came to paradise, peach branches Yao Yao Shining.Montreal and Johnson Chan Man Hung, ten thousand Dan Choi burning spring thaw.Peach shallow depths, like a uniform depth makeup.The United States suffered a crushing defeat, I instantly fell in love with a charming kind of brilliant, obsessed, can not extricate themselves.There are warm spring breeze, the sun has a pleasant, pleasant temperature, where sunny.  That night, I had a long dream, do not want to wake up.  Early Autumn, Fall in love with paradise.  Maybe I just like a breath of spring.    Part II: Old Tao Yuanming’s paradise known as venture Laotao, is that he was not dead, often look like a pay expert, flash before my eyes.  Acquaintance Tao Yuanming, was teenager, he would not know to “Five Pecks of Rice” bow down, my heart will be a very, very impressed, that he really enough backbone.If people want to own and with him two times, will definitely travel long distances to visit his old, a cup of wine, felt his old bones.Another Understanding of His Holiness, it is time to read the correspondence college, teacher surnamed Luo with us on classical literature class, when talked about “Peach Blossom Spring”, Luo teacher standing on the podium, the body get high, like drinking a lot wine, amused, no one else, such as entering a fairyland-like, Guzi Yaotouhuangnao remembered “Peach Blossom Spring”.Peach Blossom Spring flowers, as if his body smell the flowers; paradise of water flowing out clearly from his white eyes.Read the strike, as he sipped aged wine for thousands of years, mouth Gee, can not help but said: “ah, Miya, paradise.”Look Luo sauna net so immersed, I did not forget to follow, coupled with their own was also published some poetry and published some novels, essays, with some literary youth is no different, it seems like a Nobel Prize winner, was mad very, Tao Yuanming not think he is a “drug source peach mind” What?It is so worth admiration body cast?Furthermore, when reading it just to mix a diploma, did not read many of his other poems.After the exam, even his retreat from the world behind and also went.  And up to read some of his poems, we know he is a Laotao Eye Gao Zhiyuan, quite ambitious and would like to do something incredible.His “when recalling my youth, no music since Yan Yu.Chi Meng Yi whole world, Qian Zhu Siyuan quill “, on the points he wishes to ‘big economy in Cang students’ grand ideal.Twenty-nine that year, he probably thinks he was well-read book, you can go to talk politics, he served as a libation to Jiangzhou (the official in charge of education), equivalent to the current Secretary for Education.Education can not long, he taught not go.Maybe he found, teach a man to understand the point Schwimmer easy, but if you want to teach others the soul of pure, high moral character, it is impossible for the county.Because official corruption,?Dirty, backward social system, had eroded the people’s hearts, this is a distortion of the human nature of good people.  So, Secretary for Education and improper him, and he went to join the army military town, Jian Wei army and other local warlords to become chief of staff, hoping to be a purely military advisor, in order to maintain the purity of the soul.Can political corruption, the always everywhere, even disciplined army, filled with the same kind of bureaucratic intrigues, and mutual strife of dirty seven or eight bad thing, not a piece of pure land.Therefore, every time he worked shortly, are disappointed to go home homebound.And forty years old that year, when he was appointed Pengze magistrate, was very pleased, would like to instrument allows to show its mettle, and presumably also made “Yangtianchangxiao go out, How can it be for us the basil people” like poetry.However, he could happily go to office, his first lesson taught on the first Tangguan, is groveling to superiors, A delicious flattery, sycophant, honor benefits, like a dog, obedient only envy, but not their thoughts and assertive, but not try to show its mettle.Because once their skills expand, it must be active too high cover Lord, who had tolerated?Not all sorts of strife you okay?”Great avail Cang students”, but it is a dream of intellectuals.In the dark of officialdom, who go to thine “great mercy”?Go go home.  Only eighty day Pengze magistrate, he did not Laotao.He refused to load the history books is the “Five Pecks of Rice” bow.Also refused to order an officer, distorted own noble soul.This feat he, drew much appreciation of intellectuals.But it is unscrupulous people disdain.They believe that he Laotao to do so, it is very silly.Because the whole officialdom are corrupt, we are dirty, you He Biqing high?GAO worth some money?Talk to the magistrate that this government compared to what?What gas not born, how migraine trying to find fault with such a good thing mandarin?Silly is too silly.  Not difficult to imagine, then certainly there are many people Quanguo his.He will even say, man Well, you have just, on the surface of the cylindrical inner bend your knees, do not bend the heart, not on the line, not the same as keeping their things?Man, multiple personalities, why a pure love, she lost other.He does not listen, he is seen through this, no longer insisted on a step into the officialdom.Before resigning, he wrote, “a sense of Shibuyufu” and criticize the reactionary ruling like a dragnet under the cloth, which makes the fish phorusrhacidae panic, feel insecure; and officialdom immorality, hypocrisy in vogue, Not only talent repressed, even very pure people,?Just caught them, like falling into a big vat, who also do not want to clean up.  Back home in the country, in the face of simple farmers, faced with beautiful natural landscapes, his mood a greater joy.It did not take long to write “return home vegetable garden five”, describe a happy mood when leaving the officialdom, praise the idyllic life Gonggeng.And to describe themselves as “long in confinement in the” bird, “restored to nature”, was freed of life.Although impoverished farm life, he is also not afraid, he never regretted his original resign.But added that his state of mind by the noise “Jie Lu in the human environment without traveling.I asked the wilderness round?Heart that is distant.Under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain.Good mountain air sooner or later, the birds also phase.Among them there lies a deep meaning has been forgotten words “personal poetry, gradually turned to a wider broader realm.Just like a baby, like, when he stopped in to old age, that is, turn to the life almost two decades after it, “Peach Blossom Spring” finally flowing out from his pen up.  Utopia, his heart is a happy beautiful ideal society.In this paradise, there is no oppression, no exploitation, no war, all labor, every family rich, stable life pleasant, honest and simple folk.And then the darkness of society, in stark contrast.His “Suddenly every Peach Grove, Gaan few hundred paces, no Zashu, fresh grass, fallen flowers”, people like entering paradise; his “land Ping Kuang, just like houses, there is fertile land, the United States and the pool, Sang bamboo genus, Crossroad traffic, cocks “, and that the people are feeling poetic, real.Undoubtedly, today’s eye view, he’s paradise and what is not, the problem is, he was the first to say “beautiful paradise” of the people.As is often said, the first to say “flower beauty” who is a poet; the second is said to follow the laity; the third and then follow that that is a slut.  Moreover, throughout his life, he maintained a pure soul, noble character, his every single word, every line of the poem, is the natural flow out of a pure heart, without affectation, not hypocritical, will not hypocrites, like a pseudo-Confucianism.The human spirit is often said that, in fact, this is his spiritual life.Because, a person easily maintain the purity of the moment, but life is still like a pure land, it will be difficult and hard.Moreover, his pure, not just abstinence, but to a wider broader realm of sublimation, the world as beautiful as paradise.  Face dark, dirty society, many people have been complicit, surrender and become part of the dirty.His Holiness stands does not fall, this spiritual strength, how great.Without exaggeration to say that if there is no such unyielding His Holiness to his soul for the hearts of the world’s bright lights, people wonder if there is any hope at all.Just look at the whole Jin, let future generations remember, in addition to his old retreat from the world, what?  Could not help thinking, no wonder my teacher paradise of His Holiness is so fascinated, because a person’s pure, a man of spirit, a beautiful person, a dynasty whose value has already gone beyond the darkness of corruption.To this end, I could not help his old said: “You want a thin old man / hand Qingtai put a dynasty behind / that force / how supremely // mining Ju Dong / live just to clear vain / with flowers Huang Ju / Li Millennium shadow // you know the world can not tolerate paradise / partial to a glass of wine / sounds to the world road / let look beyond the palace walls / ends of the earth to find what can grow beneath the soil Wong // / only a career / crowded crooked heart / long journey is / which also appear with Nanshan // leisurely savoring the impoverished / you only live leisurely / day lying in the moonlight above the line eight miles. “.