Articles about the past

Part One: past thoughts and sense of loss is batting abruptly filled atrium, blocking Mende can not breathe.In the twilight, is bleak outline the perfect outline.  - Inscription each year, the seeds are dipped in the line of sight has come to know, still immersed in the lingering loss.As if the mind was smashed disappointed disappointed after scene, the last scene of tears vaguely blooming, mixed in a cluttered, dark green bruise everywhere.  Clumsy does not know how to describe years of vicissitudes, can only contemplate quietly, waiting for the comfort of their own ignorance.To slowly heal the wounds stay, how stupid before, falling deep in the mire.In order to have lost much of Love, Why?Clearly has a past of sadness burning, why braved the fire picked up in the past precipitation in the heart of sorrow.What pictures?Puts himself severely cut open a scar.  Like a rotting corpse, like, stinks.Also reluctant to throw away.Just keep it hidden in your fragile heart, melody and melancholy hidden behind the appearance of tired, so bit by bit, as desolate funeral.  Belated phonology and into the pass of time.Gently waved, virtually played Qi Lian.  Spend time stream of years, looking back slowly over the joys and sorrows, the most precious sight, smile a while.He looked up, the sky flying catkins.Hurry.  Dust to float with the wind, landing in an unknown place.Time, a back invisible.Missed, I missed silent in the hearts and filled with infinite sadness.Where fell blindly looking, as if a tiny fishing needles in the immense sea.Or disregard the changing circumstances, ignorance!  Montreal leaves, cool breezes penetrate thin robes, know, the solitude of the autumn wind faded Love.It still stays in the memory of the past.  How much time, how much energy there is in the end?Is no longer the young look, wrinkles show the old, the passage of the aromatic.If you can put time frames, so that time will never stay to live, quietly enjoying life.Let humble now become a luxury in time, become greedy.  Unfortunately let grief consume much time, I do not want to give up before Why let the memories blocked Love?  Tears do not wash the dust of years.  Past smoke, gently dissipated.Full of the past, intestines regret the green.    Part II: Life past cold rainy night, endless sad heart.As if his thoughts back to the past, worry no turning back to that period of time.  Turn on your computer, click on his familiar songs.Heart of inexplicable impulse, sad, anxious.Maybe this is life.  Miss the carefree young man, no worries, no sadness, no love, no sadness.  Everything began to change from a 24-year-old that he thought he was a cool feeling for people, like plain, ordinary love.No ambition and no dream, as long as happy like.Such men do not recruit girls like, nor will the girls feel emotionally.Wait until the age of finished easily find a woman to marry and casual life.  24-year-old I met her for the first time to meet the kind of inexplicable impulse so they can not extricate themselves, that would rather give up everything to feel beautiful woman smile in return, so that they could completely fall into a period of tragedy in.  Remember that feeling ashamed shape then when my first time I saw her, I suddenly found myself having mistakes, suddenly find they can not give her what she wanted happiness.Own kind of speechless hearts of inferiority.If the network sauna give up some love, give up the love life of their own people, their own will be very willing, they will regret a lifetime.  24-year-old I know going efforts.To this debauchery, obsessed with bald spent a spell in the world’s home of their own, you can give her a happy place.  Perhaps all want to own too good, as long as their own efforts to get everything, but then found himself the terrible wrong, the original cause can be hard to get all, but love is not the effort you can get.  Her mind filled with only his own many times want him out of her mind, but numerous failures.  Perhaps the pursuit of a heart full of scars do not believe in love woman is the biggest failure of his life.  Pursuit of two years, to no avail.Then it becomes scarred.I woke up crying at night many times, many times to see her dream, many times you want to go, eager miracle countless times.  Everything suddenly find themselves expect.  Mad pursuit of a two-year, two-year bald waste.  Perhaps this is love, not reason to give up give up, not because of love love away, do not pay attention to all.  Buddha’s words once said, life is eight bitter birth, old age, sickness and death, love parting, complain long, seeking not, fit.  A lot of people like you persuade yourself to bitter, but some things do not mean to put down their own will be able to put it down, maybe this is love.  Maybe it is a beggar in love, constantly asking her poor themselves, constantly expect.  In some cases, people may envy your favorite people together and happy smile, while they can only ever wanted her, she wanted.Perhaps a few years later you can forget her, perhaps he will never forget.    Part III: Christina swept past youth, I seek my past in memory.Eyes open, eyes closed, as if memories of fingers in the sand, bit by bit, in my mind.Scenes scenes are like a carousel, free and in my eyes too, I sink in memory, can not extricate themselves.  You wonderful my life, and you bit by bit, is not lost memories in my mind, I stretched fingers, just as you can grip.I crave your hair fragrance, I pity you never hold that no warm little hand.I care about you, bit by bit, I would like to do this becomes no temper.  My sounds terrible, I only dare a person’s time, quietly singing fairy tale for you, in my vision, I want you to become my princess.In that paradise, we can you love me, I love you, early to see the sunrise, evening watching the sunset, we can not fight for life, dependent accompanied by a lifetime.This is not a fairy tale just end, I have no way to make that perfect prince, I can hold your hand in reality, I think the two of us writing belong to the future, and never let go.Reality sharpen our love, when the urge becomes calm, when displayed in front of each other’s habits without reservation, as we have experienced with any experience of mortal.We will occasionally confused, we might even suspect that once selected, we will grudge for some little things, we will Cold War, but eventually compromise, do not want you, it is my life, actually so simple, each other, rather than in the political arena, and this is my heart love.  I heard the story courteous, I saw in the theater of quarrelsome lovers, each person has their own unique way, to write the fairy tale of their own.Courteous do not quarrelsome lovers, quarrelsome lovers can not learn to be courteous, but they are in love with each other, looking to no longer be separated in a big crowd of people.  Previous silence, my brother Joking there is no interest for one, said the next pretty good.Cha I ran, then smile without a word, I never thought that one day you have to give up.  Buddha’s past lives because, to repair today’s fruit, is less than a hundred years to repair, but could not the same boat, and that my life has you, I causality round.Outstretched palm, fingers mottled palm prints, interspersed with staggered one by one, I want to take strokes clear, good to remember which one is you.  Late at night, he did not sleep, I was joking the night elves, quiet in the endless darkness.Really it should be a promise, but just can not sleep.  The passage of youth, and let me bold one, my choice, never regret.If you lose, it would be the biggest regret of my life.